Bisotated Mirror: +60 beautiful models to use in decoration

The beveled mirror is a decoration piece famous for its exquisite look. Generally speaking, all mirrors are beautiful and have their value. They make environments brighter and no one can resist seeing themselves reflected in a mirror.

But, the beauteous models are special. Even though they are more refined, they match all types of environments and decor styles. So, if you want to invest in such a model, you’ll have a timeless piece for years to come. Get inspired by these photos.

What is a beveled mirror?

Surely you’ve come across a beveled mirror at some point in your life. Also called beveled mirror, this model receives an angular cut (beveled) at its ends, making it have its own frame, without needing to frame.

You will be impressed by the variety of beveled mirror models that exist. Varied cuts, adapted to cover furniture and walls, either modern or retro. They are all charming.

Beveled bathroom mirror

The bathroom is a champion of ideas room with a beveled mirror. From the most classic to the modern, the decor options vary with very large or very small mirrors. See and find out which style you like best.

Image 1 – This small beveled mirror is the icing on the cake of this simple retro-looking bathroom.

beveled mirror for retro bathroom

Image 2 – A bisote mirror superimposed on a wall covered with mirrors. Very chic.

beveled overlay mirror for bathroom

Image 3 – In this idea, the bisected cut is in the furniture covered with mirrors on its doors and drawers.

beveled mirror for bathroom cabinet

Image 4 – Another idea of ​​superimposed mirrors, but this time with a touch of classic decor.

beveled bathroom mirror with recessed wall

Image 5 – For a more modern and luxurious bathroom , lots of marble and a large rectangular mirror with beveled edges and a thin frame.

beveled rectangular bathroom mirror

Image 6 – Very romantic, this decorated bathroom has a horizontal rectangular mirror with differentiated work on the edges.

bevelled mirror for romantic bathroom

Image 7 – With a simpler look, this bathroom was very charming with the set of beveled mirrors in different formats.

beveled mirror composition for bathroom

Image 8 – When the background coating is smooth, wall even though the beveled mirror is coming out of the background with a 3D effect.

beveled mirror with 3D effect for bathroom

Image 9 – With a straight cut, more formal, this pair of bisotees brought a lot of elegance to the bathroom.

double beveled bathroom mirrors

Image 10 – This is a more traditional, contemporary idea. Even with a basic decoration, the mirror manages to make everything more refined.

simple beveled bathroom mirror

Image 11 – It is beautiful to add mirrors on a wall with textured coating. This idea became soft and very fine.

cut-out beveled mirror for bathroom

Image 12 – These mirrors gained details around the beveled cut to complement the natural frame.

bevelled bathroom mirrors

Image 13 – The beveled details of this mirror are different from the others. Around the large mirror there are several small beveled squares, all very exquisite with the recessed lighting and lots of gold.

gilded beveled bathroom mirror

Image 14 – More conceptual, this washbasin has a travertine marble countertop and an elegantly crafted mirror.

beveled mirror for conceptual bathroom

Image 15 – Another modern idea, with straight lines and very clean, this mirror covers the entire wall and it is the beveled cut that makes the finish more interesting.

beveled mirror for modern bathroom

Beveled mirror for living room and hall

The rooms and entrance halls are also highly rated for being decorated with a beveled mirror.

Some prefer to cover an entire wall, others like to use a small piece, but full of style and personality. The two extremes and their intermediate variations are beautiful. Check out.

Image 16 – A wall entirely covered with smoked square mirrors to harmonize with this very modern and elegant design sideboard.

bevelled mirror covering hall

Image 17 – With a futuristic air, this hall was given mirrors and silver coating throughout its composition.

bevelled mirror with mirrored pieces in the hall

mage 18 – This is a different composition, with volume and depth. It is a simple style to decorate, but very tasteful.

hall mirror with wallpaper

Image 19 – A very large floor mirror, occupying almost the entire height of the wall, is an iconic and special piece.

large bevelled floor mirror in hall

Image 20 – In this hall, the combination of diamond cutouts with the modern sideboard in white and gold is pure sophistication.

beveled mirror with golden sideboard in hall

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Image 21 – Even a small octagonal model is able to bring more refinement light into the room.

octagonal beveled mirror in living room

Image 22 – It’s not just a wall lined with rectangular beveled mirrors. It is a double-height wall. Shocking!

beveled mirror in a chic room

Image 23 – Certainly, a hall to feel welcome. There is no way to enter this environment and not notice the details of this imposing mirror with this beautiful background coating.

bevelled mirror in a refined hall

Image 24 – In a style opposite to the previous photo, this 3-sided beveled perfectly harmonized with the look of antiques.

bevelled mirror in an aged hall

Image 25 – Returning to modernity, this model of black beveled mirror is sensational and this hall is what can be called chic.

bevelled mirror in a sophisticated hall

Image 26 – In a more traditional style, this mirror has a frame of more mirrors and another extra frame around it.

bevelled mirror in a traditional hall

Image 27 – This hall is what you might call clean and minimalist: three beveled mirror plates and a very modern glass sideboard is enough.

beveled mirror in hall clean

Image 28 – It is also possible to make a set of beveled mirrors, like these four pieces that gained even more grace with the butterfly support of the sideboard.

set of four beveled mirrors in the hall

Image 29 – The silver, used in the mirror finishes, created an even more interesting contrast with this blue wall.

bevelled mirror in hall with blue wall

Beveled mirror for the dining room

Be integrated with the no; simple or sophisticated, it’s amazing how a beveled mirror can complement the decor of dining rooms. Here are just 3 models, but enough to inspire you when designing yours.

Image 30 – Modern, this dining room is composed of a woody tone and the transparency of glass. The beveled mirror brought a lot of elegance and made the environment clearer.

modern mirrored dining room

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Image 31 – In this room there is also a composition of glass with wood, but in a very different style. See what a wonderful effect this mirror-lined wall has brought by reflecting the stone chandelier.

dining room with mirrored wall

Image 32 – In a totally different style, this dining room is welcoming in an environment. You can taste the tea with this simplicity and the creative set of mirrors reflects all the joy.

simple mirrored dining room

Round and oval beveled mirror

The models of square and rectangular beveled mirrors, with tips, are beautiful. But wait to see these beautiful round and oval pieces. They are able to create unique environments, ones you won’t forget.

Image 33 – A round mirror in bronze is just what this modern, smooth space needed to stay warm. Very elegant piece.

golden round model

magem 34 – Now this set of 3 oval pieces with jagged edges is speechless. On this wall with boiserie, the composition is a mix between the classic and the modern, totally artistic.

round models with irregular edges

Image 35 – This toilet was also very conceptual in graffiti with pastel green and this divine mirror valued by the recessed lighting.

illuminated conceptual toilet

Image 36 – For those who like to go back in time with a retro decoration, this dressing table with round beveled mirror is perfection.

retro mirrored environment

Image 37 – This is an example of how the right frame is able to complement the beveled effect of a simple mirror.

round bisote with aged frame

Image 38 – For a more modern idea, this is a timeless mirror that combines with different environments in the house.

simple round bisote model

Mirrors covering furniture and walls

You’ve already seen some furniture covered with beveled mirrors in previous photos. They gain a unique look that stands out in the environments.

It also has the walls that receive a full mirror coating and are camouflaged, creating a visual effect in a futuristic style.

Well, the pieces are there to be used, and the ideas to be inspirational. It is up to you to decide how you will insert them in your environments, as they are all beautiful. Check it out.

Imagem 39 – This buffet fully covered with mirrors also has another unique mirror piece to complement it. With the vases and the Buddha in silver, there is a lot of light in the living room .

bisote mirrored buffet

Image 40 – And this wall of smoked beveled mirrors? It’s an alternative full of personality to expand a space with less favorable footage, for example.

beveled mirror wall

Image 41 – In a composition full of delicacy, this desk/dressing table invites you to sit down and take care of your beauty.

mirrored bisote desk

Image 42 – The entire panel covered with mirrors and finished with indirect lights in this room, serving as a headboard, was an incredible charm. The idea works even if it doesn’t have a double ceiling height.

mirrored panel in bedroom

Image 43 – This is a more common piece to see, but no less interesting. Mirrors with beveled finish in this rustic cabinet with patina gave a spectacular stylization.

mirrored cabinet with double doors

Image 44 – And a mirror in the kitchen, had you already thought about using it? Many projects even have mirrors lining the stove wall. Very different and interesting.

mirrored kitchen bisote

Image 45 – The full size floor mirror is a wonderful decorative piece. It fits perfectly into halls, lounges and bedrooms of all styles.

bedroom with large conceptual piece

Different formats and details

After seeing the beveled mirrors complementing the decoration of different environments with great versatility, let your creativity flourish even more. See these models with different shapes or details and fall in love once and for all with this piece.

Image 46 – This is a simple mirror model, but what stands out is the golden detail on the beveled frame.

rectangular piece with gold finish

Image 47 – Have you ever thought about gathering different models of old hand mirrors and making a composition on the wall?

set of small antique pieces on the wall

Image 48 – A unique piece, perfect to complement classic and more delicate environments.

with classic ornate frame

Image 49 – Small in size but rich in details that make it stand out in any environment.

small mirror with glittering stones

Imagem 50 – For a sophisticated decoration, a golden beveled with embellished cuts will bring a lot of elegance.

cut out golden piece

Image 51 – A small piece, but with a special cut and a delicate frame that transforms any simple sideboard into a beautiful decorative composition.

small piece with different cutout

Image 52 – Another more elaborate idea and works on details is this heart-shaped mirror. Passionate!

heart model

Image 53 – More than a hall with a sideboard and mirror, this is a work of art to be observed and admired.

sophisticated conceptual hall

Image 54 – Inverse bisotate, when the sides are larger than the central part.

inverted bisote effect

Image 55 – Another sensational idea for a very modern decor. The mirrors look like rocks embedded in the wall.

rock style pieces

Image 56 – The famous subway tiles can gain a mirrored version and decorate your kitchen leaving it modern or bathroom.

subway tiles

Image 57 – With modern cuts in blades this beveled also gains space in contemporary environments.

piece with parallel cuts

Image 58 – With a different format, delicate finishes and perfect on this wall covered with flowers.

mirrored romantic composition

Image 59 – The idea of ​​the inverted beveled, but now in a very interesting composition to complement the sideboard.

set on sideboard

Image 60 – Finally, instead of traditional paintings, a composition of beveled ones that reflects the effect of the textured wall .

wall with diamonds

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