Barbecue Models: +80 Awesome Options for Your Home

If there’s one thing Brazilians like, its barbecue. Therefore, the dream of many people is to have a beautiful, functional and comfortable space to receive friends and family and prepare this food that has become a tradition in meetings and commemorative dates. There is only one problem: how do you know which of the barbecue models you should use in your home? To answer this question, we’ve selected several tips and images to help you understand which barbecue model is ideal for your lifestyle.

Tips for choosing your ideal model

First, to choose your ideal barbecue model, it is important to think about the space in which you want to install it. Do you intend to build a gourmet balcony or will it be outside your home? How big of this space do you have available? In general, gourmet balconies and small outdoor areas do not allow for the installation of more robust structures, such as a brick barbecue, for example, although it is possible to opt for a smaller version of this model.

Second, you need to think about the family’s lifestyle. If the objective is to use the barbecue only occasionally and for a few people, a smaller model is enough. However, if you use the barbecue every weekend or for a large number of people, you will need a larger and more practical model, such as an electric or a gas one.

Also, you need to think about the conditions for installing the barbecue on site. If you are going to adopt the electric barbecue, for example, you will need to provide the electrical installation in the place where you intend to use it.

Finally, let’s not forget that your barbecue will be part of a decorated environment and that you need to think about the decoration of the space to create an interesting and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the barbecue. So, remember to choose the ideal coverings for your barbecue.

Which model to choose?

Now that you understand the basic steps that precede choosing your barbecue grill, it’s time to get to know the models currently available on the market. Therefore, in the next topics we will introduce you to the 5 most used barbecue models to help you make that choice.

Masonry Barbecue Models

Masonry barbecue models with exposed bricks are the most used in construction and renovation projects. Its structure is custom-planned, requires the installation of a chimney to dissipate smoke and its construction must be carried out by specialized labor.

The great advantage of using this type of model is that it conserves heat well and has greater durability. On the other hand, it has a higher price and is suitable for places with considerable space. Therefore, this type of barbecue is preferred for country houses.

Image 1: In this project, in addition to the masonry barbecue, the owners also included an oven and a wood stove.

Masonry grills model with pizza oven.

Image 2: But you can opt for a model that features just the barbecue.

Model of masonry barbecue grills with marble countertops.

Image 3: The rustic look of the barbecue grill creates a beautiful effect with the decorated tiles on the sink countertop.

Masonry grills model with decorated tile wall.

Image 4: Like the previous example, this brick barbecue gives a rustic feel to the environment.

Model of masonry barbecue grills with granite countertops and decorated tile.

Image 5: However, you can also opt for a grill with a more modern design and straight lines.

Modern masonry grills model with digital wine cellar.

Electric barbecue models

Electric barbecue models have been gaining ground in the Brazilian market, mainly because they can be found in different sizes and shapes, such as portable versions, installed on the bench or built into the wall. The main advantages of this model are that it is easy to install, does not produce smoke and can be used in small environments. However, since charcoal is not used, the meat will not have that familiar barbecue flavor.

Image 6: The electric barbecue is ideal for more luxurious environments, since they don’t use charcoal.

Model of electric barbecue grills with luxurious decoration.

Image 7: You can use this model in open or closed kitchens, as in the case below.

Model of electric grills with gray brick tile.

Image 8: Compact models are ideal for those with little space.

Small electric grills template and modern decor.

Image 9: But you can also use the electric barbecue in the small room with a modern look.

Model of electric grills in modern kitchen.

Image 10: Another example of an area with modern decor and an electric barbecue.

Model of modern electric grills in modern kitchen.

Pre-molded barbecue models

The models of pre-molded or pre-assembled barbecue grills have a structure that guarantees speed and practicality in their assembly. These models are built in refractory concrete, which allows for the absorption of heat and the necessary strength to support it. In addition, this type of barbecue can be found with various finishes, such as ceramic and terracotta platelets.

The main advantage of this type of model, in addition to being easy to install, is that you don’t have to worry about specialized labor, as the barbecue is purchased ready for installation. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the space you have available in the place where you will be using it, as it is not possible to make adjustments to the size of the barbecue.

Image 11: You can opt for a pre-molded barbecue grill with a terracotta plate finish, which mimics the rustic look of the brick barbecue.

Model of pre-molded barbecue grills in modern kitchen with cooktop.

Image 12: But you can also opt for a model that includes a wood oven.

Rustic pre-molded barbecue model.

Image 13: In addition, you can choose models with a finish that matches your modern and rustic decor.

Rustic and modern pre-molded barbecue model.

Image 14: The wood finish also promotes a beautiful effect on your decor.

Pre-molded barbecue model with wood finish.

Image 15: And you can even create the “barbecue corner” on your gourmet porch with built-in electric barbecue.

Model of pre-molded barbecue grills on the gourmet porch.

Gas Barbecue Models

The gas barbecue models can be considered an ecological option for those who want to prepare a barbecue. These models work in a similar way to the conventional stove, that is, the activation is done through the valve connected to the gas cylinder, which guarantees a quick lighting, in comparison to other models.

The main advantages of this type of barbecue are the ease of maintenance and cleaning, in addition to the speed with which it roasts the meat. On the other hand, just like the electric barbecue, the meat doesn’t have the smoking flavor. Also, depending on the type of barbecue, considerable space is required for its installation.

Image 16: You can use the gas barbecue in the small space and with modern decoration.

Model of gas grills in modern kitchen with wine cellar.

Image 17: But this model is also used in luxurious spaces.

Model of gas grills in luxurious kitchen.

Image 18: How about a gas grill on your rustic porch?

Rustic gas grill model with wood finish.

Image 19: It is possible to find models that suit the whole family.

Model of gas grills in stylish open kitchen.

Image 20: The gas barbecue can also be a good option to be used on the gourmet balcony.

Model gas grills on the gourmet porch.

Barbecue Models

The breath grill models allow the meat to gain a different flavor, due to the existence of a lid that can be closed, creating a stove of heat and smoke that roasts the meat. In addition, it can also be used with the lid open, creating the traditional barbecue, as this barbecue also works on charcoal.

The main advantages of this model are its versatility, which allows it to be used indoors and outdoors, as well as the economy of charcoal and the possibility of enhancing the smoked flavor, due to the effect promoted by the lid. However, they are generally smaller and therefore are not suitable for people who like to promote barbecues for a lot of people. On the other hand, they can be the ideal barbecues for apartments and small houses.

Image 21: The breath grill can be installed on your kitchen counter.

Model of breathable barbecue grills in the modern kitchen and wooden flooring.

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Image 22: But you can also use it on the countertop in your U-shaped kitchen.

Model of steam grills in modern U-shaped kitchen.

Image 23: This model was very well used in this modern kitchen and decorated with dark elements.

Modern steam grill model with wooden cabinet.

Image 24: In addition, you can use it in outdoor and spacious areas.

Barbecue grill model blowing on the open porch.

Image 25: However, you can still choose the portable breath grill.

Portable breath grill model.

+55 barbecue models to inspire you

But if you’re also looking for inspiration in environments decorated with these models of barbecue grills shown above, you need to check out our selection of images below to understand which type of barbecue is ideal for your space and decorating style. Check out!

Image 26: In this space the owners used the wood finish to decorate their barbecue.

Pre-molded barbecue model with wood finish.

Image 27: But you can also opt for stone cladding for a rustic and clean look.

Precast grill model in simple kitchen.

Image 28: Precast models are also used in large and rustic kitchens.

Rustic barbecue model with brick tile.

Image 29: And you can still use the pre-molded models to create a cozy decoration.

Barbecue model with exposed brick and gourmet area.

Image 30: The barbecue grill was chosen to compose this modern and small kitchen.

Model of breathless grills and luxurious decor.

Image 31: In this gourmet space, the pre-molded barbecue model was used.

Pre-molded barbecue model with granite countertops.

Image 32: In spaces with luxurious decoration, as in this example, the ideal is to use the gas or electric barbecue.

Model of gas grill and kitchen with modern decor.

Image 33: And you can still install your barbecue in an environment with little space.

Pre-molded barbecue model and modern decoration with suspended pendant.

Image 34: The pre-molded barbecue is also used in simple and familiar spaces.

Pre-molded barbecue model and simple decoration.

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Image 35: In addition, you can still set up a modern and rustic space with a barbecue.

Rustic gourmet balcony with electric barbecue.

Image 36: You can also use porcelain tile to decorate your barbecue.

Modern kitchen with pre-molded barbecue.

Image 37: However, you can opt for the masonry barbecue with an oven.

Masonry barbecue model with granite countertops.

Image 38: Or just use the simple masonry barbecue in your backyard.

Simple brick barbecue model.

Image 39: Precast models can also look great in your decor.

Pre-molded barbecue model and rustic decor.

Image 40: However, you can also opt for the smoke grill with a hood.

Barbecue model with steam and modern decor.

Image 41: Even the space with clean and luxurious decoration combines with a gas barbecue.

Model of electric barbecue and luxurious and clean decoration.

Image 42: Masonry barbecue is ideal for large spaces and with rustic decoration.

Barbecue model made of masonry and rustic decor with decorated tile.

Image 43: To add a touch of color to this decoration, use warm colors such as orange.

Masonry barbecue model with rustic and orange decor.

Image 44: But you can also use yellow in your pre-molded barbecue decoration.

Masonry barbecue model with tile finish.

Image 45: In addition, you can also use your gas grill in the kitchen with sophisticated and elegant decoration.

Gas barbecue model with stylish decor.

Image 46: Invest in masonry barbecue and decoration with lots of wooden elements.

Barbecue model made of masonry and rustic and simple decoration.

Image 47: Another example of rustic kitchen with brick barbecue.

Masonry barbecue model with rustic decor and wooden lining.

Image 48: But if you prefer a simpler decoration, you can use the pre-molded barbecue.

Masonry barbecue model on the porch.

Image 49: In small environments, you can use the pre-molded barbecue with ceramic finish.

Simple masonry barbecue model on the gourmet porch.

Image 50: But you can also use the electric barbecue outdoors.

Barbecue model with smoke and wooden cabinet.

Image 51: Your gourmet veranda can get a special decoration with the pre-molded barbecue grill.

Gourmet balcony with wood finish and modern chandelier.

Image 52: In this retro kitchen, a gas barbecue was used.

Gourmet balcony with retro refrigerator.

Image 53: Another example of how the electric barbecue can be used in small spaces.

Gourmet porch with wooden table.

Image 54: Decorate the barbecue space with decorated tiles and modern custom cabinetry.

Electric barbecue model and simple decoration.

Image 55: You can use a brick barbecue with light bricks to create a decor with a lighter look.

Balcony decorated with vinyl chairs, glass table and decorated tile.

Image 56: Masonry barbecue is widely used in simple and familiar environments.

Simple balcony with barbecue.

Image 57: But you can also use a modern decor with a coating that imitates blue-painted wood.

Modern gourmet balcony with aged blue finish.

Image 58: But if you want a modern decoration like the one in the project below, you can use the smoke grill and the square hood.

Modern gourmet porch with black cabinets and hardwood floors.

Image 59: Another example of a barbeque environment with light stone cladding.

Rustic porch with white brick and wooden table.

Image 60: However, you can also opt for a simple and rustic decor with a pre-molded barbecue.

Simple and rustic pre-molded barbecue model.

Image 61: In country houses and open environments, you can use the masonry barbecue.

Simple brick barbeque model with granite countertops.

Image 62: Invest in colorful decor to match the barbecue with rustic decor.

Gourmet veranda with colorful and rustic decor.

Image 63: For a family and games space, the large brick barbecue can be a good choice.

Outdoor area with large table and ping pong.

Image 64: But you can also use the exposed brick tile only in the barbecue area.

Modern gourmet balcony with steel cabinet.

Image 65: Another example of a pre-molded barbecue with a coating that imitates wood.

Large and simple gourmet balcony with wooden table.

Image 66: You can even use a coating that mimics dark wood, creating that more rustic look.

Barbecue model with wood finish.

Image 67: In this project, even the space under the bench was decorated with ceramic platelets.

Gourmet porch with wooden floors and garden.

Image 68: However, solid bricks also make your decor more beautiful.

Masonry barbecue model with wooden bench.

Image 69: Another example of a barbecue built with light solid bricks.

Outdoor area decorated with sofa and table.

Image 70: The built-in electric barbecue can be the ideal option for your gourmet balcony.

Gourmet balcony with TV, table and kitchen.

Image 71: However, you can also decorate your gourmet porch with solid bricks and a gas grill.

Simple gourmet balcony with glass table.

Image 72: Decorate the barbecue space with lots of wooden elements, such as cabinets and a rustic table.

Simple gourmet balcony with wooden cabinet and rustic table.

Image 73: How about a barbecue space with delicate decoration, like in the project below?

Outdoor area with blue cabinet and geometric tile.

Image 74: The small electric barbecue can be taken anywhere.

Small steel electric barbecue model.

Image 75: Another example of a space with clean and luxurious decoration in which the electric barbecue was used.

Luxurious gourmet balcony with kitchen and suspended pendant.

Image 76: The built-in electric barbecue is the most suitable for those who want a modern and personalized environment.

Modern gourmet balcony with wood finish and porcelain countertops.

Image 77: But you can also opt for a barbecue and a masonry stove.

Simple brick barbecue model.

Image 78: In this project, the pre-molded barbecue was used in this simple and cheerful decoration.

Gourmet veranda with colorful decoration and potted plant.

Image 79: But you can also use a barbecue with a cement finish.

Concrete barbecue model and pizza oven.

Image 80: In addition, you can use ceramic tiles as a coating for your brick barbecue.

Modern outdoor area with brick barbecue with red insert.

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