How to include a Youtube channel in your marketing strategy

Youtube channel

Have you thought about including a Youtube channel in your marketing strategy as a way to leverage your results? Brazil is in the top 3 of the countries where the platform is used the most, losing only to the US and Russia, so it is a good time to start.

Each strategy has a multitude of attributes — inbound marketing, guerrilla marketing, social marketing, viral marketing, product marketing, and more.

The videos are part of various types of marketing like these and, combined with the fact that, between 2014 and 2018, their consumption on the internet grew 135%, it’s easy to understand why it’s worth investing in Youtube.

But the dynamic is not just recording and uploading the video on the platform. Studying video marketing best practices involves partnerships, optimizations, insight analytics, and more.

Read the full article to understand why it’s possible and smart to include a Youtube channel in a marketing strategy!

How to include a Youtube channel in your marketing strategy

Various tutorials, gameplays, vlogs… there are examples of successful videos for all audiences, from the most neutral to the most unlikely. Not even trying to create content for this site is literally leaving money on the table.

But it’s time to change and learn how to best include Youtube as part of your digital marketing:

Discover the best content considering your niche and persona

What motivates your audience? What problems are your future viewers likely to face? Who is your brand persona? Your channel should be based on that. In more detail, find out the average minutes of video your audience prefers to watch, as well as post frequency.

A 2018 survey, by Youtube itself, identified that 38.7% of Brazilians access the platform for entertainment purposes. In second place, in the proportion of 29.8%, they seek knowledge. One of the solutions, therefore, would be to produce informative content, but in a dynamic and fun way to achieve some of this entertainment goal.

Record good videos

In the same way that there is great care when publishing a well-written e-book, a well-structured blog article and a well-designed Instagram carousel, the recording quality of each video has a lot of weight on the channel as a whole.

Appropriate filming location

Reflect: what do the most memorable videos, for you, from Youtube, have in common? Probably a good set or filming location is included. Try to be careful too and know that you don’t need to have a professional studio, on the internet there are many tips to improvise this place.

Proper editing

Even minimally edited videos, such as those by Henderson Nunes, which is the largest youtuber in the country, with 41.4 million subscribers, undergo a software improvement. Again, you don’t need to spend on expensive programs.

Focus on attracting more subscribers

Attraction content, that is, the top of the funnel, is extremely necessary for every marketing strategy, especially for lead generation. Likewise, attracting a wider audience is also a priority on Youtube.

You can also expand your audience by integrating your video channel with your other digital channels (such as landing page, newsletter and ads), recording collabs and partner lives, and posting inappropriate groups and forums, i.e. with interest in your content type.

Add suggestion screen for more videos

At the end of each video, there is the option to show a screen that lasts 5 to 25 seconds with links to other videos or playlists. Don’t waste this opportunity: avoid showing that the content ended up with an “I hope I helped” or “See you next time” and, instead, go straight to the subject of this next linked video.

Using ads to boost strategy

If you are able to invest financially to maximize your results, do so. Instead of creating a channel from scratch, or even having one that doesn’t receive as much dedication yet, promote your content and products through video ads that appear to the platform’s audience.

To do this, follow these initial steps:

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account;
  • Create the campaign and choose “Traffic” as the objective;
  • Choose the “Video” campaign and choose Youtube.

Next, you have more features to choose from: whether your ad can be skipped by those who aren’t interested in watching it, whether the ad will not be on video, but a banner below a video, among others.

How to measure results

By including a Youtube channel in your marketing strategy, you’ll also have a great tool by your side: Youtube Analytics. Measure channel results from these three types of metrics:

  • Reach

It encompasses impressions, click-through rate (essential if you want to drive video traffic to your blog, for example), views and traffic source. So the higher those numbers the better.

  • Involvement

Overall, it’s more relevant than scope. Informs the display time of each video, likes, and shares, among others. It also reveals how long users typically watch a video before closing it, which should be between 50-60% of the video.

This is a kind of weighty metric for YouTube’s ranking algorithm, which prioritizes engagement over reach, as they themselves refer users to videos, according to Luke Sherran, the company’s marketing specialist.

  • Public

Displays gender, age, location and type of device used to access your channel. Take this data into account as well to understand what your monthly viewers want to watch.

Including a YouTube channel in your marketing strategy can be, on the one hand, an extra challenge in digital marketing, but, on the other hand, the victory that you had so much anticipation. Through it, you can validate yourself as a digital entrepreneur that engages the public and conquers profitable actions.


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