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Want to have a black and white bathroom but still don’t know how to combine the two colors harmoniously or how to decorate the room? Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

The classic color duo can also be synonymous with modernity and elegance when used in the right way and in moderation. There are several possibilities where black and white can be combined to portray the personality of the residents, whether in a minimalist or more exotic style.

It is necessary to be careful when planning a bathroom so that it does not become too heavy with the excessive use of black in a poorly lit room or the flat white that will leave the environment dull.

The key to any well-planned room is balance, and in the bathroom it’s no different. As it is the smallest room in the house, it is often underestimated at the time of decoration, however, it is extremely important that it is in accordance with the decoration of other environments so that it offers a good transition between them.

Decor for a black and white bathroom

Decorating a room with black and white colors seems like an easy task to be accomplished, but it isn’t. It’s not enough to just add a colorful feature article, it needs to match the style of the decor so it doesn’t clutter up the space and create an impression of information overload.

But if you want to add a splash of color to your black and white bathroom, frames are excellent options. Found in different sizes, shapes and designs, they can be explored to bring fun and joy to a neutral environment. In this case, the frames also deserve attention, after all, they are the ones that will tell the style of the art.

Image 1: Bathroom with black walls and drawers and white boards.

Black and white bathroom decorated with pictures and animal sculpture.

Image 2: Bathroom with black and white striped walls and decorative frame.

Bathroom with striped walls and framed with classic design and frame.

Image 3: Bathroom decorated with flower vases in the sink and golden details.

Bathroom decorated with gold details and vases with plants and flowers in the sink.

Image 4: White bathroom with walls full of black drawings.

Bathroom with all white walls with several black designs.

Image 5: White minimalist bathroom with black door, sinks, faucets, cabinets and mirror frame.

Minimalist bathroom with white trim and black faucet, sink, cabinet and door.

Image 6: Bathroom with mountain drawings in black lines and white walls.

White bathroom with black thin lines drawings on the walls.

Image 7: Large bathroom with black wall and floor and white bathtub, towels and rug.

Black and white bathroom decorated with towels and rug.

Image 8: Bathroom with striped walls in different directions.

Black and white toilet with two round mirrors.

Image 9: Bathroom with several arrows on the walls simulating a map.

Bathroom with arrow designs and room names on the walls.

Image 10: White bathroom decorated with black details such as the mirror frame and shower stall.

Bathroom with white walls and black floor.

Image 11: Bathroom decorated with gilded mirror frame and chandelier in the same color.

Bathroom with black and white stripes on the walls and gold accents.

Image 12: Bathroom with built-in niche in the sink for utensils.

White sink with recessed space to store toiletries.

Black and White Bathroom Tiles

It is not always necessary to add a decorative item for the room to be actually decorated. A flashy flooring can already fulfill this role in order to create a harmonious room with a more minimalist air.

The most recommended coverings for those who want to save on decoration are those that already have designs, are striped, have a geometric shape or are already mixed between black and white. The bathroom with insert is also an excellent option and will make your room even more delicate.

Image 13: White walls with abstract designs with thick black lines in a bathroom.

White bathroom with black designs on the side walls.

Image 14: Bathroom decorated with potted plants and decorative items on the wall.

Bathroom decorated with vase of plants, articles on the wall and different shaped mirror.

Image 15: Bathroom completely lined with horizontal stripes in black and white and decorated with frames.

Exotic bathroom with stripes on the walls, floor and ceiling.

Image 16: Bathroom decorated with medium-sized plant pots and paintings.

White bathroom with black details on the mirror, box and frames.

Picture 17: Luxury bathroom with black and white frame, white floor and black wall with large round mirror.

Large bathroom with black and white mixed stone sink and mirror wall.

Image 18: Bathroom decorated with a lighted makeup mirror.

White bathroom with black cabinet, bench and mirror frame.

Image 19: Single wall with the same floor covering in black and white.

Bathroom with black side walls and black and white center wall.

Image 20: Bathroom decorated with wall covered with different tiles with different designs.

Black and white retro tiled bathroom.

Picture 21: Bathroom with black wall and decorated with white boards and a potted plant and rug on the floor.

Bathroom with black wall and floor and sink with white toilet.

Picture 22: Bathroom decorated with picture on the wall and a small potted plant in the sink.

Bathroom with different wall and floor coverings with black and white designs.

Image 23: Bathroom with walls covered in black and white colors with mirrors.

Bathroom with mirrored walls and interspersed color finishes.

Image 24: Minimalist bathroom with black and white sink with two taps.

Minimalist bathroom with white and black sink.

Picture 25: Bathroom decorated with painting, rug and large plant pots.

Black and white bathroom with wall cladding that looks like puzzles.

Image 26: Bathroom decorated with a ball-shaped suspended lamp and a potted plant in the sink.

Bathroom decorated with suspended lighting and potted plant in the sink.

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Picture 27: Bathroom with sink made of black and white stone with two sinks and two mirrors.

Bathroom with tub on top of mixed black and white stone.

Picture 28: Large bathroom with bathtub, two sinks, two mirrors and light fixtures.

Black and white bathroom with gold details on the mirror, chandelier, taps and sink stand.

Picture 29: Bathroom with two-color floor and floor plan and frame as decoration.

White bathroom with black cabinet and mixed floor.

Image 30: Bathroom with walls inside the box in checkerboard.

Black and white bathroom with gold accents.

Image 31: Bathroom decorated with several paintings on the walls and a small closet.

Black and white bathroom with nature-related frames.

Image 32: Bathroom floor coated in black and white.

Bathroom with black walls and designed floor.

Image 33: Bathroom with sink, cabinet, vase and small strips on the wall in black.

Bathroom with black cabinet, shelves, sink and toilet.

White bathroom with black

A black and white bathroom is even more modern and minimalist when one of the colors stands out while the other is present in punctual details so that it stands out, but in an elegant way.

White is the preferred color for the bathroom lining, after all, it is responsible for offering a feeling of spaciousness, tranquility and is synonymous with cleanliness. So choosing that color to be featured in your room is a master move.

Black details

The dark color can be present in more prominent places such as on the floor, in the closet, in the vase and even in the sink. But, if you want to be subtle and make the environment much more modern, the tip is to put the black in smaller places such as the glass frame of the shower box, the faucet, suspended lighting or even the shower.

Image 34: White bathroom with faucet, shower and box frame in black.

Black and white minimalist bathroom with decorative item in the sink.

Picture 35: Large white bathroom with only black floor.

Large bathroom with bathtub, two sinks and black floor.

Image 36: White bathroom with wooden details and black vase.

Black and white bathroom decorated with frame and plant pot.

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Image 37: Bathroom with window frames and black plant in the sink.

Bathroom with sink, bathtub and white walls and black floor.

Image 38: Bathroom with black and white floor designed floors.

Bathroom with retro tile floor.

Image 39: White bathroom with box frame, two built-in niches and sink in black color.

White bathroom with black accents and a cement floor.

Image 40: Bathroom with white bathtub inside and black outside.

Bathroom decorated with black and white bathtub and golden shower.

Image 41: Bathroom with shower, lighting structure, sink structure, black mirror and shower frame.

Organized and modern black and white bathroom.

Picture 42: White bathroom decorated with potted plants and horizontal window with black frame.

White bathroom with black detail on the window and decorative plants.

Image 43: Small bathroom with black sink and pendant lamps in the same color.

Black and white bathroom decorated with round rug.

Detached wall or floor

It is increasingly common to see bathrooms that have a prominent wall, often the chosen one is the one facing the door, and that is, it is the first to be seen when entering the room.

Because it is central, it is perfect to concentrate the decoration and present the difference of the black and white bathroom, it can be with a textured finish or loaded with drawings and geometric shapes that draw attention.

In this case, extra care should be taken not to overload your decorated bathroom. As it guarantees the attention of the room, it is necessary to plan the rest of the decoration well so that the environment is not visually polluted.

Black and white bathroom on the floor

However, if you already have your walls covered in white or black, the floor can also be an option to highlight in your bathroom. In this case, geometric shapes and abstract designs are the most requested.

On the other hand, the possibility of joining the detached wall with the floor through a single coating will cause a feeling of spaciousness in the environment, after all, there will not be a marked division between the two surfaces.

Image 44: Bathroom decorated with oval mirror with black frame and shower stall with black coating.

Bathroom with black floor and inside walls.

Image 45: Bathroom with textured black wall next to the white sink.

Bathroom decorated with black wall with 3D texture.

Image 46: Central wall of the black shower box with squares of different sizes and white rectangles.

Bathroom with black wall with white geometric designs.

Picture 47: Bathroom with mirror wall with coating that simulates flowers.

Main wall decorated with black and white floral tile.

Picture 48: Black and white bathroom with textured wall behind the toilet.

Bathroom with black floor and white textured wall.

Image 49: Black bathroom wall decorated with sculptures, plant pot and suspended lamp.

Bathroom decorated with paintings, plants, sculptures and black wall.

Image 50: Bathroom box with black and white hexagon lining.

Walls inside the box with coating mixing black and white.

Picture 51: White bathroom with black accent wall next to the bathtub.

Bathroom with black sink counter and central wall.

Image 52: Bathroom with wood details and floor with black and white drawings.

White bathroom with black details on the shower, faucet and drawings on the floor.

Image 53: Bathroom with highlighted wall covered with black and white tiles.

Black and white bathroom with wall paneled with tiles.

Picture 54: Bathroom with drawn floor tile.

Bathroom with black and white retro tiled floor.

Picture 55: Bathroom with textured black central wall.

Washroom with wall behind the black vase with texture.

Black and white bathroom with plants

Plants are wildly used to decorate any room in the house, especially the bathroom. That’s because it offers a feeling of freshness to the environment and gives an air of life with its natural color.

There are still several places where they can be placed, if you prefer the smaller and delicate ones, placing them in a bathroom with a niche will be a great idea. On the other hand, larger vases can be placed on the floor and still provide extra decoration through the chosen vase.

Image 56: White bathroom with black details and large textured wall with towel hook.

White bathroom with texture wall and black details.

Image 57: Bathroom box covered with black and white tile with drawings.

Black and white bathroom with directed lighting and main wall matching the floor.

Image 58: Bathroom with wall made of black tiles in a rectangular shape that simulates the shape of bricks.

Bathroom with black glossy wall.

Image 59: Bathroom box with single black wall and niche built into the white wall with black background.

Covering of the walls inside the box that simulate black and white bricks.

Image 60: Bathroom with wall inside the box with black texture coating.

Minimalist bathroom with central wall in black scales design.

Image 61: Bathroom shower enclosure with horizontal black and white stripes made of tile.

Black and white bathroom with striped shower area.

Luxury detail

Turning a simple bathroom into a luxurious room doesn’t have to have space or expensive decorative objects. With creativity and planning, it is possible to make this transformation just paying attention to some details.

Objects that usually draw attention and add a lot of modernity and elegance to the bathroom are the different colors of faucets, if you intend to have a luxurious room, the most requested colors are bronze and gold as they refer to gold. Two other wildcards in the luxury bathroom are: niches and tablets.

The niches, especially the inlaid ones, show that the architecture is modern, while the divisions offer an extra delicacy to the environment.

Image 62: Washroom with black central wall with shelf and decorative items.

Simple and modern bathroom with single black wall.

Picture 63: Bathroom with black wall with tile strips.

Wall with black vertical strip with inserts.

Image 64: Bathroom with black and white tiles and black highlighted door inside.

Bathroom with white walls, black door and floor designed in both colors.

Image 65: Central bathroom wall with wall of black and white mandalas beside the bathtub.

Retro bathroom with black and white wall, bathtub in the same color and faucet with gold shower.

Image 66: Bathroom with black textured central wall with white recessed niche.

White built-in niche wall with textured black coating.

Image 67: Bathroom with white wall textured in square and rectangle shapes.

Bathroom with black items and white wall texture.

Image 68: Bathroom with central wall with the same floor covering.

Main wall and floor with black, white and gray tiles.

Picture 69: Bathroom with main wall and floor covered in black and white tiles.

Bathroom with black and white wall and floor with the same designed coating.

Image 70: Bathroom with all walls inside the box in black and white and decorative fur rug.

Bathroom with shower stall walls in black, white and gray.

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