Bathroom Models: +90 Awesome Decor Ideas

When planning the decoration of the house, people generally prefer to focus on the living room, the place where we receive visitors, and the bedroom, a place of rest and intimacy. Therefore, the bathroom ends up being left aside and receives a simpler and more discreet decoration. But know that you can also make this room a special place, as we’ll show you in this article full of bathroom models to inspire you.

Tips for Decorating Your Dream Bathroom

In most bathrooms, the sink is the most important point of decoration. If you also want to highlight this area, you can invest in porcelain or ceramic vats, using different colors and textures on the cabinets or on the wall. But you can also invest in wooden, glass, stone and steel vats, which make the look more modern.

Another important area of ​​the bathroom is the box area, which can also be the highlight of the room depending on the tiles and other decorative elements used. In addition, you can use different types of shower doors, such as fixed door, with clear glass or with frosted glass. However, remember to choose the ideal box model according to your available space.

It is also important to emphasize that it is worth investing in accessories and personalized items to decorate your bathroom. You can, for example, use candles, diffusers, soap dishes, towel racks, toothbrush holders, baskets, and hand and bath towels, among other elements to decorate the countertop, shelves and shelves in this room.

Whatever style of decor you want to adopt, it’s important to know that there are bathroom models and decor ideas that fit any space, style and budget. That’s why, in the next topics, you’ll know the details of each type of decoration and how to adapt these tips to your reality.

Image 1: Bathroom models in light tones are classics in this room’s decoration.

Small bathroom models with shelf.

Choose bathroom models according to available space

The decoration used in your bathroom will depend on the space you have available in that room. So, to help you decorate this environment, in the next topics we will present you some decorating tips for small and large bathrooms.

Small bathroom

Your small bathroom can also have a nice and interesting decoration, using simple or modern elements. To leave the environment with a clean look and transmit a feeling of spaciousness, you can use tiles and cabinets with light or neutral tones, such as white and light gray.

But you can also use colored elements or dark furniture to create a modern ambience. In this case, creating a contrast between bright and eye-catching colors, or using these colors to highlight some point in the bathroom, can be an excellent idea to decorate this room.

Image 2: You can use a modern decorated tile in your small bathroom.

Box with modern tile.

Image 3: But you can also opt for finishes with neutral tones in this environment.

Box with gray brick tile.

Image 4: To create a more modern environment, you can also use a tile that imitates wood, as in the example below.

Small room with modern finish and white tile.

Image 5: But you can still use porcelain and clear tiles to decorate your small bathroom.

Decor with porcelain tile coating and neutral insert.

Image 6: However, you can also decorate your room with a burnt cement finish.

Modern decor with white crockery and gray porcelain.

Image 7: But if you prefer a black and white decor, you can use colored brick tiles to complement the look of the room.

Classic decoration with white and black brick.

Image 8: This small bathroom draws attention for its white finish with a wavy aspect on the wall.

Modern decor with gray porcelain tiles.

Image 9: However, you can also adopt a classic decor, in light tones.

Simple decor with white cabinet and white tub.

Image 10: Using colored inserts is also a great way to decorate this environment.

Decor with mirror and ceramic insert.

Large bathroom

The large bathroom has the advantage of allowing more decoration possibilities than the small bathroom, depending on the available space. Therefore, the basic decoration can take on new shapes, new elements and unusual decorations. You can, for example, use a hot tub, bet on a large bench with two tubs, use niches and shelves, among other elements.

In addition, you can explore your color palette and use dark colors, which make the look more cozy, or alternate colors and patterns, whether light or flashy, to create a different or classic look. In other words, you can use this space to create several different decorations, as shown in the bathroom models below.

Image 11: This large bathroom has a large shower stall and a spacious countertop.

Modern decor with large shower stall and white sink countertop.

Image 12: But if you have space, you can also install a bathtub, as in the image below.

Simple decor with bathtub and marble.

Image 13: Another example of a spacious room decorated with a bathtub, large shower stall and double bench.

Clean decor with bathtub and large shower stall.

Image 14: This bathroom features a classic and elegant decor and also has a double countertop.

Classic decor with double sink countertop.

Image 15: The mirrored cabinets, the marble finish, the ample countertop and the spacious box give this environment a luxurious look.

Decor with large shower box and mirrored cabinet.

Image 16: Another example of a large bathroom with a bathtub and a spacious shower cubicle.

Simple decoration with large shower and bathtub.

Image 17: But you can also choose bathroom models with light tones, like in the image below.

Modern decor with large white cabinet, mirror and ample shower.

Image 18: This beveled mirror draws attention to the decor of this large, light-toned bathroom.

Decorated with decorated mirror and bathtub.

Image 19: In this environment, in addition to a large box with two showers, a small vertical garden and some plant pots were installed.

Decor with large shower stall, double sink and garden.

Image 20: But you can also decorate the shower area of ​​your bathroom with different tiles from the rest of the room.

Decor with ceramic coating that imitates wood and a large box.

Decorated tiles transform any bathroom model

Investing in decorated tiles may be just what you need to customize this environment, especially since bathrooms don’t have much space for decoration, which makes the flooring a fundamental tool to transform this room.

In addition, bathroom tile is very versatile and can be used throughout the room, just on a wall or just in a part of the room, to highlight something, such as the shower area. And you can even combine tiles with different designs, colors and textures, to make the decoration even more special. See the bathroom models below to get inspired!

Image 21: The geometric tiles made this bathroom more charming and elegant.

Decor with geometric lining and double sink.

Image 22: But you can also use pink tiles to make the look more delicate and romantic.

Delicate decoration with pink geometric tile.

Image 23: However, you can also invest in pink brick tiles to create this delicate and tumbler effect.

Tumblr decoration with pink brick tile.

Image 24: You can even use blue tiles to create a modern decor.

Modern decor with blue brick tile.

Image 25: This bathroom stands out for the presence of colorful and discreet tiles.

Modern decor with colorful tile.

Image 26: But you can also decorate your bathroom with tiles with geometric print.

Simple decor with decorated tile.

Image 27: However, if you prefer a modern bathroom, you can use black tiles and a patterned ceramic.

Modern decor with black brick tile.

Image 28: The combination of white brick tile and burnt cement finish also makes the look beautiful and modern.

Modern decor with white brick tile.

Image 29: But you can also use decorated tiles with different designs in your decoration.

Simple decor with black and white decorated tile.

Image 30: This environment stands out for the use of geometric stone tiles.

Modern tile decor.

Image 31: Another example of a delicate and romantic look using geometric tiles.

Tublr decor with geometric tile and pink shelf.

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Image 32: Like the previous example, this bathroom also used geometric tile. However, in this case different shades of blue were used.

Simple decoration with blue geometric tile.

Image 33: This bathroom has gained a romantic and modern look thanks to the use of pink brick tile and the elements with a gold finish.

Tumblr decoration with pink brick tile.

Image 34: But you can also mix tiles and different finishes in the decoration, as long as they follow the same color chart.

Simple decor with modern tile and wood finish.

Image 35: However, if you want to modernize your bathroom, you can adopt black and white print tiles.

Classic decor with black and white tile.

Bet on bathroom models with tablets

In addition to making the environment more beautiful, the inserts are also considered to be coatings with good durability, which demonstrates that they offer a great cost-benefit ratio for your decoration. And you can even choose between the different models of inserts that are on the market, such as the ceramic insert, which can also be used on the floor; the glass insert, one of the most used models; and the metal or steel insert, ideal for creating a modern decor.

Versatility is also considered one of the advantages of applying this type of coating, since the inserts can be used only as details, on the floor, on the bench wall or just in the box area. Check out the bathroom models below and learn how to use the tablets in your decoration.

Image 36: Red ceramic tiles complement the classic look of this small bathroom.

Simple decoration with red tablet and glass shelf.

Image 37: But you can also use tablets in neutral tones for a simpler decoration.

Modern decor with ceramic insert.

Image 38: Dark ceramic tiles also contribute to breaking the classic look of the decor.

Simple decoration with ceramic insert.

Image 39: You can still use ceramic tiles in environments that use a rustic decor, with many wooden elements.

Rustic decor with green ceramic insert and large box.

Image 40: The inserts are frequently used inside the box, as in the example below.

Modern decoration with ceramic insert and double box.

Image 41: Like the previous bathroom, this room also features a shower box with ceramic insert coating.

Simple decoration with green ceramic insert in the large box.

Image 42: However, you can also use blue tiles in your decoration.

Simple decoration with blue ceramic inserts.

Image 43: These geometric shaped inserts allow you to create this different effect on the shower wall.

Modern decor with geometric insert.

Image 44: But if you are a fan of classic decor, you can use white tablets in your bathroom.

Simple decoration with white tablet and wooden niches.

Image 45: Using metallic colored inserts can also transform your decor.

Decoration with metallic insert.

Image 46: Another example of a simple bathroom decorated with blue ceramic tiles.

Simple decoration with blue ceramic insert.

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Image 47: In this modern environment, the red inserts were only used in the box area.

Luxurious decor with wood paneling and red ceramic insert.

Image 48: But you can also use the inserts just to decorate the bathroom mirror area.

Modern decor with black and silver insert.

Image 49: The tiles in neutral tones can also be used in the decoration of the box area.

Simple decoration with ceramic insert on the floor.

Picture 50: In this modern room, the bathroom area is covered with metallic colored tiles.

Modern decoration with metallic insert in the big box.

Invest in your bathroom lighting

A lighting project is not only important in your planned room. In fact, the right lighting fixtures make a difference in the decor of any room, including the bathroom. And as the bathroom can be used in different functions, you can invest in lighting as a complement to the room’s decoration.

Therefore, it is important to think about the general lighting of the environment, investing in specific points. You can, for example, invest in strong lights near the countertop and the mirror, as this place is used for facial care, hygiene and even makeup. In the box or bathtub area, you can bet on indirect lights, with the objective of creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

The important thing is that you keep in mind that the choice of luminaire must accompany the decoration of the environment. And to help you in this choice, we selected several bathroom models, with different lighting projects, to inspire you. Check it out below!

Image 51: The LED strip highlights the mirror and countertop of this modern bathroom.

Bathroom models with mirror illuminated with led tape.

Image 52: In addition to the led strip, you can also install plaster molding and led spots on the ceiling.

Decorated with white cabinet and plaster molding.

Image 53: This sophisticated bathroom has a wall lamp installed in the mirror area.

Luxurious decoration with wall lamp and LED spotlight.

Image 54: On the other hand, in this modern and delicate bathroom, several LED spots were installed on the ceiling.

Feminine decoration with pink brick tile and LED spots.

Image 55: The lighting behind the mirror also draws attention in this contemporary setting.

Decorated mirror illuminated with LED tape and decorated tile.

Picture 56: But you can also use light rails and modern light fixtures in your spacious bathroom mirror.

Luxurious decor with bathtub, light rail and mirror lamp.

Image 57: However, you can still use the LED strip to light the room’s niches.

Decoration with porcelain tile coating and lit box with LED tape.

Image 58: Another example of how the LED illuminated mirror can transform your bathroom decor.

Modern decoration with mirror illuminated with LED tape.

Image 59: Also, you can still use hanging pendants in this environment.

Decoration with indirect lighting and suspended pendant.

Image 60: In this example, modern pendants were also used in the decoration.

Modern suspended pendant bathroom models.

Bathroom models with different decor styles

To decorate any room, it is important to define a decorating style, since this decision will also influence the choice of functional and decorative items for that room. Therefore, in the next topics we will introduce you to the main styles of bathroom decoration, in order to help you decorate this environment.

Simple bathroom

The simple bathroom is one of the most popular models for decorating and renovating this room. This happens both because this decoration does not demand a big budget, and because of the ease of installation of the decorative elements. But your simple bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. You can invest in colorful cabinets, decorative frames and even LED lamps to transform this room. Check out the simple bathroom models below!

Image 61: You can use frames in the decoration of your simple bathroom.

Simple bathroom models with decorative frame.

Image 62: But you can also choose one of the bathroom models with insert to compose your simple decoration.

Simple bathroom models with ceramic insert in the box.

Image 63: You can still change the tiles in the shower box for some different tile as the example below, which has a stone finish in the shower area.

Simple bathroom models with modern tile in the shower.

Image 64: You can also use cabinets with built-in LED lights to decorate and illuminate the room.

Simple bathroom models with light tile.

Image 65: In the example below, brick tiles were used only in the box area.

Simple bathroom models with white tile.

Image 66: Investing in colorful cabinets or wood finishes can also be a good decorating idea.

Simple bathroom models with blue cabinet and granite countertops.

Image 67: In addition, you can still install purple cabinets and shelves in your bathroom.

Simple bathroom models with purple cabinet.

Image 68: Another example of a simple and classic bathroom with a blue cabinet.

Simple bathroom models with blue cabinet.

Image 69: But you can also opt for elements with a wood finish, like the cabinet and the shelf.

Simple bathroom models with wooden cabinet.

Image 70: And you can still be inspired by bathroom models with black cabinets.

Simple bathroom models with black cabinet and marble.

Modern bathroom

The concept of a modern bathroom is usually associated with some current decorative trend, which can be a type of finish, a technology or a reference to a specific environment. Therefore, today this style of decoration is related to decorated tiles and porcelain tiles or associated with a specific effect, such as stone cladding and burnt cement; as well as it is associated with the use of cabinets and design elements in straight, orthogonal and clean lines.

But you can also invest in minimalist or differentiated design accessories, such as faucets and pendants, which are common in this type of decoration, creating minimalist or Tumbler-style environments. In other words, you can use your creativity to create a harmonious environment full of personality. Check out the bathroom models below!

Image 71: This modern bathroom stands out for its dark tiles, modern cabinet and technological shower.

Modern bathroom models with dark tile.

Image 72: This bathroom stands out for its minimalist look.

Modern and minimalist bathroom models with double shower box.

Image 73: But you can also use tiles with geometric print to modernize this environment.

Modern bathroom templates with black geometric tile.

Image 74: This example shows that you can also use exposed brick cladding in your bathroom.

Modern bathroom models with exposed brick wall and wooden countertop.

Image 75: In this example, stone cladding was used to build this modern look.

Modern bathroom models with stone tile.

Image 76: But you can also use a decorated wallpaper in your toilet.

Modern bathroom models with decorated wallpaper and wooden countertop.

Image 77: You can even opt for the burnt cement finish in your bathroom, which makes it look more contemporary.

Modern bathroom models with burnt cement wall and metal inserts.

Image 78: In addition, you can also be inspired by bathroom models that use gray porcelain and black details in their decor.

Modern bathroom models with gray flooring and decorative frames.

Image 79: Using the black and white color palette can also help you create a clean and modern look.

Modern bathroom models with black cabinet and double sink.

Image 80: A bathroom decorated with dark finishes also has a modern look.

Modern bathroom models with black decor.

Luxury bathroom

The luxurious bathroom stands out for the quality of materials and the use of items that promote the creation of a functional, beautiful environment that allows for a true experience of relaxation and comfort. Therefore, to adopt this style of decoration, in addition to the basic items, you can also install a bathtub, double sinks, two showers, television, hot tub, among other furniture and technological elements.

In addition, the use of chandeliers, flowerpots, paintings, marble or wood coverings, in addition to metallic items in the decoration is also frequent. And you can even create a luxurious look using either a neutral color palette or dark, eye-catching colors. It all depends on the type of look you want to adopt in your bathroom.

With that in mind, we selected some luxurious bathroom models to inspire you to set up your decor. Check out the examples below!

Image 81: This luxurious bathroom features a marble finish, bathtub and double vanity.

Luxury bathroom models with bathtub and double sink.

Image 82: This environment has a minimalist and elegant decor.

Luxury bathroom models with bathtub.

Image 83: In contrast, this luxurious environment draws attention to the bathtub located in the winter garden.

Luxury bathroom models with bathtub and conservatory.

Image 84: But you can also create a luxurious ambience using white elements and a wood finish.

Luxury bathroom models with bathtub and wooden decor.

Image 85: This luxurious bathroom draws attention for its earthy color palette, lighting design and television presence.

Luxury bathroom models with bathtub and television.

Image 86: Another luxurious and cozy environment with blue cabinets and modern porcelain.

Luxury bathroom models with bathtub and blue cabinet.

Image 87: But you can also create a luxurious decor using a color palette with white and gold. Also, see how the lighting design made a difference in this environment.

Luxury bathroom models with hot tub and gilded decor.

Image 88: This luxurious bathroom features marble cladding, bathtub and double vanity.

Luxury bathroom models with bathtub, double sink and marble flooring.

Image 89: On the other hand, in this example, even the bathtub has a gold coating, as well as the hanging pendants and the countertop cabinet. The floor with black and white decor also draws attention.

Luxurious bathroom models with pink tile, gold bathtub and black and white flooring.

Image 90: Another example of a luxurious and elegant bathroom that uses light tones and gold finishes in the decoration.

White luxury bathroom models.

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