Bedroom Wallpaper: +100 Beautiful Ideas to Decorate

Bedroom wallpaper can transform the look of this room, complementing any decor style. Therefore, this type of coating is highly sought after by those who want to decorate this space. The problem is that, with so many options available on the market, you can get confused when choosing. With that in mind, we decided to share this article with inspiring tips and projects to help you choose the right wallpaper.

How to choose?

When choosing your wallpaper, it’s important to think about two fundamental aspects – the style of the decor and the size of the room. First, it is essential to think about the style, as the chosen model will have a significant impact on the decor. After all, if you want to adopt a classic decor style, then you shouldn’t choose a colorful geometric model, for example, and vice versa. Also, to make the right choice, you can look at the colors of the furniture that already exists in your room and choose a model that matches them.

Second, it is essential to choose a model that values ​​the size of the environment. For small rooms, it is better to opt for lighter and more neutral prints, which give a feeling of spaciousness to the room. However, in larger spaces, you can use creativity and choose more striking colors and different prints.

Wallpaper Templates for Bedroom

There are several types of wallpaper. However, in this article we will show you the most suitable models for each type of room. This way, you will notice that there are many decoration possibilities when it comes to this type of covering.

Wallpaper for women’s bedroom

The female bedroom can have various decor styles, such as romantic, modern, rustic, among others. Therefore, there is no specific wallpaper for this environment. However, in general, some prints stand out and are already among the favorites among those who wish to decorate this room, such as floral prints, pink, traditional, striped, with small and delicate designs, among other types.

Image 1: The flowered wallpaper makes the room look romantic.

Wallpaper for flowery female bedroom.

Wallpaper for male bedroom

Male bedroom wallpaper is usually characterized by having more sober and traditional prints. Therefore, striped prints, with geometric designs, exposed brick, with a world map, which imitates burnt cement, among other types, are widely used in this decoration.

Image 2: World map print wallpaper can be used to decorate a male bedroom.

Wallpaper for male room with world map.

Children’s bedroom wallpaper

There is also no standard children’s bedroom wallpaper, as it is possible to create amazing decorations with different models, which are suitable for children of different age groups. With this in mind, it is free to invest in gray, striped and floral models, with children’s drawings, world map, and plaid, among others. It all depends on the style and theme of your decor.

Image 3: The wallpaper used in this children’s room makes the look more delicate.

Wallpaper for children's room with unicorn.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom

In general, when talking about wallpaper for a double room, there is a demand for models that contribute to the decoration of a more mature environment, be it simple, modern or luxurious. Therefore, prints with traditional designs are widely used, as well as stripes, geometric figures, floral, among other models that are used depending on the style of decoration and the couple’s preferences.

Image 4: Wallpaper with neutral colors is widely used in the decoration of double rooms.

Classic double bedroom wallpaper.

3D bedroom wallpaper

3D wallpaper is a decorative element capable of transforming any room! As it simulates a relief, a texture, it creates an optical illusion that draws attention to the environment. Therefore, this is the ideal model for those looking to modernize their decor.

Image 5: The 3D wallpaper is a great option to highlight some part of the room.

Wallpaper for 3D bedroom.

+95 images with amazing decorations

Check out this selection of amazing designs decorated with wallpaper!

Image 6: You can use the wallpaper on only one part of the wall.

Wallpaper for luxurious bedroom.

Image 7: Neutral upholstered headboard and gray wallpaper create an elegant look in this room.

Luxurious bedroom wallpaper with padded headboard.

Image 8: But you can opt for a more modern print with metallic designs.

Luxurious bedroom wallpaper with chandelier.

Image 9: In addition, it is also possible to choose a tribal print with discreet designs, making the decoration more modern.

Wallpaper for bedroom in earthy tones.

Image 10: For a small room, a neutral and discreet print may be the best option.

Wallpaper for small, neutral room.

Image 11: However, in the children’s room it is better to use a more delicate print.

Wallpaper for girl's room.

Image 12: However, you can also opt for a geometric print for your room.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with black and white print.

Image 13: A pink wallpaper will make the look more romantic and feminine.

Wallpaper for pink female room.

Image 14: You can still install this covering only in the headboard area.

Wallpaper for room with minibar.

Image 15: Models with fun and relaxed prints can make your room more modern.

Wallpaper for green room.

Image 16: You can also use a model with children’s drawings for your child’s room.

Wallpaper for children's room with animals.

Image 17: In addition, it is possible to find models with an apparent brick print, making your room look more rustic.

Rustic bedroom wallpaper with exposed brick print.

Image 18: Discreet models are excellent options for simpler and more neutral decorations.

Wallpaper for small and simple room.

Image 19: However, if you prefer a more modern look, you can invest in models with black tile print.

Black bedroom wallpaper.

Image 20: But you can also use a black brick print template to decorate your tumbler room.

Wallpaper for bedroom tumblr.

Image 21: The wallpaper with leaves made this feminine room more modern.

Wallpaper for women's bedroom with tropical print.

Image 22: However, you can also use a floral template in your decor.

Wallpaper for modern and floral room.

Image 23: This model with a tree print is delicate, different and makes the decoration of the children’s room even more beautiful.

Wallpaper for children's room with tree print.

Image 24: Gray wallpaper can also be used to decorate a teenager’s room.

Wallpaper for teenage bedroom.

Image 25: Also, you can use this wallpaper with geometric print in this room.

Wallpaper for tumblr single room.

Image 26: The striped print makes the look more classic.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with striped print.

Image 27: And you can even opt for the traditional and white print to create a romantic decoration.

Wallpaper for luxurious white bedroom.

Image 28: Pink wallpaper can be used to create a modern decor.

Wallpaper for pink room.

Image 29: You can choose prints with miniature drawings to decorate the children’s room.

Wallpaper for children's room with cactus print.

Image 30: The model with white brick print can also be a great choice for a modern bedroom.

Wallpaper for bedroom with white brick print.

Image 31: Also, you can choose wallpaper with white and gray design.

Simple gray bedroom wallpaper.

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Image 32: But if you prefer a bolder decoration, you can opt for a print with different designs.

Wallpaper for women's bedroom with oriental print.

Image 33: The dot print model complements the look of this tumbler room.

White bedroom wallpaper for tumblr.

Image 34: You can also use a gray model with a geometric print in the modern children’s room.

Minimalist wallpaper for children's room.

Image 35: In this case, the model with boat designs print was used only in the area above the headboard, creating a beautiful effect in the decoration.

Single bedroom wallpaper with boat designs print.

Image 36: However, if you prefer a discreet and sober environment, you can opt for the print with horizontal stripes in neutral colors.

Single bedroom wallpaper with striped print.

Image 37: But you can also opt for the geometric print in your modern double room.

Wallpaper for bedroom with geometric print.

Image 38: In this themed room, the blue striped model helped to create the atmosphere with a maritime touch.

Wallpaper for bedroom with marine decoration.

Image 39: And you can still choose the wallpaper with gray bricks.

Minimalist bedroom wallpaper.

Image 40: However, you can also choose a more colorful model to make your room look more relaxed.

Colorful bedroom wallpaper.

Image 41: The model with cloud print made this decoration even more delicate.

Children's bedroom wallpaper with cloud print.

Image 42: Use a pattern with a traditional and neutral print to create an elegant decor.

Luxurious bedroom wallpaper with classic print.

Image 43: And you can even use a model with a landscape print to complement the composition of your romantic bedroom.

Wallpaper for women's bedroom with landscape print.

Image 44: In addition, you can choose a discreet floral print to decorate the neutral and minimalist room.

Modern bedroom wallpaper with delicate floral print.

Image 45: In this environment, the wallpaper acts as one of the protagonists in the decoration.

Wallpaper for rustic and modern bedroom.

Image 46: World map print is an excellent choice for creating modern environments.

Wallpaper for modern bedroom with world map print.

Image 47: But if you prefer a simpler look, you can opt for the striped print model.

Wallpaper for simple small room.

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Image 48: In this case, the stripes are more discreet and complement the neutral decoration of the room.

Striped wallpaper for bedroom.

Image 49: In addition, you can opt for a more traditional model to compose your simple room.

Small and simple bedroom wallpaper in neutral colors.

Image 50: However, you can also opt for a model with a photographic print that stands out in the decor.

Wallpaper for a modern bedroom with photo print.

Image 51: The 3D print makes the difference in the decoration of any space.

Wallpaper for bedroom with 3D print.

Image 52: But you can opt for a simpler print to compose the environment.

Classic bedroom wallpaper with geometric print.

Image 53: The model with visible brick print can also be a good choice for the tumbler bedroom.

Wallpaper for female single bedroom.

Image 54: And you can even opt for a graffiti-patterned wallpaper to spice up the male bedroom.

Wallpaper for men's bedroom with modern print.

Image 55: In addition, it is possible to use a gray model with images of historic buildings, making the environment more modern.

Wallpaper for a classically decorated bedroom.

Image 56: But you can also choose a model with blue and white stripes to decorate the single room.

Single bedroom wallpaper with striped print.

Image 57: A model with a dark blue print can make a difference in a room with decoration aimed at the male audience.

Single bedroom wallpaper with dark print.

Image 58: For those who prefer a more daring look, the model with a skull print can be a good option. Also, see that in this example this print contrasts with the flashy colors used in the decoration.

Single bedroom wallpaper with skull print.

Image 59: Striped models are very successful in decorating more discreet environments.

Single bedroom wallpaper with striped print.

Image 60: And you can even use a color model to modernize the look of the space.

Wallpaper for modern bedroom with colorful print.

Image 61: A model with a dark print can also make your decor more luxurious.

Luxurious and black decor.

Image 62: The most discreet model is ideal for simpler decorations.

Simple design for single room.

Image 63: And you can even opt for a gray and discreet model to decorate a single room.

Decoration for single room.

Image 64: However, the gray model can also be used in a luxurious decoration.

Luxurious white decor with upholstered headboard.

Image 65: The blue geometric print gives a special touch to the environment.

Maritime themed decor.

Image 66: And you can even invest in a discreet model with designs to decorate the children’s room.

Simple decoration for single room.

Image 67: Also, you can use neutral stripes to decorate a children’s room.

Simple decoration for girls' room.

Image 68: But you can also use a world map to decorate your child’s room.

Decorated with world map.

Image 69: The floral print is used to make the environment more romantic and feminine.

Decor with floral and feminine print.

Image 70: However, with a modern and geometric model it can also be used to create a feminine space.

Comfortable with feminine and delicate decoration.

Image 71: In this case, the print with comics left the environment more modern and fun.

Room with black decoration for singles.

Image 72: Another example of how neutral stripes can complement the look of a men’s bedroom.

Room decorated for teenagers.

Image 73: And you can still opt for white and blue stripes.

Simple decor with stripes.

Image 74: The model with leaves, fruits and a colorful look is perfect for children.

Children's and modern decor for girls.

Image 75: In this room, the owner used the same pattern on the wall and on the curtain.

Comfortable with traditional and flowery decor.

Image 76: And you can use the wallpaper on only one part of the wall.

Room with purple decoration.

Image 77: You can still use a model with black and white stripes in the children’s room.

Room with bunk bed with minimalist decoration.

Image 78: This romantic decoration gained a delicate look because of the use of the small floral print.

Comfortable with feminine decor and pink upholstered headboard.

Image 79: But you can also opt for a traditional floral print.

Comfortable with classic decor.

Image 80: Another example of a feminine environment with modern wallpaper.

Room with feminine and pink decoration.

Image 81: However, you can use a chess model to create a more serious and modern composition.

Room with checkered decoration.

Image 82: However, you can also use 3D wallpaper to transform the room decoration.

Modern, minimalist masculine decor.

Image 83: The gray model is a great choice for a men’s bedroom.

Modern blue decor with double bed.

Image 84: In a teenager’s bedroom, the pattern with polka dots can enhance the look.

Teen room with simple decor.

Image 85: However, it is possible to use a modern model with colored geometric print.

Comfortable with modern decor with wood and blue print.

Image 86: Another example of a gray model that can be used in the men’s bedroom.

Comfortable with upholstered headboard and gray.

Image 87: And you can even use a striped template to create a classic composition.

Room with classic decor and stripes.

Image 88: The checkered print can also be used in the small single bedroom.

Small single room with cozy decor.

Image 89: Already in this project, the striped wallpaper was used in the bedroom tumbler.

Single room design with tumblr decor.

Image 90: This fun and modern decor is made even more beautiful by this discreet wallpaper.

Comfortable with children's and cheerful decor.

Image 91: The striped model in neutral tones can also be used in the single bedroom.

Single room with gray decor.

Image 92: Also, you can use the checkerboard model in your bedroom decoration.

Double room with cozy decor.

Image 93: The city map print template can also transform the look of your minimalist room.

Male room design with modern decor.

Image 94: But you can also opt for white brick wallpaper.

Small single room design with tumblr decor.

Image 95: The geometric model with delicate colors can also be a good option for a children’s room.

Children's room decorated with a yellow touch.

Image 96: The dark blue model with hexagonal designs can also make your room more elegant.

Wallpaper for double bedroom with blue print.

Image 97: The model with brick print can also be used in your bedroom with Scandinavian decor.

Comfortable with Scandinavian decor.

Image 98: But you can also use the striped model in your modern master bedroom.

Double room with simple decor and stripes.

Picture 99: The single bedroom can also be transformed using a modern wallpaper.

Single room with music themed decor.

Image 100: The pink striped model is also widely used in the nursery.

Children's room with gray and pink decor.

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