Bedroom Mirror: +90 High Models to Choose

Previously, the mirror was an object used only in the bathroom. However, to make it easier to get ready without having to change rooms all the time, it was gradually migrating from room to room until becoming an almost indispensable item in the room. On the other hand, the bedroom mirror offers several benefits to the environment, such as the feeling of spaciousness, for example.

Bedroom mirror in wardrobe

This is perhaps one of the most common places to find a mirror inside a room. After all, many stores already offer the option of furniture with an integrated mirror. The benefits of this model are that you don’t need a single wall space for this, which is perfect for small rooms. In addition, it is possible to place a mirror on the inside of the wardrobe door, this option leaves the minimalist environment by being hidden.

Picture 1: This double bedroom has a wardrobe with three mirrored sliding doors.

Gray house bedroom with mirrored wardrobe.

Image 2: On the other hand, this small wardrobe has only one of the mirrored doors.

Children's room with red niches.

Image 3: Even those who have an old-fashioned wardrobe can put mirrors on the door.

Double bedroom with mirror on the wardrobe door.

Image 4: The larger the space that the mirror occupies in the environment, the greater the feeling of spaciousness offered.

Wall with world map and air conditioning.

Image 5: As a result, the mirror is the perfect choice for small double rooms.

Mirror to bedroom in the wardrobe.

Picture 6: This double room is decorated in darker tones.

Room with gray wall and brown rug.

Image 7: To highlight, even if used in the wardrobe, it is possible to put a kind of frame in a highlighted color.

White bedroom with messy bedding.

Image 8: This small wardrobe has a strip in the middle just for the mirror.

Retro wardrobe with mirror.

Image 9: To highlight the retro furniture, different shaped mirrors were placed on all the doors.

Three mirrors in a wardrobe.

Image 10: The object gains even more prominence with targeted lighting.

Gray, white and black room.

Image 11: One way to lengthen the space is to place a horizontal mirrored strip in the wardrobe.

Mirror for horizontal room.

Image 12: This wardrobe has a darker mirror model that offers refinement to the room.

Mirrored closet.

Wall with mirror for bedroom

The second most used option is to hang the mirror or hang it on the wall. Currently, there is a kind of glue suitable for a mirror which allows you to fix it on the wall without having to pierce it. This alternative also offers the opportunity to play with the size and shape of the mirror, as the freedom depends on the space available on the wall.

Image 13: How about placing the mirror forming an extra headboard?

Gray double bedroom with mirror.

Image 14: A different model to place in the room is to make just a horizontal mirrored strip across the wall.

Neutral room with mirrored strip on the wall.

Image 15: To highlight the mirrors, a gray strip was painted on the wall.

Room with gray banner on the wall and round mirrors.

Image 16: The sides of the bed, accompanying the bedside table is also one of the most requested places.

Bedroom with two vertical mirrors beside the bed.

Image 17: On the other hand, if the objective is to decorate the mirror itself, it is possible to place a wooden structure of some geometric shape.

Room with exposed brick wall.

Image 18: Who said that the object is only for the couple? For relaxation, this model features an option with surrounding lights.

Blue wall with oval mirror.

Image 19: The best option to fix the children’s mirror on the wall is using glue, with this, as the child grows, it is possible to raise the height of the object.

Children's bedroom with mirror on the wall.

Image 20: To help with creativity and awaken the imagination of the little ones, it is possible to make some different frames.

Mirror for a girl's bedroom.

Image 21: On the other hand, in the double bedroom mirror it is possible to illuminate it.

Modern bedroom with L-shaped mirror.

Image 22: The use of the mirror in small rooms with neutral tones helps in the feeling of spaciousness in the room.

Mirror for bright room.

Image 23: How about spreading different sizes of mirror in the room?

Mirror with mirrors on the walls and on the dresser.

Image 24: The mirror is even more highlighted with the built-in lighting feature.

Gray room with mirrored lines on the wall.

Dressing table

This option gained momentum in the 60s and has come back with everything today. The mirror, in this case, can be integrated with the table, fixed to the wall or just supported on the bench. The corner is perfect so that residents can get ready without congesting the use of the bathroom, which is usually used for this. A tip is to invest in good lighting in the area, after all, no woman wants the tone of her makeup to be different than the desired one, right?

Image 25: This example shows the way to have a modern dressing table in the bedroom: with a mirror fixed to the wall and a countertop.

Mirror illuminated with LED.

Image 26: On the other hand, with planning, it is possible to use the space left between the wardrobe and the wall.

Mirror in the wardrobe and on the wall.

Image 27: Want to differentiate your beauty space? Place a prominent stool.

Mirror to bedroom on dressing table.

Picture 28: In children’s rooms, the dressing table can also serve as a study table.

Dressing table with mirror and white lamps.

Image 29: The bench is designed to fit in with the other furniture and the mirror is illuminated.

Girl's bedroom with lighted dressing table in frame.

Image 30: The lighting of your dressing table does not necessarily need to be on the mirror itself.

Master bedroom with a planned dressing table.

Image 31: The interesting thing about using benches is that they can be stored under the bench.

Room with small glass shelves.

Image 32: Making a long table with a separate space between the dressing table and the study table avoids distraction.

Children's bedroom with integrated study table with dressing table.

Image 33: The mirror supported on the table allows you to move it whenever necessary.

Wall drawn in rose.

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Image 34: The dressing table beside the bed allows it to be used also as a bedside table.

Pink room with velvet barstool.

Image 35: A well-lit dressing table is essential when making big productions.

Large dresser beside the bed.

Image 36: On the other hand, the built-in LED light is on high.

Gray furniture with decorated shelves.

Mirror for bedroom on the floor

Perfect for those who like to constantly move their furniture around, for those who want to deprive the wall or any piece of furniture from having a fixed mirror, placing it on the floor will give them freedom in the room. This model is on the rise, however, to keep up with fashion, bet on larger mirror options so that you can see your entire body reflected.

Image 37: With the mirror on the floor, it is possible to move it whenever necessary.

Mirror for bedroom on the floor.

Image 38: In this case, the object is the height of the wall, which makes it difficult to change place due to its weight.

Large mirror supported on the floor.

Image 39: How about a frame made with the mirror in your room?

Modern mirror.

Picture 40: The rectangular mirror with a wooden frame is the most classic of the bedroom mirror models.

Mirror on the floor with wooden frame.

Image 41: To avoid possible falls, it’s worth putting it behind a stool.

Mirror for bedroom on the floor with stool.

Picture 42: This room combines the wood of the furniture, floor and mirror frame.

Bedroom with woody tones.

Image 43: To help with the composition of looks, you can add hooks on the sides so that you can hang props.

Simple bedroom with hat on the mirror.

Image 44: Placing the mirror next to the bed prevents you from looking at yourself all the time.

Mirror beside the bed.

Image 45: To compose the environment, it is worth investing in decorative vases to place beside the mirror.

Bedroom mirror reflecting the bed.

Image 46: For those who don’t like to sleep in the dark, how about putting lights like a photo clothesline on the mirror?

Mirror decorated with photos.

Image 47: As a result, you can also place a small mat so that you can sit on the floor.

Illuminated mirror with mat on the floor.

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Image 48: On the other hand, a tip is to put a stool to tidy up.

Mirror with modern drumstick.


Whoever said that frames are out of fashion when it comes to bedroom mirrors, is very wrong. There are several options of frames that can match the decor of the room according to the personality and style of the residents. In addition, it is possible to play with shapes, colors and even materials, since nowadays there are other alternatives than wood to decorate your object, such as acrylic and even the mirror itself.

Image 49: How about painting your wooden frame to highlight the mirror?

Mirror with white wooden frame.

Image 50: The classic style features wooden frames with Victorian designs.

Large mirror with vintage frame.

Image 51: The most delicate frames are perfect to form a beautiful dressing table.

Delicate frame in mirror.

Image 52: On the other hand, this acrylic model is easily found and is considerably cheap.

Bedroom mirror with white frame.

Image 53: If you want a more discreet frame that fits the modern style of the house, go for a slim black frame.

Simple mirror with black frame.

Image 54: But if the goal is to make the frame almost invisible, put one that matches the color of the wall.

Frame matching the wall color.

Image 55: This model is modern as it has a frame made of LED lights.

Mirror LED frame for bedroom.

Image 56: If you don’t want to place the mirror fixed on the wall or directly on the floor, know that there is a proper structure for it.

White frame for mirror.

Image 57: The hanging ribbon model is at the top of the most requested currently.

Dressing table with round mirror.

Image 58: Even for the round mirror you can have a perfect frame for your decoration.

Mirror for round room.

Image 59: As a result, you will have a mirror in a different shape but with a frame.

Mirrored frame.

Image 60: As in the previous example, this model has a frame made with the mirror itself.

Room with mirror and acrylic chair.

Mirror Shape for Bedroom

Rectangular and round: These are the two main shapes that are found, whether in a decorated bathroom or in the bedroom. However, there are a multitude of other models that can be used, just use your creativity. In this way, in addition to the bedroom mirror being super useful when getting ready, it will be integrated with the room’s decoration.

Picture 61: Do you remember the last time you saw a bedroom mirror that was square?

Mirror for square room.

Image 62: A mirror in the shape of a heart is perfect for delicate and loving people.

Mirror of heart.

Image 63: The combination of geometric shapes is also an excellent option.

Multiple mirrors in octagons.

Image 64: An octagon will make your retro shelf even more eye-catching.

Mirror for bedroom with octagon.

Image 65: The round mirror is perfect to be placed in any corner of the room such as a dresser, dressing table or even hanging on the wall.

Mirror supported by cabinet.

Image 66: With planning and with the help of professionals, it is possible to have a mirror in the shape you want.

Mirror in abstract shape.

Image 67: Are you in doubt between a rectangular mirror and a round one? Bring the two together and make the environment different.

Mirror with round top.

Image 68: The oval mirror, despite being little used, offers the feeling that the site is elongated.

Mirror for oval room.

Image 69: So that the couple does not congest the mirror, two rectangular mirrors with rounded edges were placed.

Two vertical mirrors.

Image 70: You don’t need to choose just one format to decorate your room.

Rectangular and round mirror.

Image 71: A cat-shaped object is perfect to represent the passion for the pet.

Cat mirror.

Image 72: As little seen as the abstract models, the triangle room mirror is an elegant and differentiated option.

Triangular mirror.

Decor with mirror for bedroom

The bedroom mirror no longer has the exclusive function of a purpose used for tidying up, currently, it has integrated the room’s decoration, and it is no longer necessary for it to be large and placed in a point where the residents can see themselves. The tip is to place it in a strategic point so that it reflects some decorative point in the room, such as a painting, a bookcase or even the bed.

Image 73: If you want to draw attention to a specific corner of the room but don’t want to place the mirror in the exact place to avoid distractions, place it slightly upwards.

Decorative bedroom mirror.

Image 74: On the other hand, if the goal is to highlight a wall, place the object at different heights.

Multiple mirror strips on the wall.

Image 75: In order to increase the feeling of width in the room, it is worth betting on the horizontal mirror above the bed.

Three horizontal mirrors on the wall.

Image 76: Decorative mirrors allow greater freedom to make them smaller.

Room mirror in the shape of moons.

Image 77: Frames are decorative items that can be used with or without photos or bedroom mirrors.

Several frames with and without mirrors.

Image 78: In addition to the unconventional format, this model shows the use of the frame in the middle of the mirror which causes an optical illusion.

Mirror with optical illusion.

Image 79: Suspended mirrors are futuristic and highly refined options.

Suspended bedroom mirrors.

Image 80: On the other hand, varying the position of the mirrors also gives the feel of modern decor.

Three triangular mirrors.

Image 81: This model has small mirrored bands at the head of the bed that meet the mirrors on the sides and on the top.

Headboard with mirror.

Image 82: On the other hand, this decoration has several parts that form a sun.

Mirror for bedroom in the shape of a sun.

Mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture is hot on the market, and no wonder. In addition to the feeling of spaciousness it offers, it can also highlight some decorative point in the room. On the other hand, the furniture is almost invisible in the room. The main models found on the market are: wardrobe, bedside table and niches.

Picture 83: This room has a mirror on top of the bedside table that has mirrored drawers.

Bedroom mirror on the bedside table.

Image 84: In this case, the mirrored drawers offer the feeling of invisibility in the room by reflecting the carpet.

Mirrored drawers.

Image 85: When it comes to mirrored furniture, let’s not forget the wardrobes.

Men's bedroom with mirrored wardrobe.

Image 86: Another place to place the mirror is at the bottom of the built-in niches.

Mirror for bedroom in niches.

Image 87: The charm of your dressing table will be guaranteed with a mirrored countertop with an illuminated mirror.

Mirrored shelf.

Image 88: On the other hand, this study table is all mirrored.

Mirrored table.

Image 89: Tables made of mirrors deserve extra attention when cleaning, as they highlight any type of dirt.

Full mirrored dressing table.

Picture 90: Finally, this room has its mirrored nightstands that match the aluminum barstools.

Bedside table with mirror for bedroom.

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