Online payment: how to choose between the 5 best platforms

Online payment

Digital products, online services, online stores, software sales: they all share online payment.

Many digital entrepreneurs make it a priority to offer security and convenience to their customers through virtual payment methods.

But, to make an assertive choice of this feature, it is necessary to know the best solutions and what makes them stand out in the market.

In this context, you will understand how online payments work and learn about the 5 best platforms that deliver this option.

How online payment works

Online payment is the way to make payments in the digital age: by credit card, debit card or bank account. From anywhere in the world.

For this to happen successfully, it is necessary to have a gateway, which is a paid software and an acquirer, such as Cielo, which communicates companies such as Visa and Mastercard to issuing banks, such as Itaú and Bradesco.

Some smaller companies, instead of the acquirer, hire a sub-acquirer, which is usually a cheaper intermediary. It has the function of communicating the payment to the acquirer and, then yes, the data are passed on to the issuing banks.

This technology brings many advantages to entrepreneurs and customers, such as real-time billing, elimination of bureaucratic costs, anti-fraud analysis and others.

Best online payment platforms

There are several payment processors in the market and it is essential to have criteria to choose the best option, which will accompany you throughout your business. So, pay attention to some points, like these:

  • Safety

The platform must inform transparent checkouts, have HTTPS protocol and signal that payments are being processed in a secure environment.

  • 1 click purchase

The one-click buy feature allows the data provided by the customer in the first purchase to be stored, securely, to be used in the next purchase.

  • Integrated reconciliation

The online payment platform is expected to record the amounts and dates of your receivables, while also offering the option to advance them.

  • Quality support

Payments, in general, are delicate. If there are problems with your money, many operations can be stopped. Therefore, find out if the platform offers quality support that really helps your customers.

Now that you know the functions that payment solutions should preferably have, get to know the most used brands in the world of entrepreneurship.


PagSeguro is a national company of the multi-brand acquirer type with instalment options in up to 18 instalments. The fee per sale of each product, with payment via credit card, is R$ 0.40 (fixed amount) + 3.99 to 4.99% of the total sale, depending on the number of days chosen for the redemption.

Paid market

It is a virtual wallet associated with Mercado Livre. Mercado Pago processes payments by credit card, transfers through the balance of the digital account or bank slip. The fee for receiving payment from the customer’s credit card at the time is 4.99%. The disadvantage of this platform is that it is not linked to any banking institution and there is an extra cost for transfers to your account.

PicPay Pro

PicPay allows you to receive amounts at a rate of 2.99% per transaction, with no other additional fees. However, the customer must also have a wallet on this platform. Another disadvantage of this company is that the quality of support is not as competitive when compared to other platforms on the market.


It is one of the most popular online payment platforms in the world and is one of the few that accept international transfers. PayPal charges a flat fee of 4.79% + R$0.60 fixed per transaction. For installments in up to 12 installments, the rate is 1.92%.


It’s our payment platform here at HeroSpark. Your customers can pay with a bank slip or credit card, under the Mastercard, Visa, Elo, Hipercard and American Express brands.

  • Native integration

SparkPay alone solves all your financial demands with its digital product. Just enter your financial data on the platform and wait for customers’ money to fall into the account, without relying on third-party apps.

  • Safety

We store data from more than 30 thousand infoproducers outside Brazil, including, total security and compliance.

  • Immediate student access when receiving password

As soon as the student pays for your digital product, he receives the password to access the platform and you receive the amount in the account, visible on your dashboard. The rate is currently 9.9% and is to keep SparkMembers working free of charge.

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