How to make a successful webinar


Webinars are one of the best tools for entrepreneurs who want to reach a high number of people to promote something. But how to make a successful webinar?

Many face challenges, don’t know how to get started or have difficulties in generating results. In the end, they get discouraged. But, there are simple steps that can make all the difference to your webinar’s success.

Check out the tips we have prepared for you!

How to make a successful webinar

Value your audience

What are the main problems and adversities facing your audience?

A webinar shouldn’t be forced on your tastes. When creating an online event, the subject should be 100% of interest to your persona.

From then on, create content that offers a real solution for people, for this audience, which is not just what to do about a certain subject, but also how to do it, or at least teach part of this “how”.

That way you will be proposing to help, for example, people who work all day, but even so, find a space in the agenda to consume your content. Therefore, value your audience’s time a lot.

Deliver content that is assertive and direct. Deliver something very valuable so they never forget you. Therefore, it is extremely important that you focus on the needs of your audience.

Choose a relevant subject

Another challenge of how to make a webinar is the subject.

You need to have a message that’s really worth telling people. After all, these people will stay for approximately an hour listening to you.

Bring up something that helps people understand a subject that really makes a difference in their lives.


In addition to having a very cool and very interesting subject, it is necessary to find a title that is thought-provoking and makes the audience stick to you in these 30 to 40 minutes of the webinar that makes them stop and listen to you.

how to do a webinar

For example, imagine that your company has software that increases your customer’s productivity and you had the idea of ​​doing an event teaching how to increase your company’s productivity using product x.

That’s a less interesting headline because people don’t want to hear about the product, they don’t want to hear something that appears to be commercial. So the tip is to think about a problem that this person has and that he/she will want to solve.

A more interesting title could be: how to solve the problem of your unproductive employees or how to increase your company’s efficiency by up to 10 times. Without a doubt, this would be a much flashier and attractive title, isn’t it?

Rehearse before the presentation

Besides the title, another very important thing is to ensure that your presentation is very good. So it is essential that you practice and that you rehearse at least once and that you rehearse within the platform using the tool you will be using during the webinar so that in addition to having a cool subject and a cool presentation, you are familiar with the tool.

This will inhibit unforeseen events from happening, and if they do, you’ll be prepared to resolve them quickly.

Create advertising landing pages

If you are conducting or have held an event, you may have already become frustrated with the number of people who participated in the webinar.

how to do a webinar

Know that you are not alone. This is a challenge that usually happens when the company does not have a customer base, does not have a very large audience, or does not have a lot of money to invest in advertising.

To deal with this, publicize your event through a landing page, in order to capture leads – that is, people interested in your webinar. Also consider investing in paid media to increase reach and attract more viewers. Platforms like Facebook Ads tend to allow the creation of ads with more affordable values.


Thinking about the part of inviting users, sending a reminder, requesting a confirmation, managing people, sending an email marketing. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

And, if there is a glitch, you can still damage the experience and compromise your reputation among the public.

So, to overcome this challenge, invest in an automation tool for the webinar. A very useful and free option is SparkFunnels. Watch the video to understand in practice how the platform works:

Reinforce the invitation

It’s important that you invite your leads in advance and reinforce them before the presentation to help the attendee remember the webinar. Also, send an email to thank you for attending and confirm your participation in the event.

Do not give up!

An important tip is a persistence. Don’t be discouraged right after the first experience.

Rather than recording a long direct conference, you can break this subject down into smaller webinars periodically.

Think about it: If the first week 10 people watch, the next week you might have a bigger audience. Just constantly analyze what can be improved and optimize your sales funnel. Little by little, you will increase the audience of your videos.

The important thing is to maintain consistency. To help, remember to make an editorial calendar that includes webinars at regular times. As long as you do 1, 2 or 3 webinars, you will be maintaining an ongoing video program.

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