Bedroom with Closet: +100 Beautiful Designs to Inspire

Who has never dreamed of having a bedroom with a closet? Widely seen in movies, series and, more recently, on social networks, the closet allows you to have more space to organize clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, among other clothing items. In other words, it is a functional room that makes your life more practical.

In addition, it has the advantage of being decorated with refinement and beauty, being able to accompany the style of decoration of the room. And there’s more: those who think that you need a lot of space to set up a closet are wrong. In fact, as you’ll see in the next topics, it’s also possible to create simple projects and take advantage of small spaces.

With that in mind, we decided to share this article full of tips and images of different rooms with closets, so that you can be inspired and choose the best references to build your decor project.

How to set up a bedroom with a closet?

To invest in a room with a closet, you need to think about three main points – space, number of items and lighting – all of which will influence the development of your project. Regarding space, you need to think about the area that will be used to create the closet. After all, this will influence the quantity and organization of shelves and niches, as well as the decoration of the space.

In addition, it is essential that you know how many items, including clothes, shoes, jewelry and jewelry, bags, bags, among other elements, should be organized in this space. If you have a lot of these items, you’ll need a bigger closet. However, if you don’t have and don’t intend to buy many clothes and accessories, then there’s no reason to invest in such a large closet.

Another important point is lighting. It is essential to invest in ceiling lights, LED spots and ribbons, chandeliers, among other types of lighting, to facilitate the use of the place. Remember that there are usually no windows in closets. Therefore, it is necessary to provide light to this environment. Otherwise, you won’t even find the items you need.

Finally, in addition to thinking about these points, it is important that the closet’s structure and decoration follow the room’s decor style, bringing harmony to these spaces and making them more integrated.

Discover the main models of bedroom with closet

We’ve separated four different models of bedroom with closet to help you understand that there are several possibilities when it comes to building this room. That way you can choose the best option for your home. See upcoming topics!

Room with small closet

In this case, it is important that the project presents good planning, with the objective of making the space more optimized and functional, allowing all the necessary furniture and objects to fit into the room. Therefore, seeking help from a professional can be a good idea, as he will think of the best strategy to add the closet in this space.

Image 1: You can replace your planned wardrobe with a small, thoughtful closet.

Room with a small, planned closet.

Room with simple closet

You don’t need to invest in luxury or modern design, as it is possible to build a simple closet, with a basic structure and without much ornamentation, which also makes the project more affordable. In this case, the focus should be on functionality and practicality, which doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful either. After all, a simple room can also be beautiful and cozy.

Image 2: It is possible to use a closet with a white and simple design, matching the decor style of the room.

Room with simple and planned closet.

Bedroom with dressing room and bathroom

Also known as a suite, the bedroom with dressing room and bathroom is a dream of many people. There are several possibilities to integrate these two rooms into the bedroom. You can either separate the spaces used to build walls, or opt for the most modern way and use frosted glass or use the concept of open space, that is, without partitions between the rooms, adopting a modern bedroom decor.

Image 3: In this example, the bathroom and closet have mirrored doors, forming, on the outside, the appearance of an ordinary wardrobe.

Room with dressing room and simple bathroom.

Room with open closet

The bedroom with open closet can be synonymous with luxury and refinement or practicality and modernity. In addition, depending on the materials and the way of assembly, the open closet can be a more economical option, since it is not necessary to invest in planned furniture and you can install the space structure yourself – which also attracts many followers. However, both the appearance and the installation price depend on your project ideal and the materials used in your installation.

Image 4: This modern room has been decorated with an elegant open closet.

Room with open closet and modern.

+96 projects and photos to inspire you

Check out our selection of inspiring closet bedroom designs below!

Image 5: This space has an island to store the residents’ accessories.

Bedroom with luxurious dressing room with island.

Image 6: In this example, a delicate chandelier was installed to decorate the space.

Bedroom with dressing room with chandelier.

Image 7: However, it is possible to build a masonry closet, separated from the rest of the room by a wooden door.

Bedroom with dressing room with white partitions.

Image 8: And you can even use a sliding door to separate the rooms.

Bedroom with dressing room with dressing table.

Image 9: In this project, the room was built with an open closet and bathroom, making the look of the environment more contemporary.

Bedroom with open closet and bathroom with glass wall.

Image 10: But you can also build your closet in a separate room and not install a door.

Bedroom with large closet with mirror.

Image 11: It is also possible to build a small closet in the girl’s room.

Children's bedroom with small closet.

Image 12: In this case, both the closet and the bathroom remain separate from the rest of the room due to a glass partition.

Bedroom with closet and space for makeup.

Image 13: You can use glass shelves in your closet, as they are very useful to highlight your accessories and shoes, turning them into real decorative items for the space.

Bedroom with spacious closet and glass shelves.

Image 14: But you can also use a large closet with discreet design and white MDF frame.

Bedroom with dressing room and modern bathroom.

Image 15: In this example, closet and bathroom share the same space. However, a part of the bathroom is separated from the rest of the room by tempered glass plates.

Closet with glass bathroom.

Image 16: In this project you notice that the design and colors of the closet accompany the rest of the room’s decoration.

Room with planned and clean closet.

Image 17: The smoked glass doors used in this closet create a beautiful and modern effect in the room’s decoration.

Bedroom with dressing room with glass door.

Image 18: Remember to use several dividers in your closet, in order to better organize the items in this space.

Bedroom with closet with white shelves.

Image 19: However, if you prefer a modern and differentiated decor, you can use a curtain to separate the closet from the rest of the room.

Bedroom with dressing room with curtain.

Image 20: In this project, the closet and bathroom also presents the open and modern concept.

Bedroom with dressing room and open bathroom.

Image 21: However, you can also separate the spaces using a masonry or plaster wall.

Bedroom with minimalist closet.

Image 22: In this case, the sandblasted glass partition was used to decorate and separate the spaces.

Bedroom with dressing room with frosted glass partition.

Image 23: But you can also build your closet as a separate room.

Bedroom with closet with door.

Image 24: But if you prefer a bolder and more modern decor, you can use these hollow wooden doors, as in the example below.

Bedroom with dressing room with modern door.

Image 25: On the other hand, in this room a masonry wall was used as a partition.

Bedroom with closet with masonry partition.

Image 26: Using a wooden partition, in the same style as the bedroom decor, is a great option to hide your closet.

Bedroom with dressing room with mirrored door.

Image 27: It is also possible to set up a small and elegant closet in your room.

Room with dressing room with large mirror and clean decor.

Image 28: However, if you have space, you can invest in a large closet, with lots of dividers, benches and even a dresser.

Bedroom with dressing room with benches and dressing table.

Image 29: In this project, the closet also follows the design and minimalist decor style of the room.

Room with dressing room and minimalist decor.

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Image 30: And you can even use the plaster molding and glass doors to highlight your closet.

Bedroom with closet with black glass door.

Image 31: In addition, it is possible to assemble a closet using a modern, hollow structure built with glass and wood.

Bedroom with closet with wooden door.

Image 32: And don’t forget to invest in lighting. In this case, LED tape was used inside the cabinets, as well as a light rail in the ceiling.

Bedroom with modern closet with light rail.

Image 33: But you can also build this space in a separate room, which can be accessed through a sliding door.

Bedroom with dressing room with sliding door.

Image 34: In this case, the closet is separated by a drywall wall and features a wooden structure that matches the delicate and rustic look of the room.

Bedroom with dressing room with romantic decoration.

Image 35: However, it is also possible to install a sliding glass door, which is used as a partition.

Bedroom with dressing room with glass doors.

Image 36: These cabinets were built in wood, but with a modern design.

Bedroom with wooden closet.

Image 37: And if you prefer a modern look, you can invest in minimalist decor and glass doors.

Bedroom with large closet and transparent glass door.

Image 38: But if you prefer a more industrial look, you can invest in the open concept, in addition to using the burnt cement finish and exposed electrical installations.

Room with open, modern closet and bathroom.

Image 39: However, if you prefer a simple and timeless cabinet, you can invest in the closed space and with a white MDF structure.

Bedroom with white closet.

Image 40: Use the corners to install shelves and use LED spots to highlight the cabinets.

Bedroom with female closet.

Image 41: But you can also use a simple open closet, using just a drywall or drywall to separate the spaces.

Bedroom with male closet.

Image 42: This simple room stands out because the closet space is delimited by a mirrored door.

Room with simple closet with sliding door.

Image 43: This closet stands out for being built as a modular piece of furniture.

Bedroom with pre-fabricated wooden closet.

Image 44: However, it is also possible to create a modern and luxurious space using open cabinets.

Room with open closet and modern.

Image 45: Using tempered glass partitions is another way to make your decor more luxurious and clean.

Bedroom with dressing room with glass partitions.

Image 46: But if you want a more discreet space, you can opt for the etched glass door.

Bedroom with luxurious closet.

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Image 47: The open closet is an excellent option for those who don’t have a lot of space and prefer a modern and industrial decor.

Room with open closet and industrial decor.

Image 48: In this black room, the owner opted for a closet with transparent glass doors, making the look even more modern.

Bedroom with black closet.

Image 49: However, if you prefer a more delicate decoration, you can invest in the closet with simple partitions and the white glass door.

Bedroom with tumblr closet.

Image 50: This closet stands out for having a carved wooden partition and for being built with a mirrored sliding door.

Bedroom with modern closet and white.

Image 51: In this case, the modern closet with mirrored sliding doors complements the contemporary and artistic look of the room.

Modern decor with checkered floor.

Image 52: However, if you prefer a masculine and modern decor, you can invest in this semi open closet, with black wall and mirror finish.

Black decor with an industrial feel.

Image 53: However, it is also possible to use a room to set up your closet and not use any partition to separate it from the bedroom.

Feminine and clean decor.

Image 54: But you can also adopt the open closet concept, creating a feminine and modern decor.

Feminine decoration with open closet.

Image 55: This luxurious design draws attention through the use of LED spotlights, plaster molding and neutral-toned decor throughout the room.

Modern room with walk-in closet and LED spots.

Image 56: In this closet, LED strips were also installed to decorate and light the partitions.

Rococo decoration and cabinets.

Image 57: But you can also use LED spots on the shelves, especially if the closet is open, like in this photo.

Modern decor with open cabinet.

Image 58: In addition, you can even install a ceiling light to light and modernize the interior space of the closet.

Minimalist decor with chandelier.

Image 59: But you can also use the semi open concept and just build a drywall partition to separate the closet from the rest of the space.

Minimalist and white decor.

Image 60: In this modern room, the open closet is illuminated with a light rail and has a mirror that conveys the feeling of spaciousness to the space.

Modern decor with neon lamp.

Image 61: Another example of an open closet, but built in an area apart from the bedroom.

Decor with bathroom and open closet.

Image 62: In this modern male room, a smoked glass partition was used to delimit the closet space.

Decor with TV panel.

Image 63: As in the previous example, in this modern project a smoked glass partition was also used.

Luxurious decor with glass partition.

Image 64: However, you can use a sliding glass door partition, which allows you to isolate the space.

Men's decoration with glass partition.

Image 65: In this luxurious room, the closet occupies the central position of the space and is completely covered by mirrors.

Luxurious decor with mirrored walls.

Image 66: But you can also install your closet in another room, which is associated with yours.

Feminine decor with custom cabinetry.

Image 67: The drywall wall with modern structure was used to separate the spaces and decorate the environment.

Modern decor with glass door cabinet.

Image 68: But you can also opt for the open and modern closet concept.

Minimalist decor with burnt cement wall.

Image 69: The closet’s modern structure complements the contemporary look of this room.

Men's decoration and cabinet with glass door.

Image 70: In this project, the owners also chose to install mirrored glass doors.

Room with simple closet.

Image 71: Light rails were used to illuminate the entire room, including the open closet.

Decorated with light rail and stone wall of saint josé.

Image 72: However, you can exchange the custom cabinets for an open closet with shelves and racks.

Modern decor with hanging pendant and gray wall.

Image 73: And if you want to innovate in closet decor, you can invest in wood flooring and white shelves.

Simple decoration with wardrobe and sliding door.

Image 74: In this case, the giant closet is also separated by a sliding door.

Simple decor with TV cabinet.

Image 75: But you can also create a closet with closed cabinets in a separate, open space.

Luxurious decor with white cabinets and mirror.

Image 76: Wood-framed shelves can also look modern and cozy.

Decorated with leather bed and wooden cabinets.

Image 77: For a minimalist bedroom, it is important to invest in a closet with the same style.

Minimalist decor and open cabinets.

Image 78: You can also opt for a simple decoration.

Simple decor with mirrored door cabinets.

Image 79: In this example, the bathroom and the closet share almost the same space. However, the cabinets have mirrored sliding doors.

Decor with open bathroom and shoe rack.

Image 80: This project calls attention to its beauty and modernity. After all, the cabinets were constructed of clear tempered glass.

Modern decor with glass cabinets.

Image 81: And you can even add a luxurious chandelier to decorate your clothing room.

Feminine decoration with chandelier.

Image 82: In addition, those who like a modern decor can opt for glass cabinets and bathroom with transparent glass partition.

Modern decor with a glass-enclosed bathroom and spacious closet.

Image 83: In this small room, you have to go through the closet to get to the bathroom.

Decor with fixed TV in the wooden cabinet.

Picture 84: This double room has a closet with mirrored doors.

Luxurious decor with dressing table.

Image 85: However, if you want to leave the space luxurious, you can invest in the chandelier and the ceiling light. In addition, LED spots make the whole environment more modern.

Decor with chandelier and desk.

Image 86: You can still use wooden sliding doors to delimit your closet space.

Decor with sliding door cabinets.

Image 87: The drywall structure is widely used to decorate and separate the spaces in the room.

Simple decoration with open closet.

Image 88: In this room, luxurious decor and modern lighting are used throughout the space.

Luxurious and masculine bedroom.

Image 89: But you can also opt for a more rustic looking wooden cabinet.

Wooden cabinets with mirror.

Image 90: In addition, it is possible to use mirrored door cabinets to give a feeling of spaciousness to the environment.

Decorated with mirrored door cabinets.

Image 91: However, you can also use curtains as space dividers in your room.

Closet with white curtain.

Image 92: But you can also opt for luxurious decor and mirrored doors.

Luxurious closet with mirrored doors.

Image 93: However, the cabinet with wood and glass frame can also be used in luxury decoration.

Luxurious wood and glass closer.

Image 94: It is still possible to use a partition with a revolving television and mirror finish in this space.

Mirrored cabinet with swivel television.

Image 95: This minimalist room is decorated with both the glass partition and the curtain to separate the spaces.

Minimalist bedroom with walk-in closet.

Image 96: And you can still create a small, luxurious cabinet with a mirrored glass frame.

Modern bedroom with glass closet.

Image 97: Already in this luxurious room, the partition used is padded.

Luxurious room with upholstered partition.

Image 98: In addition, it is possible to use a curtain to delimit the spaces in the modern and young bedroom.

Modern bedroom with walk-in closet with curtain.

Image 99: This project has a modern and minimalist design.

Closet with gray doors.

Image 100: But if you prefer a contemporary decor, you’ll like this project.

masculine and luxurious decor with open closet.

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