Bathrooms with Tablets: +80 Ideas to Inspire Your Decor

When choosing a bathroom lining, there are so many options that it is sometimes difficult to choose just one, isn’t it? So, if you want a golden tip for coating your room in a way that goes with all types of decor, plan your bathroom with a tablet!

Known for being practical in cleaning and resistant to wet areas, the tablet is, in addition to a coating, an item that can be considered as decorative. This happens because of the different colors in which they can be found and the possibility of even making drawings on the walls of the room using the coating itself.

This versatile piece of a decorated bathroom can be found in various sizes, shapes and materials such as ceramic, glass or adhesive.

If you want to know more about this trend in bathroom decor, keep reading and take the opportunity to check out 80 inspiring projects!

Bathroom with tablet in the box

In most bathrooms, the shower stall faces the door, that is, when you enter the room, the first thing you see is the shower stall. Therefore, this wall ends up being the main one and deserving a greater prominence in relation to the others.

There are several ways to have a bathroom with a tablet in the box, it can be a small strip on the wall to give a detail in the decoration, on the floor, on an entire wall, in the built-in niche and even in the entire area.

This demarcation of space made by entire walls of tile is reflected in an imaginary dividing line that enhances the environment with creativity and delicacy.

Image 1: Bathroom with box covered with greenish tiles.

Walls inside the box with green insert and a narrow strip on the other walls.

Image 2: Box with corner opening with inserts on the walls and built-in niche.

Bathroom box with brown border matching the wall insert.

Image 3: Bathroom box with blue insert and a white tile strip.

Walls inside the box with insert and white strip that extends outside the area.

Image 4: Bathroom wall with white window and niches and green tiles.

White bathroom with walls inside the box covered with single color inserts.

Image 5: Bathroom with tablets in the box and in the sink.

Large bathroom with tablet inside the box and with detail on the sink.

Image 6: Bathroom with red tiles on the shower wall and built-in niche.

Gray bathroom cemented with red wall of tile.

Image 7: Bathroom box with a white wall and another with colored tablets.

Tablet inside and outside the box in a small bathroom.

Image 8: Bathroom box with tiles and glass brick wall.

Shower enclosure with glass wall and dark colored insert coating.

Image 9: Bathroom box coated with blue tiles.

Bathroom with sink, cabinet, frame and insert in blue.

Image 10: Bathroom wall inside the box with wall coated with neutral color tiles.

Bathroom decorated in neutral colors and insert inside the box.

Image 11: Bathroom with a strip on the wall covered with blue horizontal tiles.

Bathroom with shower box decorated with rectangular insert.

Image 12: Bathroom with neutral color tiles inside the box.

Bathroom box demarcated with neutral color tiles.

Image 13: Central bathroom wall with blue tiles and white built-in niche.

Small bathroom with niche built into the box's central wall.

Image 14: Box floor with inserts and a narrow strip on the walls.

Brown bathroom with large tiles in earthy colors.

Image 15: Blue tablets matching objects and towels in the bathroom.

Entire bathroom decorated in different shades of green and blue.

Picture 16: Bathroom with bright partitions at the back of the bathtub.

Luxury bathroom with white bathtub and gold inserts.

Image 17: Bathroom box with tiles on the floor, walls and ceiling.

Bathroom with box marked with blue insert.

Image 18: Bathroom with tablets inside the niche built into the box.

Bathroom decorated with rectangular insert.

Image 19: Small bathroom with wall covered with blue tiles.

Small bathroom with a central wall and a tiled floor.

Image 20: Bathroom box with two strips of colored tablets.

Large bathroom with two insert strips inside the box.

Image 21: Bathroom with shower wall, built-in niche and floor strip with blue tiles.

Bathroom with shower wall and built-in niche with blue insert.

Image 22: Nude bathroom with insert strips inside the box and in the built-in niches.

Brown glass insert inside niches built into the wall of the shower stall.

Image 23: Bathroom with tiles on the entire window wall and a horizontal strip on the other walls.

All white bathroom with wall highlighted in blue tablet.

Image 24: Dark colored bathroom with tiles on the step wall and on the wall strip with shades of brown.

Modern dark bathroom with brown tone pads.

Colors in a bathroom with tablet

Putting too much or too little colors ends up being a frequent concern when decorating any room, especially the bathroom, which is the smallest in the house and tends to be visually loaded more easily. However, with care and placed in the right measure, the tablets can be the solution for a more joyful environment without exaggeration.

The colors say a lot about the personality of the residents. For example, yellow offers a feeling of joy to the room, while blue brings an air of tranquility as it refers to the sea. On the other hand, darker tones represent a more serious and modern look and lighter tones provide a feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, a bathroom with the right color insert will make all the difference in the harmony of the house.

The tip here is to choose colors that contrast with the rest of the coating to create a harmonic composition. For this it is necessary to be careful that the chosen color does not disappear among the other colors. For example, if you have a dark environment, like black, and you put brown tablet in, it won’t show up. But if you add details in yellow, it will get a nice highlight.

If you want a discreet bathroom with just a touch of color, the suggestion is to place colored tablets in the niches, in small strips on the walls or around the sink. If you have a large mirror, it’s worth making a kind of frame with the tablet on the wall.

Image 25: Wall and sink lined with purple tiles.

Bathroom with two sinks, plant vase and walls of purple and white tablet.

Picture 26: Bathroom with yellow tiles on the window wall.

Bathroom with toys on the side of the bathtub and yellow tablet wall.

Image 27: Narrow wall with dark tiles, black sink, round mirror and wooden niche.

Narrow wall with black insert coating.

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Picture 28: Bathroom with sink wall with colored tiles and square mirror.

Colored inserts on an entire wall.

Image 29: Green and blue bathroom with inserts in the structure of the sink.

Blue and green bathroom decorated with flower pot on the sink.

Image 30: White bathroom with built-in niche and illuminated with yellow tiles.

Bathroom decorated with recessed niches in the walls and yellow insert.

Image 31: Bathroom with all walls covered in purple tiles.

All bathroom walls with purple insert.

Image 32: Bathroom box decorated with colored stripes made of inserts.

Bathroom with tablet forming colored bands inside the box.

Image 33: Top of the sink with a wall of colored tablets.

Bathroom decorated with basket, plant pot and tablet around the mirror.

Image 34: Bathroom decorated with a small strip of colored tablets above the sink.

Bathroom with tablet in children's bathroom.

Image 35: Colored inserts serving as a decorative mirror frame.

Bathroom mirror with recessed lighting that reflects off the wall insert.

Image 36: Bathroom shower box coated with blue and white tiles forming a gradient.

Sea-themed bathroom with blue gradient tiles.

Image 37: Bathroom with tiles in shades of brown and two niches built into the wall.

Bathroom with neutral color tablet on the toilet wall.

Image 38: White bathroom with the inside of the box with red tiles.

Bathroom with red coating inside the box.

Image 39: Bathroom decorated in white and blue with the wall of the sink covered with tiles in two colors.

Sophisticated bathroom with wall of small tiles.

Image 40: Bathroom decorated with tiles on the outside of the bathtub and on the pink wall.

Bathroom decorated with bathtub, flower pot and pink and purple insert.

Image 41: Walls of tiles in different shades of blue with wooden cabinet and white vats.

Bathroom with wooden cabinet, white tubs and blue chip walls.

Image 42: Modern bathroom with a vertical band of colored inserts inside the shower stall.

Bathroom with a brown tile floor and a vertical colored strip on one wall.

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Picture 43: Small bathroom with window wall covered with colored tiles.

Bathroom with purple insert and decorative items.

Image 44: Bathroom decorated with blue frames and tiles on the window wall and on the side of the bathtub.

Bathroom with walls divided in white and blue and decorated with paintings.

Image 45: Bathroom with green pads around the sink.

Small bathroom with green wall.

Image 46: Bathroom with orange tablets inside the box and under the sink.

Bathroom almost entirely lined with orange tablet.

Image 47: White bathroom with horizontal band inside the box with inserts.

Bathroom with black, white and gray tablet strip inside the box.

Image 48: Bathroom with tiles on all walls and floor in dark blue color.

Entire bathroom lined with blue insert, except for the ceiling.

Picture 49: Wall decorated with a vertical strip with glass inserts and shelves.

Bathroom with insert on the wall to support the glass shelves.

Image 50: Yellow tablets lining the bathroom sink and shower stall.

Bathroom decorated with fish, starfish and yellow tablets.

Bathroom decorated with tablet

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it doesn’t need to be left out of creativity when decorating. With planning it is possible to make drawings in the bathroom with tablets of all colors.

Whether on the floor, ceiling or walls, your room will be much more cheerful and fun with drawings. After all, it’s unusual to see artwork within a space that is underrated when it comes to creative decor.

Design Tips for a Bathroom with Tablet

The picture portrayed must represent the personality of the residents, so it is important that everyone agrees with the art that will be made. After all, it will be very difficult to change it. On the other hand, if your bathroom is part of a suite, it will be much easier to match it with the bedroom decor.

The most requested drawings are the abstract ones as they are easier for residents to approve and are harder to get bored. The same goes for the colors used.

If the intention is to bring a difference to the bathroom, but in a discreet way, using neutral tones is an excellent alternative.

But, if you have kids at home, why not make hygiene moments a lot more fun with colorful and fun drawings? It’s worth putting your little one’s favorite design or something very colorful.

If you want to know how to decorate the rest of your home, be sure to read the article on Small Apartment Decor.

Image 51: Bathroom with two sinks, shower and floor designed with blue and white tiles.

Bathroom with floor drawn with tile in yellow, white, gray and black.

Image 52: Bathroom wall lined and designed with gray, white and yellow tiles.

Bathroom with insert on two walls and placed in different ways.

Image 53: Bathroom with tablet design of a boy on top of the bathtub and another boy who jumped with an umbrella.

Bathroom with children's drawing on the wall made with colored tablets.

Image 54: Bathroom box with white and blue vertical stripes.

Bathroom decorated with blue and white stripes inside the box.

Image 55: Bathroom decorated in black and white with tiles on the floor forming a frame and an abstract design.

Bathroom decorated in black and white with floor tiles.

Image 56: Bathroom with tablet forming a horizontal strip on the walls with the Pac Man design and cherries.

Black and yellow bathroom with Pac Man design on the walls.

Image 57: Bathroom with white walls and black drawings on the walls and on the side of the bathtub.

Bathroom lined with white tiles and small black designs.

Image 58: Bathroom with a single wall of colored partitions forming an abstract design in blue, yellow and white.

Bathroom with insert on the main wall of the box with colorful abstract design.

Image 59: Bathroom floor with tiles forming a design that simulates crochet in black and white.

Bathroom with black and white tablet on the floor.

Image 60: Bathroom with tablet on the floor forming small squares in black and white.

Small bathroom with tile floor.

Image 61: Bathroom with tablets on the walls forming pink flowers with leaves.

Bathroom with leaves and flowers drawn with striped sharing on the walls.

Image 62: Geometric figure made with red tiles in a large and gray bathroom.

Bathroom with wall, floor and side of the bathtub covered with white and red insert.

Image 63: Bathroom with floor designed with waves made of blue and white tiles.

Bathroom floor decorated with tiles drawing waves in blue and white.

Image 64: Striped bathroom walls in neutral colors and a vertical band with crochet designs.

Bathroom with tablet in neutral color design.

Image 65: Walls around the bathtub and ceiling with abstract designs made with inserts.

Bathroom with white and blue bathtub and walls designed with inserts.

Image 66: Bathroom shower floor with design made of yellow, orange and red tiles.

Bathroom floor with design made of tablet with a strip on the wall.

Image 67: Children’s bathroom with colored drawings made of tablet.

White bathroom with colored insert details.

Image 68: Bathroom with tablet on the floor forming a blue snail.

Bathroom with snail design on the floor made with tablet.

Bathroom with different types of tablets

Now that you have chosen where to place the tiles in the bathroom, the color and the design, it is necessary to understand what types of tiles exist and what the characteristics of each one are.

Ceramic insert

Because they are resistant to moisture, ceramic tiles end up being the most used in bathrooms. Plus, it’s easy to find and one of the most affordable options on the market.

Bathroom with glass insert

Characterized by giving a touch of elegance to the bathroom, this option has a delicacy for being slightly transparent and, therefore, offering a greater shine due to the reflection of light. Its benefits are also attributed to easy cleaning and high durability.

Adhesive tablet

This insert option already has an adhesive glue on the back that facilitates adherence. The adhesive pad is very resistant to wet areas and, therefore, it can also be placed inside the box or close to the sink.

Image 69: Mirror frame made of insert matching the recessed niche in the wall inside the box.

Wine tablet in the built-in niche in the box and around the mirror.

Image 70: Wall above the sink coated with neutral colored inserts.

Bathroom with tablet on the wall above the sink.

Image 71: Bathroom with pictures, shelves and insert detail on the walls.

Rectangular tiles placed on bathroom walls.

Image 72: Bathroom with black insert on the bottom of the walls.

Divided walls with black and white inserts.

Image 73: Bathroom decorated in green with tablet, rug and objects in this color.

Bathroom with tablet inside the box matching the green decoration.

Image 74: Wall striped horizontally with tiles and tiles.

Bathroom decorated in black, white and gray.

Picture 75: Bathroom with two coats wall and decorative tiles.

Bathroom with tablet on all walls.

Image 76: Bathroom with tablets in a small strip on the walls composing the decoration.

Tablet in different shades of blue in a strip on the wall.

Image 77:  Red tablet decorating the bathroom walls.

All white bathroom with red alcove bottom and handle.

Image 78: Wall between box and toilet with chip wall.

Side wall to vase and mirror with a strip of tablet.

Image 79: Bathroom coated with two types and colors of tiles.

Entire bathroom covered in white, silver and black tiles.

Picture 80: Bathroom with sink, cabinet, mirror, shelves and tablets in brown.

Bathroom decorated with wooden shelves in front of a tablet wall.

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