Bathroom with Niche: +80 Ideas for Decorating Your Room

If you want a toilet place that is organized, decorated and, to top it off, easy to clean, you are in need of a bathroom with a niche! This item that can be hung or built into the wall will bring a touch of practicality and elegance to your room.

A niche is basically made to organize things, in its traditional version, it is made with a hollow bottom, and that is, it has only the sides. It can be nailed to the wall or embedded in a closet or on the wall itself, the niche has the ability to give a striking touch where it is placed.

There are several models of colors, shapes and materials that can make your bathroom stand out. So, if you want help choosing the best options, keep reading and see the 80 photos we’ve separated for you to be inspired!

Bathroom decoration with niche

If you like a minimalist environment and want to have a decoration as simple as possible in your bathroom, using the niche as a decorative item will be an excellent option. On the other hand, if you want to use it as a frame for your decorative item, we have brought different options for this combination that will allow you to have a decorated bathroom.


If you are a flower lover, the niche can serve as a frame for this work of nature. In addition to being beautiful, the flowers and plants bring a freshness into the room by referring to nature. Small pots will make the bathroom more delicate. The colored flowers, on the other hand, are ideal for environments with neutral colors.

Children’s decoration

But, if you have an exclusive bathroom for a child, this space, in addition to decorating, will help organize toys. Here it is important to leave the lowest niches so that it is within reach of the little ones.

It is possible to abuse the colors and formats and place them in unusual places, such as built-in cabinets under the sink, for example.

Decorative items

However, if you don’t like plants and don’t have children at home, there are several other items that can be displayed in the niches such as towels, toilet paper, books and even matching containers.

The golden tip is not to overdo the decoration, a niche with several different items or several niches with different types of objects can end up giving the feeling of a disorganized bathroom.

Image 1: Black and white bathroom with three niches on the wall behind the toilet.

Bathroom with traditional niche decorated with perfumes and flowers.

Image 2: Small bathroom with large wooden niche built into the wall.

Bathroom with large built-in wooden niche with plant pot and silver lamp.

Image 3: Bathroom with recessed niches in a horizontal and a vertical strip.

Bathroom with wooden niche built into the left corner of the wall in a vertical line and the other horizontal.

Image 4: Niches made of crates on a bathroom wall.

Bathroom with homemade niche painted white and decorated with towels.

Image 5: Bathroom with built-in wooden niche coupled with a mirror above the sink.

Bathroom with niche built into the wall on the right side and under the mirror.

Image 6: Bathroom with niche decorated with tiles.

Bathroom with niche lined with green tiles and decorated with perfumes.

Image 7: Niche embedded in the left corner of the wall in a vertical strip with decorative items and hygiene utensils.

Bathroom with large niche divided with wooden shelves.

Image 8: Round niches decorated with toilet paper, plant and rope.

Bathroom with round niche hanging on a rustic wall.

Image 9: Bathroom with recessed niches on top of the toilet and beside the bathtub.

Bathroom with built-in organizer niche beside the bathtub and on top of the toilet.

Image 10: Children’s bathroom with blue niches decorated with toys.

Bathroom with blue niche and red faucet.

Image 11: Three different sized niches decorated with white tablecloths.

Bathroom with niche decorated with white towels of different sizes.

Image 12: Colorful bathroom with niches built into the closet and hanging on the wall in the shape of a house.

Colorful children's bathroom with traditional and built-in niches.

Image 13: Bathroom with yellow niche and decorated with potted plants.

Three yellow niches with tablet bottoms decorated with plants.

Image 14: White bathroom with pink details and three niches decorated with small plant pots.

Bathroom with white niche, pink background and flowerpots.

Image 15: Minimalist bathroom with wall width niche.

Built-in horizontal wooden niche.

Image 16: Bathroom with built-in niche next to the toilet.

Bathroom with vertical niches next to the toilet.

Image 17: Niche placed on top of the vase and decorated with small potted plants and a mirrored bottom.

Niche decorated with mirrored background in a neutral-colored bathroom.

Image 18: Bathroom with an organizer niche next to the sink to store hygiene utensils.

Organized bathroom decorated with wooden niches and vase with flowers.

Image 19: Wooden niche coupled with a mirrored cabinet and minimalist decoration.

Bathroom with niche attached to a three-door mirrored cabinet.

Image 20: Bathroom with built-in niche decorated with a potted plant and a suspended lamp.

Bathroom with lighting inside the wooden niche.

Picture 21: Bathroom decorated with pink niches and pictures on the wall.

Bathroom decorated with pink paintings and niches.

Image 22: Bathroom with niche filled with partitions and decorated with plants, perfumes and organizing glasses.

Black and white bathroom decorated with niches of different sizes.

Image 23: Dark bathroom with built-in and illuminated niches.

Dark bathroom with three lighted niches decorated with plants.

Image 24: Bathroom decorated by Tura da Monica and a niche organizing the toys.

Turma da Mônica children's bathroom with built-in niche for toys.

Image 25: Bathroom with glass niche fixed in the mirror.

Bathroom with glass niche in the sink.

Image 26: Bathroom with built-in niche decorated with books.

Bathroom with niche decorated with books.

Image 27: Bathroom with colored niches built into the closet.

Colorful bathroom with built-in niches in the sink cabinet.

Bathroom with built-in niche

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Synonymous with sophistication, modernity and elegance, built-in niches are here to stay when it comes to bathroom decoration. They are more common on the walls inside the box, but nothing prevents them from being colored in other areas such as the wall above the sink or the toilet itself.

Placing a niche on the central wall, that is, on the wall facing the door, will provide greater attention to the item, so it is important that it is always organized so as not to make a bad impression on visitors.

When the niche is built in, it allows you to decorate it with its own coating. In fact, this model differs from the traditional one by having a decorated background. An excellent option is to use the same lining as the bathroom insert.

Image 28: Bathroom with large recessed niches next to the bathtub.

White recessed niches inside the box and beside the bathtub.

Image 29: Wood niche built into the wall and with built-in lighting.

Three niches decorated with plants, paintings and sculpture.

Image 30: Built-in niche with towels in the bathroom partition wall.

Built-in niche towel organizer.

Image 31: Bathroom with “L” niche inside the box.

Neutral-colored bathroom with an "L"-shaped niche inside the box.

Image 32: Bathroom with niches on the shower’s dividing walls.

Bathroom with built-in niche and holes in the box's dividing walls.

Picture 33: Bathroom with black cladding wall and white niche.

Bathroom with white niche that goes from one side of the wall to the other.

Image 34: Box with niche built into the window wall.

Bathroom with built-in niche decorated with plant pot inside the box.

Image 35: Children’s bathroom with colored niches built into the mirror cabinet.

Bathroom with pink and blue niche in a children's room.

Image 36: Two green niches embedded in a mirror.

Bathroom with built-in niche on top of the toilet.

Image 37: Niches organized with baskets on the wall beside the sink.

Bathroom with an organizer niche with baskets beside the shower.

Image 38: Black and white bathroom with internal lighting in the niche.

Bathroom with built-in niche and decorated with plants inside the box and on top of the vase.

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Image 39: White bathroom with yellow “L” niche and internal lighting.

White bathroom with yellow built-in niche.

Image 40: Blue wall with built-in niche inside the box.

Inside walls of the box with blue coating and built-in niche.

Image 41: White bathroom with a small niche built into the box and four more beside the toilet.

Bathroom with niche decorated with towels and potted plants next to the vase.

Image 42: Illuminated niche with glass shelves.

Bathroom with a niche for hygiene products next to the sink.

Image 43: Bathroom covered in neutral colors with decorated niches next to the sink.

Bathroom with niche with internal lighting decorated with perfume and potted plants.

Image 44: Niche as wide as the wall and decorated with inserts.

Bathroom box with built-in illuminated niche.

Image 45: Bathroom decorated with niches of different shapes.

Bathroom with square and rectangular niche.

Image 46: Bathroom box with niche on a blue and white background.

Bathroom box with niche that framed wall.

Image 47: Decorated niches with tablet bottom and small potted plants.

Two niches decorated with eight potted plants.

Image 48: Box with large niche with coating that offers a feeling of spaciousness.

White bathroom with niche lined with white material with polka dots.

Image 49: Central wall decorated in different shades of blue and a lighted built-in niche.

Bathroom with rectangular niche with recessed lighting.

Image 50: Bathroom with three recessed niches on the right side of the sink.

Bathroom with built-in niche next to the mirror.

Image 51: Black and gray bathroom with built-in niche.

Shower box with niche with two toiletries.

Image 52: Bathroom with vertically fulfilled niche and glass partitions.

Bathroom with built-in niche with glass partitions inside the box.

Image 53: Bathroom with bathtub and recessed niche in the side wall.

Bathroom with decorative niche beside the bathtub.

Image 54: Niche with a bottom covered with the same tile as the floor.

Bathroom with niche beside the shower and bathtub.

Image 55: Built-in niche beside the sink with wooden shelves.

Bathroom with built-in niche decorated with black towels and plant vase.

Image 56: White tile wall with built-in niche with blue background and wooden shelves.

Bathroom with vertical niche inside the box.

Image 57: Bathroom with two white and round niches on the shower wall.

Bathroom with round niche with textured coating inside the box.

Image 58: White and blue bathroom with niches on the shower wall and beside the sink.

Bathroom with niche lined with blue insert.

Image 59: Minimalist bathroom in neutral colors with niche on the shower wall.

Bathroom with built-in niche with black and white finish.

Image 60: Illuminated “L” niche with two beauty products.

Bathroom with built-in niche illuminated in "L".

Image 61: Bathroom with wood wall and white niche beside the bathtub.

Bathroom with white niche and wooden wall.

Image 62: Box lining in gray with built-in niche and white sink.

Gray wall inside the shower stall with built-in niche.

Image 63: Bathroom decorated with niches with plant vase and hygiene and beauty products.

Bathroom with wooden wall and two built-in niches.

Image 64: Gray bathroom with recessed niches inside and outside the box.

Gray bathroom with wooden niches decorated with white towels.

Image 65: Round niche in the middle of the white and blue wall.

Blue bathroom with round niche inside the shower stall and colorful items.

Wooden niche in the bathroom

There is a very special reason for us to post a topic focusing only on a bathroom with a wooden niche. The first and foremost reason is that most items found are made of this material, however, it does require some care.

Although it is very beautiful and matches almost any bathroom color, wood should not be used in areas that are more prone to getting wet. As it is a natural coating, wood ends up deteriorating more easily in areas where it is in frequent contact with water.

Also, another reason this topic is extremely important is that you can get your hands dirty and make your own niche. It is common that sometimes there is a piece of furniture that is no longer used at home, and why not reuse this material?

As the famous “do it yourself” you can make niches however you want, including the size, shape and color. This way, you will have a bathroom with a much more special niche.

If you like rustic indoor decorations, be sure to read our article on rustic wooden furniture with over 48 inspirations to get inspired.

Image 66: Bathroom with wall decorated with colorful tiles and two wooden niches with potted plants.

Bathroom with wooden niche decorated with plants on top of the vase.

Image 67: Colorful bathroom decorated with wooden niche and colorful crates with towels.

Bathroom with towel racks and a niche in the wall.

Image 68: Horizontal niche under the mirror decorated with few items.

Bathroom with wooden niche matching the sink cabinet.

Image 69: Bathroom with wood cladding and two niches of the same material with potted plants and a black and white painting on the wall.

Bathroom with wooden niche beside the mirror and on top of the toilet.

Image 70: Bathroom with three wooden niches on top of the toilet.

Bathroom with decorative niche and organizer on top of the vase.

Image 71: Wooden niches embedded in a bathroom with a white tile wall.

Bathroom with wooden niche and white tiled wall.

Image 72: Wall lined with wooden inserts and niches with matching organizer pots.

Bathroom with decorated wooden niche.

Image 73: Bathroom niche made with wooden box.

White bathroom decorated with wooden crate niche.

Image 74: Wooden niche matching the woody tone of the cabinet and floor.

Bathroom with wooden niche with different decorative items.

Image 75: Bathroom with several niches of different sizes placed around the mirror.

Bathroom with wooden niches in different positions decorated with white items.

Image 76: Rear wall to the vase with wood cladding and recessed niches.

Three niches decorated with plants and perfumes.

Image 77: White bathroom with white and brown wooden niches on top of the toilet matching the sink cabinet.

Bathroom with wooden niches in natural and white.

Image 78: Three wooden niches hanging on the wall beside the sink.

Bathroom with an organizing niche next to a decorative staircase.

Picture 79: Bathroom with modern sink and two wooden niches hanging on the side wall.

Bathroom with niche with mirrored bottom next to the sink.

Picture 80: Bathroom with wall next to the toilet lined in wood with a niche decorated with plant pots and decorative item.

Bathroom with wooden niche decorated with plants.

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