Profitable business: tips for starting your business in 2021

Profitable business

The Brazilian’s sense of entrepreneurship has been growing significantly in recent years and revealing profitable business ideas. Below, we’ll give you tips for starting your digital venture in 2021 and finally making your dreams come true. Check out!

Profitable Business Entrepreneur

According to the analysis of the GEM survey, carried out in Brazil with the support of Sebrae, the forecast was that by 2020 the country would have approximately a quarter of the adult population working with their own business, reaching a historic milestone in entrepreneurship. “This number, according to our projection, will be pulled by the groups that are most affected by the increase in unemployment, women and blacks”, comments the president of Sabra, Carlos Milles.

There are ways that help the entrepreneur to find the category that best fits the business world, as well as trends that facilitate this growth when studying the financial market scheme in each place. See below how the digital enterprise is a promising trend for the coming years.

Examples of digital enterprise

The digital enterprise is a great start and is increasingly accessible to profitable small businesses. It is nothing more than creating a business online. There are several ways to start your company in the digital world, some of them are: e-commerce stores, virtual shopping, social networks, applications or even sales of paid courses.

It is important that you choose a good virtual platform to scale your business, along with quality technological equipment. So you will have advantages, such as lower initial cost, compared to a physical company, as you will not invest in renting a space or with its basic expenses.

Another advantage is the fact that you can do business without leaving your home. This is certainly more practical, especially if you also have other chores and obligations on a daily basis. In addition, the digital enterprise has the ability to reach and yield more customers 24 hours a day.

Some examples of people who grew up in the digital enterprise are:

1. Romero Rodrigues: Buscapé, Product Marketplace

Entrepreneur Romero Rodrigues created software to compile and compare product data from online stores. The startup started with just four students from USP who, in 1999, founded the Bus cape platform. Ten years later, they have become one of the most famous product marketplaces on the market today.

2. Flavor Augusto: Mau Successor, courses for Entrepreneurs

Flavor Augusto launched Mau Successor in 2014, an online school for entrepreneurs that offers documentaries, talk shows and classes in various formats. In addition, Flavor Augusto has a lot of experience in the lucrative business market, as he is the founder of Wise Up, an English school and owner of Orlando City, a North American football team.

3. Victor Torres: Accounting, Online Accounting Saabs

Victor Torres understood the difficulty that companies have to deal with accounting, in addition to other bureaucratic, manual and offline processes. For this reason, it created Contabilizei, a SaaS enterprise that facilitates digital accounting management.

Tips to get started:

When it comes to the physical endeavor, which is the most common, there are certain similar tips and others new to the online format. In this case, the following steps are important:

  • Define a market niche: even if it offers a variety of products, it is also necessary that the target audience be strategic.
  • Research the demand of potential customers: analyze the growth trend of the niche and understand its needs and flaws.
  • Structure a business model: create a business plan, define a price base and the target audience to be conquered.
  • Develop a marketing strategy: this step is essential for your business to grow and gain the first customers, who are in fact the most important for the continuation of the enterprise.

Profitable Business Ideas for 2021

The main trends for 2021, according to the niches that grew the most in the last year, are in the area of digital entrepreneurship. And, in fact, working with info products is an excellent way to earn money. Watch this video to learn how to get started in this market:

However, in addition to this, there are other trends that seek to keep pace with existing markets and the potential of new ones, such as:

The healthy and sustainable market

The sustainable public has been growing in recent times with the demand for the consumption of natural, vegetarian, vegan products and with minimal environmental impact.

According to a UNESP survey, people are looking for cruelty-free products and, therefore, the market for natural products grows from 8% to 25% annually worldwide. In the case of food, according to a FIESP survey, 71% of Brazilians opt for healthy and natural foods, even if they have to pay a higher amount for it.

Handmade products

This trend comes from the growing demand from consumers for the feeling of exclusivity given by personalized products, in addition to providing greater support to small merchants and local entrepreneurs.

Innovative Apps and Technologies

Due to the facilities promoted by the digital medium, investment in virtual applications and technologies is one of the trends of 2021. Example: Nonbank and Hero Spark.

Franchises and micro franchises

The franchise market is on the rise and with the prospect of growth. For this reason, it is one of the bets for entrepreneurship, as it uses a brand that is already known and validated in the market.

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