Bathroom Box: +80 Incredible Environments

If your bathroom is a little dull and you don’t intend to renovate it anytime soon, replacing the shower box can be a great alternative to bring this environment to life. You can escape the classic clear tempered glass box with regular lines and dare with colorful, geometric, masonry or acrylic options.

Either way, choosing the ideal boxing style can be more difficult than it sounds. The first step is to keep in mind the style you want to follow. Then choose the material, ports and shape that suits you best.

Below, we’ve selected over 80 amazing projects to inspire you. Just use your creativity to build a modern, comfortable and clean environment with your personality.

Types of bathroom box

There are some types of shower enclosures available for purchase in the market. Don’t worry about the price, you’ll easily find cost-effective alternatives.

You can choose between a front box, corner box, bathtub box, shower box and floor box. The front box is the most popular style and is often used in many houses and apartments. It consists of a part fixed to the ground and another that runs on a kind of trill.

Image 1: In this first option, the bathroom shower has a geometric cut without a door, combined with a black shower and a matte coating that makes the space more modern and clean.

geometric shaped glass

Image 2: Corner box with ultra-white glass that perfectly highlights the light blue coating. To make this cozy environment, the ideal is to opt for wooden furniture in a darker tone.

blue round bathroom box

Image 3: In this option, the owner opted for a masonry box that has a tempered box glass. It is lined up at eye level to allow ample viewing of the environment.

bathroom with wall and glass

Image 4: Original and modern, this shower box chose large glass doors with black frames. The highlight goes to the black and white printed flooring on the bathroom floor.

door made with metal frame

Image 5: Minimalist, this bathroom opted for a partition made of glass blocks to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

bathroom wall with glass block

Image 6: This box was designed in masonry and gained a window and glass doors. In this case, the shelves help accommodate towels and other decorative accessories.

masonry bathroom box

Image 7: Simple, this shower box consists of a metal bar with a curtain to give privacy to the shower, the chrome metals and white coating make the environment clean.

round bathroom box

Image 8: A good option to innovate is to use colored acrylics. In this white bathroom, the color chosen to be highlighted was pink, to contrast with the metallic coating.

colored acrylic shower box

Image 9: This model chose to make a mosaic with colored tiles. Glass blocks were also used to separate the box from the rest of the environment.

shower box with glass block

Image 10: More traditional, this bathroom has stripes in blue and white and a ultra-white glass front shower, the difference is the half masonry wall instead of a complete shower.

bathroom with glass door

Image 11: Example of a box with a glass door, but in this case the structure contains a black metal frame. This type of box closure leaves the environment modern and current.

shower stall with glass door

Image 12: For those who do not want to invest so much in a glass or acrylic shower box, a charming option are the shower curtains. In this bathroom, the choice was for a floral print.

patterned curtain

Bathroom box materials

In addition to choosing the type of box, you can also choose the materials. If you like a more classic style, a good alternative is the clear tempered glass front box. It is the most used, it is easy to clean, efficient and goes with everything.

Acrylic is different, has a reasonable value, poses no risk to your family, and is even more versatile than glass showers. However, this type of material has a shorter durability. But, don’t see this as a bad thing, as swapping can be a great opportunity to change your bathroom decor.

Image 13: Transparent glass box for large and spacious environments. This style bathroom shower has a glass closure with metal framing and a front opening.

box with black square

Image 14: Simple and modern, this shower box has only one glass wall to separate the wet area from the dry area.

geometric coating

Image 15: Designed in the corner of the bathroom, this box was made with a metal rod and a simple white curtain. The coating received edges around the box.

white with curtains

Image 16: Another alternative for those who do not want to use glass, acrylic or a curtain, is the folding bathroom door, it is made of plastic and has easy installation.

acrylic folding door

Image 17: Little used nowadays, this bathroom chose a corrugated glass partition to give privacy to the environment. This style is ideal for those who prefer industrial decor.

corrugated glass

Image 18: All in burnt cement, this masonry bathroom box is practical, simple and modern.

burnt cement


Glass is one of the most popular and easiest materials to find. It allows you to create a harmonious and well-organized environment. In addition, cleaning is quick and simple, as a sponge with soap and water is enough and the environment is ready to use.

When selecting the perfect box, don’t forget to make sure the glass is tempered. That’s what will ensure that it lasts and, in the event of a break, that it poses no risk. Installation usually takes a maximum of 40 minutes.

Image 19: In this environment the idea was to create a contrast between two glass textures. For this, it was designed with a glass block partition and a smooth glass door with an aluminum edge.

glass block

Image 20: Different, this bathroom idea was created with a half masonry wall and a glass at eye level. The glass is multifunctional and will hold shower water splash.

half wall with glass

Image 21: Sleek, design has a simple smooth glass shower that helps highlight the wall coverings and tile floors.

glass shower box

Image 22: Simple glass box with modern aluminum centered hinges. This is a great choice for small, tight environments.

folding glass door

Image 23: Corner transparent tempered glass shower box design with sliding door. This is an alternative for bathrooms with limited spaces. Metal hinges are modern and blend perfectly with earth-tone finishes.

round glass box

Image 24: An entire tempered glass shower box inspiration that stands out for its black accessories. This type of box combines perfectly with lighter and less flashy coatings.

luxury glass door


In addition to the tempered glass box, it is also possible to buy an acrylic box. It is usually cheaper and offers a great cost-benefit, however the durability is lower. This type of material also tends to stain over time, so a good strategy is to opt for textured or colored acrylics.

Floral, geometric or design textures with irregular shapes are available. When choosing, take into account the pattern of your coating, the objects and accessories you intend to use. Avoid loading the environment with too much information and, if possible, balance things.

Image 25: In this first option in colored acrylic, the idea is to give a little liveliness and joy to the space. Acrylic contrasts with the pale walls.

bathroom box with acrylic

Image 26: For those looking for a laid-back environment this is an excellent alternative. This two-color thick box format is creative and original.

bathroom box with colored acrylic

Image 27: Acrylic structure installed up to the ceiling in orange color. The differential of this model is that the color of the box follows the same tone as the ceiling, giving depth to the environment. This style highlights small, space-constrained bathrooms.

Image 28: For industrial-style decoration, this type of drum box combines modernity and beauty.

bathroom box with worked acrylic

Image 29: This alternative brings a modern bathroom that explores color and youth. Ideal template for versatile and creative people.

bathroom box with blue acrylic

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Image 30: If you love the color pink, why not take this color to the bathroom too? This nice option for modern and creative women.

bathroom with pink acrylic shower box


If you are looking for a durable box a good alternative is to build a masonry box. It tends to be more expensive, but you most likely won’t have to worry about it anytime soon.

The budget for this service should include the cost of the mason’s labor, coverings, laying the subfloor and applying a layer of liquid waterproofing blanket to ensure there are no leaks. See below for some inspirations, select an image and take it to your service provider.

Image 31: Below is a beautiful option of uncoated masonry box. In this proposal, it is important to use a specific paint that allows contact with water without harming the finish.

exposed wooden beam

Image 32: In this option the masonry box has two important functions. The first is to ensure that the water does not come into contact with the dry area and the other is to accommodate beautiful multifunctional shelves. It’s a great idea to make the most of the space.

niche created with masonry and wood

Image 33: In the option below, the masonry box mixes a modern layout with a hint of romanticism. To complement the environment, you can include niches inside the box to optimize space.

bathroom with burnt cement shower box

Image 34: In plants with little space for the bathroom, you can build only one wall that will fulfill the function of the box. Thus, you create a conjugated environment that allows for creative decoration.

burnt cement bathroom

Image 35: Modern and luxurious, this bathroom has a dark finish that is highlighted by the ultra-white glass shower box joined to a half wall. To further enhance this environment, fancy white light lighting.

black coat

Image 36: A beautiful alternative of masonry wall that organizes the environment. It is a simple and versatile option that also has a transparent glass front box that holds all the steam accumulated during the shower.

colored joinery

Bathroom shower fittings

Bathroom accessories are a crucial part of the decor. It’s no use choosing the perfect box and the best coverings, if you’re not dedicated to combining objects. In environments with a simpler finish, objects can stand out and renew the space.

Make a list and include comfortable rugs, a large mirror, and especially a toilet kit with a stand for liquid soap, a soap dish, and don’t forget to think about lighting.

Image 37: In this first option, we have modern accessories in burnt gold with unusual shapes that give a clean look to the bathroom.

granite wall

Image 38: Another accessory option in gold with rounded shapes that make the environment harmonious and beautiful. This design blends well with clear finishes.

iron bench with porcelain tub

Image 39: This alternative stands out for the contrast between white porcelain and rose gold accessories. It’s a great idea if you like a beautiful, minimalist environment.

copper accessories

Image 40: A proposal for accessories in gold with a rounded shape. This proposal stands out for combining the objects with a beautiful wallpaper.

golden accessories and round mirror

Image 41: This option combines a white wall with accessories and objects in shades of black and brown. The box is transparent for the bathroom decoration to stand out even more.

bathroom with dresser

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Image 42: The accessories in the image below, combine a dark blue wall with round lamps and matte black metals. Matte textured objects are a trend.

bathroom with blue lining


Bathroom curtains can be a practical and economical solution if you don’t want or can’t invest in a glass or acrylic shower box at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they have less elegance and charm. Printed curtains are available, plain, thick or thin.

There are models for all tastes and prices are relatively low compared to other types of bathroom shower. However, its durability is much lower and you may have to change the curtain a few times.

Image 43: In this first image, we have a fun bathroom that plays with colors. The blue patterned curtain perfectly matches a variety of wallpaper options in the bathroom.

bathroom box with colored crotina

Image 44: In the image below, the bathroom stands out for the combination of coverings and flora curtain, the wooden floor brings warmth to the environment.

bathroom box with patterned curtain

Image 45: The bathroom in the image below is simple and creative. The touch of creativity is on account of the curtain that brings joy and lightness.

shower curtain

Image 46: The idea below combines two trends: the high printed curtain to stop the water and the plants above the toilet water tank. With this combination you can make the environment more relaxed.

simple green and white bathroom with curtain

Image 47: A beautiful choice of classic and modern bathroom with romantic details. This is a great alternative that combines black and white.

white bathroom with worked curtain

Image 48: This style of curtain is ideal to make the environment more cheerful and uncluttered. In addition to the curtain with the colored side, the walls also stand out for their delicate hosieries.

shower curtain


Adhesives are materials that have the power to transform energy from the environment. Like paint, adhesive directs the eye and highlights details that most people don’t pay attention to.

If you are decorating or redesigning your bathroom, use the suggestions below to select a sticker that matches your personality. Alternatives range from plain or embossed adhesives.

Image 49: In this option, the transparent glass box gained a special charm due to the blue, white and gray stickers.

box with sticker

Image 50: The proposal below brings a transparent glass box with adhesive application. This option is ideal for multi-patterned bathroom projects.

bathroom box with green sticker

Image 51: This is a bold and cost-effective alternative that combines adhesive and smooth glass. The difference is in the floral print that makes the environment more charming.

bathroom box with sticker on the glass

Image 52: Large bathroom with ultra-white glass shower that highlights the finish. This fun sticker gives a cheerful and outgoing face to space.

box with black sticker

Image 53: Rustic wall, transparent glass box and adhesive with geometric shapes in light gray color. This idea is creative and makes the environment more relaxed.

chevron adhesive for glass

Image 54: Clear glass with centered adhesive application that plays with the image of a sitting elephant. Ideal for surprising house guests in a fun way.

fun sticker for shower stall


The sandblasted glass box is textured, matte and has a special design for those who want to escape normality. Tempered glass undergoes a specific manufacturing process that includes small grains of sand that are thrown against its surface, making it matte and dull.

This style of box is ideal for those who seek privacy when taking a shower, since the matte effect makes it difficult to see the inside of the box…

Image 55: The image below features a beautiful simple blast box option with a light blue matte background that contrasts beautifully with the ingots on the back wall.

frosted glass box with sliding door

Image 56: A luxurious and modern alternative that has plenty of space. The ultra-white box has a beautiful centered strip of frosted glass in the middle that blends perfectly with chosen coatings.

etched frosted glass box

Image 57: In this narrower bathroom, an entire front box with frosted glass and a white finish was chosen.

Image 58: Side box design without a door, with clear frosted glass. Beautiful proposal for those looking for privacy and a clean environment.

frosted glass box

Image 59: Bathroom box without a door, with sandblasted stripes. In this project, the dark back wall overlaps the transparency of the box, providing a modern environment.

box with frosted glass

Image 60: This is a great option for those looking for privacy without giving up modernity. Ideal for small bathrooms that receive good natural light.

bathroom with frosted glass shower box

Bathroom box price

The standard height glass box costs an average of R$ 400.00. The price of a common frosted glass shower box with a sliding door is around R$ 1,200.00 including labor. Having an acrylic box can cost up to R$ 399.00,

A masonry box can be more expensive, after all, you will have the cost of hiring the service provider, the expenses with material and the purchase of coverings.

Image 61: In this proposal for a half wall with a glass box, the porcelain tile is highlighted with its marbled print. A modern and conceptual option.

half wall bathroom box

Image 62: Corner box with transparent glass, ideal for spacious bathrooms with directed lighting. The highlight goes to the floral adhesive that brings a pleasant atmosphere to the environment.

glass box with adhesive

Image 63: Project with a greenish glass box on three sheets with metallic hinges. Highlight for bathroom accessories that match the shower’s hinges.

hinged glass box

Image 64: Concrete box alternative with upper and lower niche. For those looking for a rustic, uncoated decor. This is a great choice for contemporary environments.

burnt cement bathroom box

Image 65: Ideal for bathtubs, this box is a great choice for simple projects, without neglecting modernity.

suspended box with curtain

Image 66: This idea has a tempered glass box with matte black frames. The finish in this color was designed to match the other components of the area.

acrylic shower box

14 photos for bathroom

Check below some photos of bathrooms that combine some types of shower with modern coatings. Among the alternatives, we highlight good combinations of accessories and decorative objects.

When choosing everything will depend on the amount you intend to invest, the tone you would like to give and how long you intend to maintain this style.

Image 67: If you are looking for a small bathroom box, this option is a good option. The black moldings stand out among the burnt cement walls.

shower stall with glass and metal door

Image 68: Tempered glass box project, with concrete wall as support. This idea is durable and cost-effective.

box with glass window

Image 69: Corner glass box without a door. The differential of this project is the sandblasted box with floral print, which brings romanticism and joviality to the environment.

flora sticker for glass

Image 70: Proposal for a 90-degree corner box with centered metal hinges. This option is ideal for small environments.

round glass box

Image 71: Transparent box curtain, which highlights the monochrome coatings and the silver-colored accessory kit. Suggested model for multifunctional bathrooms.

shower box with simple transparent curtain

Image 72: Corner box model with 90 degree curvature. The differential of this model is the centralized opening and its details in chromed aluminum.

shower box with round sliding door

Image 73: Construction model of a masonry box with burnt cement walls. Combines with rustic or industrial decorations.

entire burnt cement bathroom

Image 74: Square corner box that allows a free view of the covering in geometric shapes. A good proposal for laid-back and luxurious owners.

bathroom with glass and aluminum shower box

Image 75: Transparent front glass that promises a beautiful view of the bottom niches. It combines the versatility of integrated glass with a sidewall masonry wall.

bathroom with half-wall glass shower box

Image 76: Tempered glass box up to the ceiling with front opening. Purposely the other items in the environment match the matte black of the hinges.

bathroom with full glass shower

Image 77: Bathroom box with centralized opening and gold finish. This style blends in perfectly with marbled flooring or minimalist ceramics.

bathroom with marble shower

Image 78: In the idea below, we have a creative bathroom kit in golden color that comes with a textured box with black edges. The black and white porcelain tiles also gave it a special charm.

shower box with corrugated glass

Image 79: In the image below, we have a square corner box with textured ultra-white glass. This option is easy to clean and highlights the wooden floor in the background.

simple glass box

Image 80: A box option for large, spacious bathrooms with a clean layout that blends perfectly with light floors and well-lit walls.

big blindex glass box


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