Begonia: Types, How to Care +60 Images to Inspire

Begonia is one of the flowering plants most used in home decoration and garden ornamentation. After all, it draws attention for its intensely colored flowers that can be found in different shades. But to use this ornamental plant in your decoration, it is essential that you get to know it better.

Therefore, we share this article full of care tips, information about the most commercialized species, as well as dozens of images that will inspire you to use this plant in decoration.

Image 1: Begonia flowers draw attention for their delicacy and intense coloration.

Red begonia vase.

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How to care

There are several species of begonia that you can use in your home, as you will learn in the next topics. However, the care of your cultivation is basically the same, and you need to know them to care for your plant and help it to develop in a healthy way. To find out what these precautions are, check the list below.

  • Begonia doesn’t like mild temperatures. Therefore, it must be grown in an environment with a temperature between 20° to 28°C, protected from wind and cold;
  • Some species can be grown with direct lighting, but others prefer semi-shade. Therefore, it is important to know the characteristics of the species you want to use in your home;
  • Watering should take place whenever the soil is dry, but it is not recommended to water the leaves and flowers;
  • The soil needs to have good drainage so as not to accumulate water;
  • It is important to remove dry and diseased leaves so that they do not contaminate the soil or other leaves;
  • To encourage the formation of new shoots, you can perform general pruning in spring, making the diagonal cut above a leaf;
  • It is recommended to carry out fertilization every two months. For this, you can use castor bean pie, nitro calcium or NPK.

Image 2: Pay attention to your plant and follow the precautions presented above.

How to take care of the begonia.

Types of begonia

The begonia belongs to a group of plants, the genus Begonia, which gathers more than 1,400 species around the world. In Brazil alone, 250 species of begonia have been recorded, which shows that the variety of this plant is enormous.

However, not all of them are used in landscaping and decoration. For this reason, in the next topics, you will learn about the types of begonia most sold in the country and which have great ornamental value.

Begonia elation (Begonia elation)

The most common and commercialized begonia in Brazil is the result of a mixture of other species. Generally, it is sold packaged, being widely used as a gift and in decorating spaces. This is because its flowers are very showy and resemble roses, and can be found in different shades, including white, pink, yellow, salmon and red, in addition to intermediate colors and other combinations.

It should be grown in semi-shade, under diffused light and in an environment protected from the cold. Therefore, it is perfect to be used as an apartment plan.

Image 3: The elation begonia has a striking look.

Delicate vase of begonia.


The red begonia is native to the forests and valleys of China, India and Vietnam, but it has gained the world due to its colorful and striking leaves. They can be found in very different patterns in terms of hues, ranging from dark green, mottled with silver, to burgundy red flecked with rose, to lemon yellow and brown.

This variety is due to the large amount of hybrids that exist. It is worth remembering that it produces white or pink flowers, depending on the variety, and that it blooms all year round. In addition, this plant can be grown under diffused light, the semi-shade, which makes it perfect for indoor use.

Image 4: Begonia-red is widely used due to its striking and colorful leaves.

Begonia rex seen from above.

Begonia maculate (Begonia maculate)

The maculate begonia is native to southeastern Brazil and has a strong ornamental appeal. After all, its colorful foliage, with olive leaves dotted with small white spots, in addition to the reddish underside, gives this plant a stunning look. In addition, the maculate begonia blooms in spring, producing clusters of very delicate white to pink flowers.

Because of these characteristics, this plant conquered many Brazilians and began to be used in interior decoration, as it can be grown in semi-shade, preferably near windows and lighted places.

Image 5: The white spots on the leaves of the maculate begonia make this plant more charming and delicate.

Begonia maculata with flower.

Waxy Begonia (Begonia semperflorens)

The waxy begonia is a plant native to Brazil that draws attention for presenting inflorescences with delicate flowers, in pink, white and red, and that can appear throughout the year. In addition, this plant has thick, reddish leaves, reaching up to 15-20 cm.

It can be cultivated with direct light, being one of the perfect plants for garden, but it can also be used in pots and planters, alone or together with other plants.

Image 6: The waxy begonia is an explosion of color, in leaves and flowers.

Large vase of waxy begonia.

Angel-wing Begonia (Begonia cocaine)

The angel-wing begonia is widely used in Brazilian gardens and draws attention for presenting flowers in the shape of a heart. Its leaves are thick, wing-shaped, with an intense green and slightly reddish color. Because of these characteristics, it received its popular name.

This plant can be grown either in a place with direct lighting, such as gardens and flower beds, such as in semi-shade, in pots or planters. But be careful with the temperature, as it doesn’t grow well in cold weather.

Image 7: The angel-wing begonia also has striking colors and a delicate look.

Angel-wing Begonia Flowers

+51 images of decorations with begonias to inspire

We’ve separated a selection of inspiring images that will help you add begonia to your home or garden decor. Check out the photos below!

Image 8: You can decorate with different species of flowering plants, including begonia.

Arrangements with different plants.

Image 9: But you can also opt for a simpler look, with clay pots.

Begonia maculata clay vases.

Image 10: This plant is perfect for growing in large pots, forming shrubs.

Large black vase with white begonia.

Image 11: However, you can use different plants in the same pot.

Arranged with begonia and other plants.

Image 12: Begonia is an excellent choice to decorate an environment with charm, delicacy and elegance.

Environment decorated with red begonia vase.

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Image 13: You can also invest in modern designed pots to grow your flowering plants.

Vases of pink begonias.

Image 14: Begonia maculate can be used together with other shade plants.

Table with potted plants.

Image 15: However, you can also use these plants to decorate the outdoor area.

Vase in the garden with begonias.

Image 16: But you can still use it to compose the elegant and neutral decor of your room.

Minimalist table with ceramic vases.

Image 17: These plants can also be used as a centerpiece, making the environment more romantic.

Potted plants in the center of the table.

Image 18: And you can even use multiple vases to decorate the same room.

Different flowering potted plants.

Image 19: The fabric bag can also be used to accommodate the vases and enhance the decoration.

Fabric tote bag with begonia.

Image 20: Also, you can use this plant in various suspensions.

Suspended begonia vase.

Image 21: When flowering, these plants will make the look even more beautiful.

Luxurious garden with begonia.

Image 22: Begonia-red can also be used to add elegance to the environment.

Minimalist decor with rex begonia.

Image 23: The contrast between the hues of the plant and the white of the pot makes a beautiful visual impact.

White ceramic vase with begonia.

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Image 24: And you can even grow it in the white painted straw basket, making it look more rustic.

Straw basket with begonia.

Image 25: However, the decorated basket is also perfect for creating a more modern environment.

Black and white printed fabric basket with plants.

Image 26: These large ceramic pots are perfect for outdoor use.

Large ceramic vases with begonias.

Image 27: And you can still use the vases to decorate the stairs.

Ceramic vases with begonia.

Image 28: Several species of begonia sharing the same environment and creating a beautiful look in the decoration.

Potted plants with flowers.

Image 29: However, remember to invest in neutral ceramic vases with a modern design to decorate your room.

Modern vases with plants in the center of the table.

Image 30: This plant is also an excellent choice to make your garden more elegant and colorful.

Plant pot in luxurious garden.

Image 31: The beauty of the begonia-red leaves stands out even more in contrast to the white vase.

Ceramic vase with begonia rex.

Image 32: But you can also opt for the maculate begonia, with its decorated leaves and its striking look.

Clay vase with begonia maculata with flowers.

Image 33: In addition, you can also use the angel-wing begonia in your hanging vase.

Suspended vase with flowers.

Image 34: But you can bet on the use of begonias with different flowers sharing the same room.

Potted plants with flowers.

Image 35: The suspended bib is great to be used outdoors.

Suspended bib with flowering plant.

Image 36: The yellow variety draws attention for its color intensity.

Yellow begonia vase.

Image 37: You can still use it in large vases, to decorate the outdoor area of ​​the house or commercial point.

Cement bib with yellow begonia.

Image 38: However, you can also opt for modern and white bib.

White and elegant bib.

Image 39: How about leaving your begonia on the porch or outside the house or establishment? It will definitely catch the attention of pedestrians.

Wooden bib on the sidewalk.

Image 40: This plant is also widely used to give gifts to other people.

Arrangements with begonias.

Image 41: The begonia maculate is a great choice to be used together with other plants in the modern living room.

Living room decorated with plants.

Image 42: However, in outdoor areas, you can use crates like this to carry out planting.

Wooden bib with begonia.

Image 43: This suspended vase draws attention because it is filled with colorful and intense flowers.

White suspended vases with flowering plant.

Image 44: However, you can opt for the yellow variety.

Suspended vase with yellow begonia.

Image 45: This yellow and orange coloration is also perfect for transforming the look of any space.

Clay vase with yellow and orange begonia.

Image 46: And you can even grow it in the ground, along with other plants.

Garden with flowering plants.

Image 47: In this example, she transformed this space for walking and contemplating nature.

Garden with flowering plants and bench.

Image 48: You can still grow begonia-red in a more discreet pot.

Black clay vase with begonia rex.

Image 49: But you can also choose a more modern vase like this one, pink and white.

Vase maculata in white and pink vase.

Image 50: In this case, different types of begonia were used in the same vase.

Wooden vase with plants of different colors.

Image 51: However, you can also use this plant together with other species, forming a unique and perfect look to decorate the front of your house.

Bib with different flowering plants.

Image 52: The maculate begonia is perfect for enhancing interior decoration.

Ceramic vase with plants on the sideboard of the house.

Image 53: Use a modern pink vase, like the one in the picture, to make the decor more elegant and contemporary.

Pink vase with flowering plant.

Image 54: But you can also use this species in your home garden.

Flowerbed with flowering plants.

Image 55: Begonias are the most used plants in the decoration of this garden.

Flowerbed in house facade with flowers.

Image 56: And you can bet on species with different colors to compose the same garden.

Bushes with flowers.

Image 57: Plants with pink and red flowers are widely used due to this striking color.

Bushes with pink and red flowers.

Image 58: This white variety is excellent for creating a more elegant environment.

Large black vase with white begonias.

Image 59: But you can also create arrangements with different colors to decorate the sidewalk or other public space.

Cement pot with flowering plants.

Image 60: The contrast between the plants and the colored pots create a beautiful look.

Decorated and colorful vases of plants for the living room.

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