Bathroom with Bath: +120 Inspiring Projects

Having a bathroom with a bathtub, whether immersion or hydromassage, is the dream of many people’s consumption, but there is still the idea that having this type of accessory is expensive, requires a lot of labor and ends up giving a lot of maintenance.

Another point that makes many people afraid to think about putting a bathtub at home is the space, most people think that a large space is needed to accommodate a bathtub, and this is not true.

Below we have separated several projects with bathtubs, in different sizes, materials, models and coatings.

Bathroom Decor with Bathtub

The decoration of an environment will always depend on the resident’s taste, but keep in mind that having a bathtub requires planning and qualified labor to carry out the project.

Image 1: Bathtub with wooden deck and burnt cement wall. The glass-enclosed bathroom makes everything brighter and more modern.

bathroom with bathtub and wooden deck

Image 2: This bathroom chose to cover the wall and the place of the flag with a more rustic stone, the result is modernity.

oval soaking tub

Image 3: Cool, this bathroom chose a Victorian bathtub with gold piping and meter tile with black grout.

bathroom with victorian bathtub

Image 4: Scandinavian in style, this bathroom has chosen to line the ceiling and wall with wood and maintain a neutral and discreet base.

wood-lined bathroom

Image 5: Bathroom with oval bathtub and rustic floor, the tiles and the white wall left the environment bright and neutral.

bathroom with neutral bath and white

Image 6: This narrower environment chose a bathtub with a masonry base and which also receives the shower.

bathroom with bathtub and gray shower

Image 7: Spacious and clear, this project received a square bathtub covered with tiles and a porcelain floor.

bathroom with large square bathtub

Image 8: This round bathtub received a wooden deck around it, creating a cozy atmosphere that resembles a spa.

round tub with wooden deck and white tiles

Image 9: With a glass ceiling inside the box, this project gained natural lighting, the box separates the wet area from the rest of the environment.

bathroom with bathtub inside the shower box and glass ceiling

Image 10: Here, the bathtub is made of wood, as is the deck that extends to the shower.

bathroom with wooden bathtub

Bathroom with bath and shower together

For smaller bathrooms, one of the most used options is to place the bathtub inside the shower box, in addition to saving space, this alternative allows you to separate the wet area from the rest of the room.

Image 11: The bathtub made of masonry and lined with burnt cement left the environment modern and sophisticated.

burnt cement bath and shower box

Image 12: Neutral and small, this bathroom bet on a glass box to protect the bathtub and shower.

small bathroom with bath and shower together

Image 13: All marble, this sophisticated bathroom features an oval soaking tub and mirror with recessed lighting.

bathroom with marble and bathtub

Image 14: Another small bathroom with shower and bathtub, here the joinery project helped to accommodate the tub and created cabinets.

bathroom with small black and white bathtub

Image 15: Modern project with burnt cement bathtub and geometric tiles, the overhead shower and other copper metals are the highlight of the room.

modern bathroom with burnt cement bathtub

Image 16: With overhead showers, this bathroom used the shower stall to accommodate the bathtub and created a wetted area with stone.

bathroom with bathtub and two showers

Image 17: Large, this bathroom chose to create separate spaces for shower and bathtub, the deck and wood panel delimit the space.

large bathroom with bathtub and wood panel.

Image 18: This project shows that even a small bathroom can have a whirlpool, in this project the entire shower box was replaced by a half wall of glass.

bathroom with bathtub and half glass wall

Image 19: Simple and neutral, this environment opted for a curtain rod and shower attached to the bathtub.

retro white bathroom with soaking tub

Image 20: Another model with half a glass wall, note that the drain is cut into the floor. The travertine marble brings sophistication to the environment.

bathroom with soaking tub and black shower

Bathroom with bathtub and shower box

Putting a box in the bathtub, regardless of whether it has a shower or not, is practical and functional, it will prevent the bathtub water from splashing too much on the countertops or on the floor.

Image 21: This project opted for neutral colors and a built-in niche, the heated towel rail is a luxury piece for any bathroom.

heated towel rail in bathroom.

Image 22: Spa-style, this bathroom has a support bench and a wood-covered bathtub, the result is a sophisticated and discreet bathroom.

bathroom with bathtub and sauna

Image 23: Bathtub and entire wall lined with green tablets brought freshness to the environment, the half glass wall leaves the shower insulated.

bathroom with light green tablet

Image 24: With two tubs and a heated towel rail, this project preferred to enlarge the box to fit the more rounded immersion bathtub.

bathroom with two sinks and soaking tub

Image 25: Very elegant, this bathroom invested in a lowered ceiling with a lighting project and a different shaped mirror.

pendants and modern mirror in bathroom with bathtub

Image 26: Modern and simple, this bathroom chose a black frame with glass to insulate the shower, the bathtub was covered with tiles similar to those on the wall.

modern bathroom with bathtub and square tub

Image 27: Very modern, geometric tiles were used in this project to bring modernity to the neutral base of the environment.

white bench with wood

Image 28: With a large glass shower box and a wood-lined bathtub, this environment gained a spa-like feel, the large window providing good lighting and natural ventilation.

bathroom with spa bath and large window

Image 29: Contemporary and modern bathroom in blue, white and gold, the large box accommodates the bathtub and shower.

bathroom with oval blue soaking tub

Image 30: Neutral and modern this project chose a rectangular bathtub to divide the shower box with the shower.

neutral bathroom with rectangular bathtub

Bathroom models with bathtub

When it comes to bathroom models with bathtubs, the options are many, and the ideal format will depend on many variants, such as: space, budget, style, etc.

Image 31: With high ceilings, this bathroom highlighted the bathtub, the black ceiling and lighting design makes the environment sophisticated.

Picture 32: Spacious, this room has a futon to relax in, a large double whirlpool bath and TV panel.

large bathroom with futon, tv and bathtub

Image 33: Totally white, this bathroom has a large double bathtub separated from the box, the large mirror brings amplitude to the environment.

bathroom with chic white double bathtub

Image 34: Classic and timeless, this project chose marble for the countertops and dark wood for the floor.

classic bathroom with spa bath

Image 35: Beige bench matches the bathtub, the panel with embossed tile and recessed lighting makes the environment elegant.

beige pattern bench

Image 36: The natural stone walls leave the rustic atmosphere, while the niches and the chandelier bring elegance to the project.

canjiquinha wall in the bathroom

Image 37: The shower’s ceiling was also lined with wood and received a skylight, the shower has a support bench beside the bathtub.

spa bathroom with wooden ceiling

Image 38: White tiled wall and Victorian bath with shower, rustic wooden countertop accommodates organizer baskets.

black grouted white tiles and patterned flooring

Image 39: With a distinctive finish, this minimalist bathroom has discreet pendants and large wooden windows.

black floor and wall covering

Image 40: Half wall and wooden ceiling, this environment received a lowered bathtub inside the box.

recessed tub with wood ceiling


Below we have separated projects where the bathtub appears in a simple way, regardless of the format or model, the environments we chose to simplify the installation and use of the bathtub.

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Image 41: With wood-paneled walls, this project has a hot tub and shelves with an industrial sconce.

bathroom with shelves and sconces

Image 42: This project created an extra level to accommodate the bathtub and separate from the showers, the long tub allowed the installation of two mixers.

large tub with mixers

Image 43: The wall of tiles with built-in niche left the environment modern and relaxed.

hot tub inside the box

Image 44: Clean and contemporary, this bathroom has neutral colors and a low ceiling, heated towel rail and sconces bring comfort.

heated towel rail and sconces

Image 45: This bathroom received a wall with relief texture of flowers with indirect lighting, the mirrors expand the environment.

bathroom with plant bed

Image 46: Small bathroom with shower and bathtub, note that the chosen tub has a very small size.

small tub with black tap

Picture 47: Ceiling shower and matte gray tiles made this bathroom modern and neutral, the shelf matches the countertop.

industrial workbench for bathroom

Image 48: Simple, this bathroom has a half wall of tablets and a column tub, the wooden floor brings comfort to the environment.

simple bathroom with column sink

Image 49: With a minimalist design, this bathroom opted for wooden shelves and countertops.

natural wood shelves with spa bath

Picture 50: The wooden ceiling brings comfort, while the black floor makes the atmosphere sophisticated.

wood-covered ceiling and black floor


A small bathroom is no excuse for not making the bathtub dream come true, then we chose several rooms of compact size with bathtubs that turned out to be charming and very functional.

Image 51: Retro styled, this project has a Victorian bathtub, wooden ceiling and patterned floor.

bathroom with patterned floors and victorian bathtub

Image 52: Minimalist, this bathroom has gray tiles and white walls, vase and tub are of simple models.

small bathtub with gray tile

Image 53: Very small, this bathroom has a bathtub with a wooden base and a recessed plaster ceiling, and there is still room for a planned cabinet.

beige wall and recessed ceiling with hot tub

Image 54: Burnt cement wall leaves the current bathroom, the shower and black metals are modern and sophisticated.

small bathroom with toilet inside the box

Picture 55: The round bathtub fits perfectly in this small and narrow bathroom, the modern floor and the black metals brought modernity.

small round bathtub

Image 56: Another example of a small but well-designed bathroom accommodated the bathtub, shelves and shower.

small bathtub with wooden shelves

Image 57: With Scandinavian inspiration, this room has gray tile and Avnet mirror.

Adent mirror and gray walls

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Image 58: The big difference of this bathroom is the blue ceiling with recessed lighting, the wooden mirror makes the atmosphere cozy.

Image 59: The Venetian window with black bars gave the retro touch, the marble that covered the walls, ceiling and floor brought sophistication.

marble on the ceiling, floor and walls.

Image 60: Gray and white, this bathroom was discreet and neutral, the mirror left the room more spacious and elegant.

large mirror and marble countertop


Betting on a more modern and contemporary style is always an assertive choice so that your environment doesn’t get dated or too loaded. Just keep in mind if you want a more industrial modern or a midcentury.

Image 61: Dividing the wall in half with different colors is a practical and inexpensive way to make the environment more modern.

blue and white bathroom with chandelier and mixer

Image 62: With many current elements, and neutral base, this bathroom bet on wood and natural fibers to bring warmth to the environment.

modern scandinavian bathroom with soaking tub

Image 63: Countertop, box and bathtub base in burnt concrete left the project up-to-date and modern.

double tank and burnt cement bench

Image 64: The tile with different prints left the cheerful and contemporary environment, the joinery solved the problem of storage space.

Image 65: Another example of a minimalist bathroom, this one chose large rustic stones to accommodate the bathtub, the wood cladding left the sophisticated environment.

Image 66: All in burnt concrete, this bathroom has invested in yellow colored metals to bring fun to the bathroom.

bathroom all in burnt concrete and yellow taps

Image 67: In contrast, this project chose white for the base and black for the accessories, the result is a neutral and modern environment.

glass wall with metal frame stone and oval bathtub

Image 68: Demolition wood and rustic tiling made this bathroom neutral and elegant.

gilded bathroom pendant and wooden countertop

Image 69: With a wooden ceiling and skylights, this bathroom with plenty of wood has become neutral, modern and very sophisticated.

bathroom with skylight

Image 70: Spacious and with a large counter separating the wet area from the tubs, this bathroom is sophisticated and elegant.

bathroom with blue cabinets

Bathroom with bathtub: Models

There are many models, it can be round, rectangular, corner, masonry, etc. The important thing is that you choose a model that fits both space and budget.


The round bathtub is very democratic, although it looks better in larger bathrooms, it also adapts well in small environments as it doesn’t create corners and accommodates well in corners.

Image 71: This bathroom has chosen a large round bathtub and design for the lowering of the ceiling, the large wall of glass blocks lets in natural light.

bathroom with round bathtub.

Image 72: The large wood panel and the neutral wall cladding highlighted the bathtub.

wood paneled bathroom

Image 73: Round bathtub and overhead shower, this project chose modern finishes and metals to complete the environment.

bathroom with round bathtub and overhead shower

Image 74: Large, this bathroom has a box for two showers, large countertop and round bathtub.

bathroom with neutral and white finish

Image 75: This round bathtub was placed in the corner of the room to make better use of the space.

paneled wall with glass inserts.

Image 76: Double whirlpool bath and marble countertops, the large window makes the room bright. The blinds provide the necessary privacy.

big round bathtub


The corner bathtub is democratic and widely used, as it manages to take advantage of spaces that are considered lost. In addition, it is one of the most versatile models and suitable for those who want to save space.

Image 77: This corner bathroom accommodates two people, the glass blocks make the room bright.

corner bathtub with glass blocks.

Image 78: Simple and with neutral tiles, this corner bathtub takes up little space.

corner bath with simple tile

Image 79: This bathroom full of character has a corner bath lined with designer tiles.

corner bath in Turkish-style bathroom

Image 80: Corner bathtub with masonry base, this bathroom is simple, modern and elegant.

gray tiled corner bath

Image 81: Classic in style, this bathroom has space for a corner bath, countertops and a chaise with pillows.

corner bathtub with geometric tiles

Image 82: The bathtub with glass rim is modern, the niches accommodate books and accessories and the gray leaves the current environment.

glass whirlpool.

Image 83: Small, this bathroom has created space for a corner bathtub, the wooden floor brings warmth to the room.

small corner bathtub in a blue bathroom

Image 84: Neutral and elegant, this room has a plaster ceiling and recessed lighting.

neutral and simple with recessed lighting

Image 85: Bathroom with earthy and neutral tones, this room has a corner bathtub with discreet coating.

corner bath with tiled strip

Image 86: With simple decoration, this project bet on large wooden panels to demarcate the place of the corner bathtub.

wood panel


Super fashionable, this model comes with the proposal to give a more vintage and elegant air to the environment. In different colors and sizes, the Victorian model is able to fit even very small bathrooms.

Image 87: Wall and ceilings are covered in white wood, the large mirror with a golden frame makes the atmosphere glamorous.

large gilt mirror with victorian bathtub

Picture 88: Retro and modern, the Victorian bathtub matches the black and white bathroom floor.

black and white floor

Image 89: The tiled half wall makes the bathroom clean and modern, the gray brings modernity to the project.

modern with half tile wall

Image 90: The highlight of this bathroom is the mirror with a carved wood frame, which complements the vintage style of the project.

carved wooden mirror and vintage bathroom

Image 91: In Bohol style, this bathroom favored plants and the rustic wall to create the decoration around the bathtub.

boho style for bathroom

Image 92: The coating placed on fish scale leaves the environment current and modern.

fish scale tile and Victorian bathtub

Image 93: Dark green was chosen to highlight the golden metals, resulting in a sober and modern environment.

bathroom dark green and gold with white

Image 94: Blue and white, this environment became delicate and very retro, highlighting the Victorian bathtub.

 blue and white vintage

Image 95: Totally white, this project gained comfort with the wooden wall, note that the bench is made of antique furniture.

white vintage bathroom.

Image 96: With a wooden ceiling and white countertops, the bathtub was located next to the window.

victorian bathtub by the window


The masonry bathtub is a solution for those who have qualified labor, who will know how to make and finish. Concrete and burnt cement bathtubs are on the rise, both because they are modern and because they are a cheaper possibility to make a bathtub.

Image 97: Completely in burnt concrete, this bathroom is minimalist and modern.

burnt cement

Image 98: Discreet and neutral, this bathroom created steps to access the bathtub placed next to the box.

rectangular corner bath with white tiles

Image 99: Coated with gray tiles, this bathtub is modern with its stainless steel mixer and decorative strip to the ceiling.

bathtub with gray glass inserts

Image 100: With large windows, this bathroom separated the shower box from the bathtub, creating a niche with a recessed ceiling for the shower box. Another model where the masonry serves to accommodate the bathtub

box with lowered roof.

Image 101: The burnt cement bathtub in the lowered level of the box made this bathroom simple and modern.

 burnt cement with box and bathtub

Image 102: Another example of a bathtub made of burnt concrete, which leaves the environment minimalist and up-to-date.

box with transparent curtain

Image 103: The rustic stone wall and recessed ceiling highlight the granite bathtub.

rustic stone wall with marble

Image 104: Cement bathtub with copper colored metals, the large mirror magnifies the environment.

metals in snake for bathroom.

Image 105: Simple and minimalist, this bathroom used burnt cement to make the soaking tub and a large wall that serves as a partition.

soaking tub in burnt cement

Image 106: Box, bathtub and bench made of masonry, the lowered ceiling with spots makes the environment elegant.

double tub with concrete bathtub.

Image 107: This bathroom received a large central concrete bathtub, note that the rest of the decor is simple and neutral.

central bath

Image 108: Bath created in masonry with illuminated niche, the blue and white floor makes the project more cheerful.

cement bath with indirect light

Image 109: The masonry bathtub covered with porcelain, brought unity to the project of this bathroom.

with porcelain coated

Image 110: Super rustic, this bathroom has a burnt concrete bathroom and rough wooden beam ceiling.

rustic wood ceiling with burnt cement

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