Black Room: +70 Awesome Decor Ideas

The decoration that uses black in its composition was once associated with cold, dark or obscure environments. However, today it is possible to find references to incredible rooms decorated in this color. Therefore, having a black room became the goal of many people interested in decoration, mainly due to the possibility of creating an environment full of personality.

And despite being a color that requires a little care in its application, black can contribute to the creation of an elegant, mature and sophisticated environment. In fact, black is one of the most elegant colors to be used in interior design and can contribute to the construction of modern or luxurious environments in your home.

Besides, being a neutral color, it allows countless combinations with different colors and objects, and contributes to the creation of a comfortable and cozy environment, important characteristics in a room.

So, to help you decorate your black room, we decided to share this article with tips and images of projects that can be used as a reference in decorating this room.

Black Room Decor Tips

In the black bedroom, objects and finishes that use this color will be the protagonists in your decoration. After all, black is a strong and striking color and can be used on walls, ceilings, furniture and even decoration items, which leaves you with a range of possibilities when it comes to style.

So, the first step in decorating your black room is to know what style of decor you intend to adopt, so that it matches the space you have available, your budget, and your decorating expectations. As black is a very versatile color, you can use both a simpler and more minimalist decoration , as well as a modern decoration , for example.

Also, when decorating your bedroom black keep in mind that this color tends to leave the room with a cold and somber appearance. Therefore, to avoid this effect and make the environment more elegant and sophisticated, it is important to know which furniture and decorative objects you will use so as not to make the environment heavy, unless that is your intention.

With that in mind, in the next topics we will detail which aspects of your bedroom decor that need to be well thought out, including how to use colors and lighting to your advantage, in order to create a more intimate, comfortable and beautiful environment.

Image 1: Despite having a simpler decoration, this black room conveys modernity and elegance.

Black and white room decor.

How big is your black room?

Dark colors tend to convey the feeling that the room is smaller than it actually is. So, if you want to apply black in a small environment, the ideal is to use other colors, such as white, in your decoration. Likewise, wallpapers and colored objects can also be used so that the focus of the room is not completely turned to the elements in black color.

Remember that using custom furniture can also be a good idea to make better use of the space, as it allows you to find decoration solutions for this small space. However, if this possibility is not within your budget, the secret is to use elements of balance in your decor that can contribute to the feeling of a wider and more comfortable space, such as mirrors and light furniture.

On the other hand, if you have a larger room, you will have more freedom to work that color. Therefore, it is possible to find many references of large rooms that are completely black or that use decorative elements in other dark colors, such as wood and burnt cement, which contribute to the development of a luxurious and elegant decoration.

Check out the images below to help you understand the difference in applying the color black in environments with different sizes.

Image 2: In this room, the presence of black is softened by the contrast with the checkered wallpaper, with the curtains in a neutral tone and with the light floor.

Black room with checkered wallpaper.

Image 3: In this room, the use of an all white wall, a side mirror and yellow objects breaks with the predominance of black in the environment.

Black room with yellow decor.

Image 4: Another way to make the environment lighter, despite so many dark elements, is to use a supporting color in the decoration, such as gold.

All black room with gold accents.

Image 5: However, if you have space and want to create a modern environment, you can use this color in various parts of your room, including the ceiling and headboard.

Double bed with upholstered black leather headboard.

Invest in lighting your black bedroom

A good lighting project is essential to decorate your black room, both to create a cozier and less sober environment, and to facilitate your routine in the room. After all, black absorbs light and makes it harder to see objects at night.

Therefore, invest in creating points of light in your room, especially in places that will be used the most or that have some decorative detail that you want to highlight. For example, use LED spots and LED strips to illuminate headboards, frames and niches with decorative objects. Using lampshades, traditional or modern, can also contribute to ambient lighting.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the ceiling to light up your room. You can use spotlights and led rails in the plaster ceiling, or use plaster molding to produce a beautiful indirect lighting effect in your room. And don’t forget about the chandeliers, central lamps and suspended pendants, which much more than illuminate, they also decorate your room.

Another lighting alternative that makes your room more modern is the so-called fiber optic lighting, which creates a beautiful effect that resembles the starry sky and can be used both on the ceiling and on the walls.

If you’re looking for inspiration to choose your black bedroom fixtures, then check out the examples below.

Image 6: In this black room, the LED strip on the headboard and the LED spots on the lining draw attention.

Decor with black wooden headboard with led tape.

Image 7: In this room, all decorated in black and gray, the hanging pendants make the environment more modern and cozy.

Black bedroom with modern light fixture.

Image 8: Another example of how the use of pendant pendants with a modern design can enhance your bedroom decor.

Black decor with modern pendant pendant.

Image 9: You can also create this light effect, which resembles a starry sky, using a fiber optic lighting system.

Black bedroom with fiber optic lighting.

Image 10: Natural lighting is also very welcome in the black room. Also, see how the lampshades also serve as points of color in this room.

Large black room with natural light and lamp.

Image 11: An alternative to highlight the furniture is to use wall lamps next to the headboard, as in the example below.

Black and white bedroom with wall lamp.

Image 12: In this room, the chandelier with geometric design makes the environment more modern.

Simple decoration with geometric chandelier.

Image 13: Another example of how the wall lamp makes a difference in the decoration and lighting of your black room.

Minimalist decor with wall lamp.

Image 14: Using pendants with a modern and fun design, like those with data format in the photo below, also makes the environment more relaxed, despite the seriousness provided by the dark coloration.

Decor with modern lighting and data lamp.

Image 15: Another room that uses fiber optic lighting in the ceiling. Also, see how the plaster molding and LED tape on the ceiling contribute to creating a cozy atmosphere.

Black room with plaster molding and led spots.

Decorative objects to make your black room lighter

Adding colorful objects to your decor can provide the balance you need to make the environment lighter and more relaxed, even using such a dark and eye-catching color as a background. Besides, these objects are essential to create the kind of decoration you want, be it minimalist, modern, tumblr, luxurious etc.

Therefore, investing in decorative items, such as paintings, panels, potted plants, pillows, bedding, among other decorative items, is very important not to let the composition of your room look heavy and gloomy.

It is worth adding that there is no specific rule for decorating a black room. You can use your creativity to express your personality through the decorative elements you choose, as long as the objects and colors involved in the composition have complementary colors and do not create an exaggerated look.

Check out the images below for examples of how to add color to your black room through decorative objects.

Image 16: The flower frame and the bed linen in light tones make this black room look more romantic and delicate.

Decorated with black, white and pink.

Image 17: The use of a photographic panel made the look of this dark room lighter and more relaxed.

Decoration with photographic panel.

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Image 18: Plant vases and textured objects, such as the crochet ornament and plush pillows, left this room with a more relaxed look.

Black room with potted plant.

Image 19: But you can also transform your bedroom decor black using paintings and sculptures, as in the example below.

Black room with modern lamp and led spots.

Image 20: However, if your goal is to have a simple black room, you can be inspired by the image below. Like the previous bedroom, this room has decorative paintings. However, a few frames with phrases and a decorated mirror are used here. In addition, the bed linen used also has light tones and contributes to the lightness of the environment.

Decorated with sentences and bedding with geometric print.

Match the colors in your black bedroom

We explained earlier how important it is to add color dots through the use of colored objects in your black room. But now we’re going to show you that you can adopt a complementary color palette that uses black as the main color, so this palette will help you choose the colored objects that will make up your black room.


The black and white bedroom is a classic in terms of decor. They are easily combined colors that can produce modern, minimalist, luxurious and even tumblr-style environments . Also, if the room is small, this is an excellent color combination, as white contributes to the feeling of a larger room.

Picture 21: In this black room, in addition to the white striped wallpaper, white and patterned pillows were also used to create this classic decor.

Black and white bedroom with luxurious decor.

Image 22: In this environment, the black and white geometric wallpaper draws attention, as well as the decorative frame.

Modern decor with geometric wallpaper and black upholstered headboard.

Image 23: But you can also use the black color only on the walls and ceiling, using the decoration in light tones in the rest of the room. This contrast creates a beautiful look, as you can see in the image below.

Decor with black wall.

Image 24: Another example of using black only on walls. However, unlike the previous example, the ceiling is white but features a retro black chandelier.

Black and white bedroom with white bed.

Image 25: You can also create a modern environment using black and white colors. However, in this room, dark wood was also used to add a modern touch to the decor.

Black and white room with modern decor.

Image 26: Using black and white wallpaper can also be a good option to decorate your room.

Room with black and white wallpaper.

Image 27: In this room, only a completely black wall was adopted, while the other objects are composed of black and white colors.

Black and white room decorated with stripes and polka dot print.

Image 28: Another room with wallpaper with geometric print. However, in this room the color black was more used in the decoration, as in the bedding. Therefore, this can be an example of decoration for small rooms.

Modern, minimalist room with geometric print wallpaper.

Image 29: But you can also create a classic and cozy environment using black and white colors, as in the example below.

Luxurious decor in black and white colors.

Image 30: However, if you want a room with a tumblr and minimalist decor, then you need to check out this example. See how the geometric print bedding contributes to the look of this black and white room.

Black and white room with geometric print.


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Gray is another color often used in association with black. It contributes to the construction of modern, sophisticated and full of personality environments. However, although it is also a cool and discreet color, it conveys a feeling of comfort, which makes it an excellent color to be used in the bedroom .

Therefore, when it comes to dark environments, many people prefer to add gray to complete the performance of black in the environment. And that explains why the black and gray bedroom is so popular.

Picture 31: This black and gray room conveys comfort and simplicity through its decor.

Black and gray minimalist decor.

Image 32: In this room, gray was used only for bed linen, but it was enough to break the coldness provided by so many black elements in the environment.

Simple black and gray bedroom.

Image 33: You can also choose to use gray in most of the decoration, using black only in the decorative details.

Black and gray young bedroom.

Image 34: In this black and gray room, in addition to the gray being used in the bed linen, you can still observe the presence of a wall with a burnt cement finish. This is an excellent way to use gray in your decor.

Black and gray room with modern decor.

Image 35: In this room, black is also present in the decorative elements, such as the upholstered leather headboard. However, gray predominates in the rest of the environment.

Classic black and gray decor with upholstered black headboard.

Image 36: But you can also create a minimalist environment using black and gray colors. In addition, you can use wooden elements to make the environment more modern.

Black and gray minimalist decor with wood panel.

Image 37: The wallpaper with images in black, white and gray, made this room younger and more modern.

Black and gray single bedroom with white brick wall.

Image 38: The gray color can also be used to build a more industrial and modern look, breaking the predominance of black in the environment.

Black and gray room with modern industrial decor.

Image 39: Another example of how the use of gray decorative elements, such as the bed and the armchair, make the black room lighter.

Black and gray modern decor with wooden panel.

Image 40: As in the previous example, in this black and gray room the lighter color was used on the bed and on the rug, breaking the heavy environment provided by so many decorative elements in black.

Black and gray room with modern decor and ample space.


The black and pink bedroom decor draws attention for the possibility of creating an environment with delicacy and a touch of romanticism. Generally, this combination is very appreciated by the female audience. But make no mistake. Despite being a combination of colors associated with children and teenagers, this color palette can also be used to decorate an elegant and sophisticated environment.

However, it is noteworthy that the style of decoration you want to create with these colors depends on the combination of objects and furniture you choose, as well as depending on the shades of pink you will use in your decoration. Remember that lighter shades of pink are associated with delicacy and romanticism, while darker shades of pink are more attention-grabbing.

Image 41: This black room was made more modern with the use of the golden plaster detail, as well as the armchairs and the rug in dark pink.

Decor with black brick wall, gold details and pink armchair.

Image 42: In this environment, the objects in light pink, such as pillows and the flower vase, make the environment more delicate.

Black and pink room with simple decor.

Image 43: Another black and pink room where the delicate tone is used in various objects, making the modern decor lighter and more feminine.

Modern bedroom with black and pink decor.

Image 44: In this environment, several shades of pink are used to oppose the completely black wall, balancing the environment.

Luxurious black and pink decor.

Image 45: This room shows that just by changing the color of a decoration element you can change the look of your room. In this case, the pink knitted bedspread and flowers made this environment more romantic.

Black and pink bedroom with feminine and romantic decor.


Red is a strong color that conveys boldness, personality, emotion and sensuality. Therefore, you must be careful to use it in your bedroom decor, after all this is a restful environment and excessive stimulation can harm your relaxation.

However, if you are a person of personality and you are determined to add this color to your room, our suggestion is that you use red in the details, such as decorative objects and some furniture. Also, keep in mind that dark reds are associated with elegance, while lighter tones are considered more modern and energetic.

Finally, know how to balance the black and red colors in the environment. Perhaps adding a little white and gray will also help to create a more elegant and cozy room.

Picture 46: In this room, dark red was used only in pillows and decorative vases.

Black room with red decor.

Image 47: But you can also use red to add a touch of color to the all-black room.

Modern black room with red chair.

Image 48: The color palette that includes black, red, gray and white can also create a beautiful and characterful environment.

Simple decoration in black and red.

Picture 49: In this luxurious black room, the red of the pillows also acts as a color element in the room.

Luxurious room with black and gray decor with red pillows.


Yellow is another color that works very well in association with black. This color is vibrant and still transmits energy, joy and simplicity, being used as a way to relax the environment. Furthermore, the association between these two colors can create modern and youthful rooms. Therefore, the black and yellow bedroom is also much sought after as a decorating inspiration.

Image 50: In this room, the presence of the frames and the bicycle with yellow details contributes to the creation of the modern look of the room.

Decorated with burnt cement wall and yellow objects.

Image 51: In contrast, in this black and yellow bedroom design, the cheerful color was added to the niches and the dresser.

Black and gray bedroom with yellow furniture.

Image 52: Unlike the previous example, in this room yellow appears in the wall frame and in the modern lampshade, contrasting with the dark colors used in the rest of the room.

Simple black bedroom with yellow lampshade.

Image 53: As in the previous example, in this room yellow also appears in the decorative elements.

Yellow frame in an environment with black decoration.

Image 54: In this modern room, the yellow nightstands make the environment more fun and relaxed.

Black bedroom with yellow wall table.

Image 55: Another room in which yellow appears in the decorative elements. Also, see how a modern painting, with a touch of yellow, can make the environment look younger.

Classic decoration in black, gray and yellow.

15 black bedroom design ideas

But if you are still looking for inspiration to decorate your black room, we have separated another fifteen projects, with different styles of decoration, to help you choose the decoration for this room.

Image 56: An all-black bedroom can also be comfortable and charming. Note that in this example the color silver was used in some decorative elements, as well as black was used with different textures.

Black bedroom with comfortable black bedding.

Image 57: But if you are a big fan of classic and baroque decor, you can be inspired by this room to decorate your room.

Black room with baroque decor and gold details.

Picture 58: This black room is decorated with rustic and modern elements , such as the blanket that resembles a skin and the decorative decorations in the shape of a horn.

Modern decor with suspended pendant.

Image 59: In contrast, this room has been luxuriously decorated and inspired by the Gothic atmosphere. In this case, see how the high ceilings and the giant chandelier draw attention to the environment.

Gothic and luxurious bedroom.

Image 60: In this black room, dark wood and gray tones are used to modernize the environment.

Modern and luxurious decor.

Image 61: But you can also create a simple black and white room, using only black on the walls and a few decorative items like the headboard and lampshades.

Black and white room with simple decor.

Image 62: Another simple and inexpensive option to decorate your room is to use natural or recycled elements, such as this mdf wooden headboard.

Simple and inexpensive decor with recycled wood headboard.

Image 63: But you can also use a minimalist decor in your black room.

Black and white minimalist decor.

Image 64: Another minimalist black bedroom option, with few decorative objects.

Minimalist black bedroom.

Image 65: Using some furniture with a modern design can also make a difference in your decor, as is the case with this white chair.

Minimalist decor with modern chair.

Image 66: Using a wood cladding on the ceiling and wall can be a decorating tool to create a modern and cozy atmosphere.

Black bedroom with wood panels.

Image 67: Another way to create a modern and minimalist environment is to use exposed brick wallpaper. In this case, the decoration used an aged brick wall, contributing to the creation of this alternative and laid-back environment.

Gray minimalist and industrial decor.

Image 68: A black room with plenty of natural light, plus elegantly designed decorative objects, can present an amazing decor.

Dark and brown modern decor.

Image 69: Another black room made elegant and sophisticated by the details. The decorated wooden armoire, the suspended chair and the printed recamier, as well as the pillows, created a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere.

Dark luxury decor with wood.

Image 70: Another example of how the black and white bedroom can be sophisticated and elegant. Also, see how the checkered print on the bed quilt makes the environment even more beautiful.

Modern black and white bedroom.

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