Discover the best online course platforms

best online course platforms

If you are looking for professional development, you are probably also looking for the best online course platforms. The McKinsey consultancy firm forecast unemployment of 15 million Brazilians by 2030 because of automation.

But the pandemic that emerged this year may anticipate this problem and make this need to leverage a career with online education even more urgent to improve market positioning.

In addition, changing habits in various social spheres, better known as the “New Normal”, can make online courses commonplace, even in companies that are quite traditional and little connected to this philosophy of digital education.

Renner stores, for example, launched a video system that recommends content for their employees to learn new skills, which they called the corporate university.

Choosing the best online course platform is useful for both sides: for those who produce and for those who want to qualify by attending courses.

For the producer, a quality platform will help to structure the brand, facilitate payments and capture data about their customers. For the user, having security with their personal data and accessing a page that encourages their learning make a total difference.

We’ve put together the best online course platforms for you to enjoy taking or watching courses online. Read more!

Best Online Course Platforms: What Are They?


Udemy is for those who want to teach and learn. It has been in existence since 2009 and its purpose is simply to disseminate knowledge, as it was founded when Eren Bali, the CEO, got his first computer and started devouring online courses.

Advantages for the producer

  • It is a reputable platform with long experience in the market;
  • It has many possible formats: video, PowerPoint file, podcasts, etc.

Advantages for the student

  • It offers courses in web development, languages, finance and accounting, in other words, a wide variety;
  • Grants lifetime access to the course once purchased;
  • It has a 30-day guarantee for each course;
  • Offers affordable values ​​and recurring promotions.


  • It works with open courses, which do not serve as university extensions;
  • Accepts courses whose professors are not necessarily specialists, although they have mastery of the content;
  • All kinds of quality courses can be found, so chances are the student will get frustrated with them;
  • It retains a large part of its revenue, especially as it is a marketplace.


In 2013, Bizstart was active in the field of on-site training across the country. Soon they saw the need to enter the market for online courses and as there was no platform to solve this problem, they created one themselves, Edools. In the same year, the company received mentoring from Endeavor and the business only escalated further.

Advantages for the producer

  • It has several products in one place: content platforms, distribution, e-commerce, management, automation, etc.;
  • It offers the possibility of contracting only some of these modules, which provides savings for the entrepreneur who does not have many investment conditions;
  • Supports both the producer and the student;
  • Creates training to involve and qualify teams.

Advantages for the student

  • It has courses focused on user experience, with instructional design and e-learning experience;
  • It offers the option of watching live classes, thus being able to interact better with the teachers.


  • Solve problems via email only.

UOL EdTech

It is the former Ciatech, founded in 1996, and now part of the UOL Group, a content, technology, services and related company. He has long-term experience in digital learning, technological platforms and modern methodologies.

Advantages for the producer

  • It has the Sapiência Academy, which serves as extras on current affairs, languages ​​and other skills;
  • It has a wide variety of material formats and a well-organized repository.

Advantages for the student

  • Does Social Learning, which allows the student to collaborate with the course itself;
  • It offers different types of certificates, whether for trails, courses and learning.


  • Advertise services aimed only at businesses and educational institutions, not for ordinary web users.


This platform has a character more linked to professional development and online courses to boost careers. The Eadbox began in 2013, in Curitiba, in order to be an innovative platform for Distance Learning (DL) highly adaptable to customer needs and has created more than 35,000 courses.

Advantages for the producer

  • Promotes courses in a specialized way, with Search of Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords strategies;
  • Offers free trial period;
  • It has a Drag and Drop interface. No need to know codes, just drag and drop buttons and elements to customize your online course;
  • Generates ready-made, easy-to-analyze reports on student data;
  • Your profile is ideal for the micro-entrepreneur, as it allows for the sale of courses as well.

Advantages for the student

  • It’s dynamic, with games content trails and other motivating strategies for learning;
  • Allows content to be watched from anywhere, such as mobile and tablet;
  • It has coupons for more courses.


  • It has limited webinar speed, so it is not recommended that the course rely on this content format.


His strength is in video production and his experience in the market since 2010. He partnered with large institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to improve their strategies.

Advantages for the producer

  • It does automatic encoding, that is, any video format is accepted;
  • Hosts and distributes courses;
  • Offer free trial period;
  • Enables the monetization of videos

Advantages for the student

  • It has options for purchasing separate classes, subscriptions or course packages;
  • Uses exclusive player;


  • It emphasizes the audiovisual content, which, at some point, may leave the student who prefers readings little contemplated;
  • Displays advertisements to students, which can impair learning.

So, we went through the features of some of the best online course platforms on the market. Some are more focused on the corporate environment, others on video lessons… what kind of knowledge do you want to pass on? Take advantage of this versatility and choose the one that best suits your needs.


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