Hero Spark’s Commitment during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak

HeroSpark is aware of the unfolding pandemic that has affected thousands of people and businesses around the world. We are facing this threat to public health in a very rational way and preparing ourselves for prevention actions against the disease outbreak.

It has always been our mission to contribute to a better world by empowering and sharing people’s learning. And reinforcing this in times of crisis is extremely necessary.

At this moment, we are in a key position to help people and companies to adapt quickly to all the recent social changes, directing efforts to adapt their courses and training needs in this scenario, without suffering from the potential problems that can be caused as a result of all this.

HeroSpark’s Commitment to Help

Humility, customer success and solution focus. These are some of our values ​​that we can explore at this moment and put into practice in the market, thinking of our social responsibility as a partner company for thousands of businesses.

Nobody needs to go through this crisis alone and we think that together we can make this whole movement a great opportunity to innovate, share and scale. It is our duty to ensure that the effects of this problem have less and less impact.

  1. For public schools, NGOs and non-profit organizations, we offer our platform free of charge in the basic plan.
  2. For all companies that need to train their employees face-to-face, we have a team of experts available to help you transition from offline content and face-to-face training to online.
  3. For companies that do in-company training for other companies, in person, we also have specialists in making this transition to digital.
  4. For those who work in the on-site courses market in general, such as schools and private universities, we know that they are already being impacted and, therefore, we provide all the necessary support to make this change from courses to online.
  5. For all HeroSpark users, including all of our products here, we are closely monitoring our capacity and expanding servers and support staff as needed to handle the expected traffic increase.

How HeroSpark is already acting

HeroSpark has a purpose to connect those who have something to teach with those who want to learn, building a relationship of trust between everyone involved. We want to ensure, at this time of uncertainty that knowledge continues to be shared and passed on.

In a scenario of special attention due to the coronavirus, flights and trips are being cancelled, classes, in general, are being suspended and business events are being discouraged. Finally, the relationship and contact between people are being avoided to contain the spread of the disease.

Thus, in recent weeks, the number of people, companies and educational institutions seeking an alternative so that their businesses are not affected has grown significantly.

Agility here is essential to transform on-site courses into digital ones. And, to that end, we train our employees to offer solutions in record time so that problems are avoided and opportunities are maximized.

Below are some areas that we are positioning ourselves to help with. Whatever it is possible to do, we will mobilize to help.

Public or non-profit organizations

As a way to contribute to the less fortunate, HeroSpark was mobilized to be able to offer a completely free solution to enable the offer of online courses in times of contingency due to the new coronavirus.

If you work in public schools, NGOs or non-profit organizations and are looking for a solution to continue maintaining your operation, please feel free to contact us to make your request through this link.

Educational institutions

In Europe and Asia, educational institutions are already feeling the effects of the coronavirus on their skin. In Brazil, the outbreak is already spreading and with this several educational institutions are decreeing the suspension of classes. Of course, this directly affects the health of the business as a whole.

To ensure the survival of educational institutions in general, and to prevent information sharing from being interrupted, we are making a real effort to help these businesses transform their classroom courses into online courses.

We are offering direct contact with specialists who have been trained to carry out this entire process in the shortest possible time to minimize the effects of this crisis as much as possible.

If you have or work at an educational institution that has on-site courses and want to ensure that your business continues to run, please contact us by clicking here.


We know how routine it is to train people within companies. Whether internal training, for customers or even in-company, the fact is that the sharing of information is necessary in these situations.

In times of global pandemic, companies cannot simply give up the idea of ​​continuing to qualify employees and customers. This can generate serious losses in the short, medium and long term.

Therefore, an alternative is online training. We are already helping several companies in this regard, such as Electrolux, Sabra, Heineken, GE, among others.

This can even generate an opportunity to better scale training, save time and resources, which can be used continuously even when the outbreak comes to an end.

If you are a company manager and are looking for a viable solution for your training, please contact us through this link.

Don’t let your business die from coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is causing companies to quickly adapt to a new reality. We know that those who work with on-site courses can suffer a lot and we are prepared to help.

Regardless of your focus or objective, HeroSpark offers complete plans with all the resources you need to deliver online courses and training in record time with experts prepared to help businesses turn the key to online as quickly as possible. See how we can help:

Specialists prepared to transform in-person courses and training into high-impact online;

Onboarding made easy with the entire setup process provided completely free by HeroSpark;

Customer Success Team that will closely monitor the entire process, ensuring the best use of new courses.

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