Barbecue Covering: Know How to Choose the Right One

Did you know that barbecue covering can be very important in your decor? Let’s explain why! Many people are looking to have a nice place to receive friends and family, in their homes or apartments. Therefore, the barbecue has been gaining more space in projects, whether in open environments and outdoor areas, as in covered places, inside the apartments.

The desire to have fraternization environments, together with the Brazilian tradition of making barbecues, has made environments with barbecue grills increasingly common. Along with this, it becomes increasingly important to think of this environment as part of decoration and develop ways to make these environments beautiful, modern and pleasant.

Image 1: Barbecue with black brick cladding!

Barbecue covered with black tiles.

Barbecue covering can be made in different ways and with different materials. Whether made with stones, wood, tiles or glass, it can be colored, have a more rustic or more sophisticated style.

In this text, we’ll show you which materials you can use, give tips to make the space as functional as possible and show decorating ideas for you to be inspired.

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Which materials to use in barbecue covering?

The choice of material that will be used in your barbecue covering is very important. The material must join both the functional side and the decorative side.

Image 2: Green wall and burnt cement make up this environment.

Barbecue with green wall.

Covering for brick barbecue

This is perhaps the most common material used to cover barbecue grills and the surrounding environment. But that doesn’t make him lose his charm! It can be used alone or combined with other materials as it is versatile and its color is neutral. In addition, it matches both more rustic styles and more sophisticated and elegant decorations.

Marble Barbecue Covering

A marble flooring can be a great choice for people looking to create a more elegant environment around the barbecue. It is important to pay attention to the finish of this stone. For this purpose, the marble must have a finish that protects the stone and prevents it from absorbing fat, water and other residues.

Covering for wooden barbecue

Wood is also very versatile and can be used in both more modern and more rustic environments. It is also necessary to pay attention to the finish. Wood flooring can also be beautifully combined with other materials.

Granite Barbecue Covering

Granite has different types and colors. This is a perfect stone for barbecue cladding. It is widely used on countertops and kitchen sinks and can be very functional in an environment like this. In addition to its resistance, granite combines with many other materials.

Tiled Barbecue Covering

Colorful and patterned tiles on the barbecue covering will give your decor much more personality. Combining with the other decorative items and materials used in the space, this coating option will attract a lot of attention.

How Barbecue Covering Can Help Decor

Whether installed in apartments, on balconies, or in outdoor areas of the house, the barbecue environment can be a great ally for decoration, bringing even more beauty and personality to the house or apartment.

Image 3: This super elegant barbecue grill was all covered with wood.

Barbecue with wood cladding.

In addition to helping with the decoration, choosing the right barbecue covering can make the environment even more functional, even facilitating its maintenance and cleaning.

It is essential that the choice of material or materials that will compose the barbecue area is in accordance and match the rest of the decoration chosen for the house. Thus, it will help to further compose the environment where it is installed and will add even more charm and personality to the project.

The choice of materials must also take into account the functionality of the barbecue. This way, it will be easier to clean and maintain the barbecue and its covering, in addition to making it last longer.

For example, for the barbecue itself, it is important that the material is heat resistant, such as brick or masonry and iron. For sink areas, stones can be a good material, as long as they have the correct finish, which does not allow water to penetrate. On the benches, table and other complementary areas, the choice can be freer, according to each person’s taste and style.

Now let’s look at some ideas and examples, so you can get inspired and choose the right barbecue covering!

57+ Inspiration Photos for Barbecue Flooring

Image 4: In this modern project, white brick wall of the sink was used, wood in the cabinets and a geometric texture in the barbecue.

Geographical coating.

Image 5: Black brought a modern and sophisticated look to this environment.

Barbecue covered with black tiles.

Image 6: The stones gave a rustic touch to this gourmet space.

Stone coating for barbecue.

Image 7: Wood can make the environment modern and rustic at the same time.

Barbecue with wood cladding.

Image 8: Combination of bricks and wood, they are also a good choice.

Barbecue made of bricks.

Image 9: Burnt cement was the coating chosen to compose this gourmet balcony.

Barbecue with burnt cement.

Image 10: See how beautiful black granite is when combined with wood and geometric tiles.

Barbecue on gourmet porch.

Image 11: This area, with a more rustic face, had an all-brick lining. One classic!

Space for barbecue.

Image 12: This barbecue covering was made with cement and wooden slats.

Barbecue with wood coating and burnt cement.

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Image 13: Light colors make up this environment.

Barbecue on a bright balcony.

Image 13: This gourmet area was built inside the house. In these cases, it is important that the style of the room matches the rest of the project.

Marble coating on barbecue.

Image 14: Barbecue space with industrial-style decor elements brings a modern touch to the environment.

Barbecue in a modern setting.

Image 15: Decorated tiles added a charm to this barbecue grill.

Barbecue with blue tiles.

Image 16: The project for this area had a wooden cladding and an iron barbecue.

Gourmet balcony with barbecue.

Image 17: The dark stone gave a super elegant air to this environment with barbecue.

Dark marble coating on barbecue.

Image 18: Another beautiful example of the combination of black stone and wood.

Barbecue with slate coating.

Image 19: The coating in the example below was made with chips, light hail and wood, giving a cleaner touch to the environment.

Barbecue grill with tablets.

Image 20: See how small spaces can also have a barbecue. Light coatings will help make the room wider!

Small space with barbecue.

Image 21: The light marble brought elegance to the environment.

Barbecue with light marble.

Image 22: Pad coating can add extra charm to your barbecue.

Barbecue covered with dark chips.

Image 23: Earth tones were used to compose this beautiful environment.

Barbecue in light tones.

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Image 24: Cement bricks are a great alternative covering for barbecue grills. More modern and less rustic!

Black and white finish.

Image 25: This is a classic barbecue model, with a brick lining.

Barbecue with brick.

Image 26: Here, the iron stone was used as a covering for the barbecue. It was beautiful!

Barbecue with iron stone coating.

Image 27: In this example, we see another mix of coatings that worked really well! Black inserts, light wood and brick.

Barbecue covered with brick.

Image 28: Already in this project, the coatings used were darker.

Barbecue grill with dark gray coating.

Image 29: Elegant environment with barbecue.

Elegant environment with barbecue.

Image 30: This huge island kitchen featured a beautiful cement-lined barbecue grill.

Column with barbecue.

Image 31: American style barbecue. The coatings used were wood and stone.

Balcony with barbecue.

Image 32: This more rustic environment chose to use more wood.

Barbecue in a rustic area.

Image 33: Wooden table and steel hood balance this environment.

Barbecue with hood.

Image 34: Barbecue covered with stones can be an interesting idea.

Barbecue on a bright balcony.

Image 35: The brick column gave an extra charm to the environment.

Brick barbecue.

Image 36: In this environment, the materials used to make the coating were all dark and with a glossy finish. Some light wood elements stand out.

Barbecue with marble.

Image 37: Light marble can be a good choice to keep the environment clean.

Light marble lining for barbecue.

Image 38: Black hood can be used with a coating that imitates wood.

barbecue grill with black hood.

Image 39: Environment almost entirely built with wood. To complement this, a gray stone was used on the countertops!

Barbecue with hood...

Image 40: Gray marble making the environment very sophisticated.

Barbecue in marble.

Image 41: See how beautiful this large gourmet area is. The chosen coating for the barbecue was iron and brick!

BBQ area with hood.

Image 42: Rustic environment, made with wood and earth tones.

Rustic balcony with barbecue.

Image 43: The use of plants breaks the sobriety of an environment made with neutral tones.

Barbecue grill with black hood.

Image 44: Beautiful environment with different materials, all in earthy tones.

Light coating on barbecue.

Image 45: Steel and glass hood give the barbecue a sophisticated touch.

Barbecue with hood and glass.

Image 46: These wooden boards make the environment remain modern, even with material that tends to be more rustic.

Barbecue in brushed steel and tile.

Image 47: Mix of stones to coat can be a good option. To maintain unity and the beauty of the environment, they have the same color palette.

Metal barbecue.

Image 48: The touch of green from the super plants combined with the black and beige stone finishes and the wooden table.

BBQ area.

Image 49: Modern lighting helped to compose this environment and bring personality to the place.

Barbecue with wood and black coating.

Image 50: Geometric tiles look great and are often used in environments with barbecue grills.

Barbecue grill with gray tile coating.

Image 51: Another example of an environment made with tiles forming a geometric design.

Gourmet balcony.

Picture 52: Cement fair barbecue, with wooden cabinets. Chic environment, minimalist and full of personality.

Barbecue in masonry.

Image 53: In this gourmet space made on the balcony of the apartment, wood and black walls were used.

Barbecue on the balcony.

Image 54: Light brick and wood! Classic combination for barbecue areas.

Brick barbecue.

Image 55: In this simple and modern environment, the tiles with designs give a touch of personality.

Barbecue with designed tile.

Image 56: In this project, the covering for barbecue used was the tablet, in brown color.

Barbecue tile covering.

Image 57: These stylized wooden boards are a good alternative for outdoor environments.

Barbecue covered with demolition wood.

Image 58: Another example of how colorful tiles look great as a barbecue covering.

Balcony with barbecue.

Image 59: See what a beautiful inspiration for you to choose your barbecue covering.

Image 60: This is an example for people who like a more modern decor!

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