How to generate leads in affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

The affiliate market is popularly seen as an easy way to undertake. But make no mistake, as it requires efforts, above all, in capturing leads. Without these potential customers, the only way out would be to sell to recurring customers, which of course means less sales.

The fact is that being affiliated or not, to sell on the internet, you need to have a base of leads. Also because the main difference between this type of marketing and the traditional one is the authorship of the digital product since the affiliate is the person who sells an infoproduct, on commission, from another entrepreneur who seeks to expand his business.

Based on this, we can see several advantages in this market, such as the possibility of working without needing your own product, not having to deal directly with the consumer (this is the producer’s responsibility), choosing your own profit margin and having payment guaranteed by the affiliate platform.

Why should I generate leads in the affiliate market?

We can say that selling is the core business of any affiliate, but succeeding in sales without generating leads is practically impossible. Not only are there benefits of attracting, but they are also the real motivations for getting customers, note:

Specific and quality traffic

There is a lot of talks that, in content marketing, this content must be of value and geared to the needs of the persona. The best way to achieve this quality in publications is by distinguishing who is a passing visitor to your channel and who is in fact a likely customer.

List of possible customers

By “separating the wheat from the chaff”, you get to know where to invest the most, which, obviously, is in the lead, instead of the common user. Even because accumulating mere curious people will not take your business to any level.

More assertive relationship

Knowing who is most likely to reciprocate, that is, give your product or service a chance by being aware of all the free content you offer, makes it easier to nurture a connection and cultivate building customer trust.

More personalized marketing campaigns

Not only do you have smarter relationships with the right people, but the marketing campaigns themselves can generate a more positive return from this lead generation.

Higher Conversion Rates

Once you put your resources on the people who are most likely to buy, your conversion rates tend to improve. Also, by capturing and generating leads, it is easier to communicate with visitors who have given up on the purchase for some reason, but who can probably return to the checkout.

Tips for generating leads

If you understand the purpose of generating leads, especially in the context of affiliate marketing, proceed to the next part of this article!

Offer coupons to new customers

A generous discount on the first purchase is often a strategy that can drive conversion. Even more so now, in 2020, with the crisis and inflation, visitors are caring a lot about the price. So, seeing this sales value as a competitive factor can definitely help you turn the common user into a lead.

Only in delivery services, the search for discount coupons increased 400% and in the online game sales branch, the increase was 150%. These numbers signal what people are interested in, take advantage of it!

Write guest posts

Your potential customers might be on the other side, on a partner’s blog. So create content for them too and get more visitors. When it comes to blog posts there is an extra advantage: link building helps to rank your own blog better on Google, even more so if you link directly to a capture page.

However, be careful when suggesting a guest post proposal. Before creating content for an inbound marketing partner’s digital space, interact by sending comments, likes and also shares of what is posted there as well. Also, update your portfolio and show that you have mastered content production.

Optimize your social media campaigns

Ad campaigns are extremely powerful tools, especially in this era when social media algorithms work in favour of paid traffic. An essential recommendation that many people forget when creating campaigns is to give preference to viral content. Create creative advertisements, explore humour and nostalgia, and finally capture leads with viral marketing too.

Remember that in the campaign settings your goal is reach when it comes to capturing leads. So try to track the cost by the number of people reached: the smaller the better.

Frequency metrics also have a big influence on results, as the amount of times your ad appears to someone can determine whether or not your message has any influence on that visitor.

Send a persuasive chain of emails

Emails are yet another quality strategy to generate leads for free. Write directly to the contact, in an individual and humanized way. You can build an email marketing campaign that roughly follows this idea:

First email: Awareness of lead issues;

Second email: Explanation of your solution;

Third email: Report on a customer’s experience;

Fourth email: Validation of your product or service;

Fifth e-mail: Personalized invitation regarding your solution;

Sixth email: Disclosure that it is the last contact, the last email in the sequence.

The more you elevate your lead to real customer status, the greater your ability to attract even more leads will become.

Thus, you saw in this article that generating leads, including in the affiliate market, is an essential task in the daily work of any digital entrepreneur. We hope that with our tips you get more results!


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