Barbecue Area: Tips, Types +80 Inspiring Ideas

The good old barbecue is one of the favorite dishes of Brazilians, especially when it comes to celebration and holidays. It can already be considered a symbol of Brazilian cuisine, such is its success here. Therefore, many people want to have their own barbecue area at home.

But do you know how to assemble it or what is the ideal decoration for this space? With that in mind, we’ll share with you several essential tips, as well as amazing decor ideas, to help you answer these questions.

Tips for setting up your barbecue area

During the planning and design of the project for your barbecue area, it is essential to think of some points that will make all the difference in the construction of this space. And to help you get to know some of these points, we decided to share some tips that you can’t forget while deciding on this project.

Barbecue grill

There is no barbecue area without barbecue. Therefore, this is one of the first items you need to choose to build this space. After all, there are several barbecue models available on the market, each of which requires a different type of structure for its installation.

The traditional masonry barbecue, for example, is a bespoke structure, that is, it requires more money and time. On the other hand, smoke grills can be installed on the counter or can be purchased with their own structure. On the other hand, this model is not very common in Brazil. And it is precisely because of these differences in installation that you need to choose which model you want to use in your project.

Image 1: Remember that the most important item in this space is the barbecue.

Barbecue area with blue coating.


Flooring is a key part of decorating your barbecue area. In addition to being essential to decorate the space, the covering for the barbecue grill needs to be functional and resistant to the environment in which it will be installed, both because of the heat and because of the grease, that is, it also needs to be easy to clean.

The good news is that there are several types of coverings for barbecue grills, such as marble, granite, wood and tile, and the choice of which one to use depends on the style of decoration you want to adopt in this space.

Image 2: In this example, tiles were used on the wall and ceramic on the counter, both in neutral colors to create a simple look.

Barbecue area with counter and yellow pendant chandelier.


The decoration depends a lot on the home owner’s personal taste. But, in general, people like a more rustic style of decoration, with a brick barbecue and a wooden table.

However, it is also possible to invest in lighting fixtures, elegant coatings, chandeliers, suspended pendants, paintings, sofas, stools, plants, modern furniture, among other items that will make your decor more elegant, contemporary and personalized.

Image 3: The barbecue area can also have a more modern and luxurious look. It all depends on the decor items you use.

Modern barbecue area with hanging pendants and led tape.


The barbecue area is a very versatile environment and can have different types of decoration. Get to know some of them in the next topics.

Simple barbecue area

Simplicity is not synonymous with something boring. For this reason, the simple barbecue area is characterized by having fewer details, having a more rustic look, being easier to assemble, but also for presenting a lot of personality. In this case, the protagonist is the barbecue, and the other elements only make the space more personalized.

Image 4: This barbecue area is simple but full of character, with its strong decor and decorative items.

Simple brick barbecue area.

Modern barbecue area

Unlike the previous type, in the modern barbecue area, the barbecue is not always the protagonist of the decoration. After all, other elements are used that also stand out in the environment, such as stainless steel details, porcelain tiles and glass pieces, which are common in this environment.

It is worth remembering that, like the other examples, this area can be set up in different types of environment, such as the garden area, the balcony and even the aedicule.

Image 5: The coating that resembles burnt cement, as well as the furniture and appliances used, left the look of this space more modern.

Modern barbecue area with ceramic tile.

Small barbecue area

The small barbecue area proves that it is possible to use any space in the garage, balcony or backyard to set up this space. In this case, it is important to choose smaller barbecue models, invest in more discreet decorative elements and choose smaller tables and chairs, so as not to interfere with circulation in the environment. If it is possible to invest in a good project, it will also make a difference in your decoration.

Image 6: With the right project, you can take advantage of a small space to create a barbecue area and receive your guests.

Small barbecue area with kitchen.

Barbecue area with swimming pool

The dream of many people is to build a barbecue area with a swimming pool, creating a space for complete relaxation and leisure in their home. In this case, the decoration must be designed to integrate these two spaces and must also provide a space for socializing, with tables where people can share drinks and food.

If you don’t have a lot of space or money to invest in this structure, you can opt for one of the several small pool models, which are much easier to fit into the budget.

Image 7: The pool makes this space even more inviting.

Barbecue area with swimming pool.

+73 decorating ideas for the barbecue area

Now that you know the tips and types of barbecue areas you can adopt in your project, it’s time to get inspired by these decor ideas worthy of Interest! Check out our selection below.

Image 8: This modern space with a rustic touch was decorated with a living wall, composed of plants of different species.

Barbecue area with living wall.

Image 9: But you can also set up a simple and cozy barbecue area.

Barbecue area with simple counter.

Image 10: This space was decorated with various wooden elements, such as the deck, the counter and the closet, making the look even cozier.

Barbecue area with swimming pool and wooden balcony.

Image 11: The decorative elements, such as the hanging pendants, and the wooden flooring made this space cozier.

Barbecue area with stone-lined counter.

Image 12: However, you can also use wood flooring with a more rustic look.

Modern barbecue area with imitation wood flooring.

Image 13: In addition, you can adopt a simple and clean decoration.

Modern barbecue area with wooden table.

Image 14: The wooden table and ceramic nameplate coating make this barbecue area look cozy.

Rustic barbecue area with wooden table.

Image 15: But you can also invest in stone cladding, which gives the decor a rustic feel and brightens up the space due to its neutral coloration.

Barbecue area with stone cladding.

Image 16: However, if you prefer a more luxurious look, you can invest in granite or marble flooring, which will make the environment more elegant.

Luxurious barbecue area with island.

Image 17: However, you can also invest in colorful decorative elements to personalize your simple barbecue area.

Simple barbecue area with burnt cement wall.

Image 18: This example shows how wood cladding and stone finishing can make the space rustic and elegant.

Rustic barbecue area with wooden table.

Image 19: By the way, the wooden table is a piece of furniture that is often used in the decoration of the barbecue area.

Rustic brick barbecue area.

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Image 20: You can also invest in special lighting to decorate your pool barbeque area.

Barbecue area with pool and balcony.

Image 21: This space draws attention to the wooden roof with a climbing plant.

White brick barbecue area and garden.

Image 22: However, you can also set up this area in an enclosed space. In that case, it’s easier to invest in a neutral and elegant decor.

Barbecue area with table and marble island.

Image 23: But you can also invest in building a simple house to house your barbecue area.

Simple house with barbecue area

Image 24: In this construction, the rustic coverings and the decorated floor make all the difference in space.

Rustic and large barbecue area.

Image 25: In this modern house, the owners opted for granite cladding and neutral color decor, making everything more sophisticated.

Barbecue area with pool and granite flooring.

Image 26: In this small house, wooden cabinets and a steam grill were used.

Barbecue area with barbecue grill.

Image 27: But you can also invest in a simple space, with the good old brick barbecue.

Simple barbecue area with brick.

Image 28: In this space, the leisure area with pool and deck are more prominent, while the barbecue is just a detail in the environment.

Small barbecue area with swimming pool.

Image 29: The potted plants and the black coating draw attention in this project.

Small barbecue area with black coating.

Image 30: In this case, the project has a minimalist barbecue area decorated in shades of gray.

Modern barbecue area with swimming pool.

Image 31: But you can also take advantage of the rusticity of the wood to cover the walls and ceiling, creating a very welcoming space.

Rustic barbecue area with red and yellow coating.

Image 32: This modern aedicula was built with a built-in roof and combines with the most modern look of the environment.

Small barbecue area with swimming pool and tile.

Image 33: In this project, the wooden pergola draws attention in the decoration.

Barbecue area with pergola.

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Image 34: And to transform the look of your small barbecue area, it’s worth investing in a different coating and decoration with paintings and plants.

Small and simple barbecue area with tables.

Image 35: This modern space was decorated with various wooden elements and also has a fireplace.

Modern barbecue area with wood paneling and fireplace.

Image 36: However, you can also assemble an amazing decor, colorful and full of modern decorative items, in a closed environment.

Modern barbecue area with mirror, wine cellar and steam grill.

Image 37: This project includes a wooden deck and landscaping that make the pool even more beautiful.

Aedicule with barbecue and pizza oven.

Image 38: However, you can also build this space near the garden and invest in cladding with exposed bricks.

Rustic barbecue area with glass table.

Image 39: The construction of a balcony can also give a special charm to the space, in addition to being very functional.

Barbecue area with counter and colorful stools.

Image 40: The simple decoration of the barbecue area is offset by elements from the rest of the space, such as the swimming pool and the suspended vases.

Barbecue area with suspended pool.

Image 41: However, those who like a more luxurious look will like this decoration with wood, granite and even silver insert.

Luxurious barbecue area with silver insert.

Image 42: The gray cladding and the wooden roof attract attention in this space.

Modern barbecue area with wooden counter.

Image 43: The color palette with white and gray will make the environment more elegant.

Small gray barbecue area.

Image 44: But you can also be inspired by this area decorated with straw wood and even bamboo.

Barbecue area with granite countertops and round table.

Image 45: This space already draws attention for mixing luxury and comfort.

Luxurious barbecue area with swimming pool.

Image 46: In buildings with shared areas, the ideal is to bet on neutral decoration.

Living area with barbecue.

Image 47: Wooden elements are often used in simpler decorations.

Simple barbecue area with wooden cabinet.

Image 48: This aedicula stands out for its glass cover.

Aedicule covered with glass.

Image 49: Use mirrors, frames, lamps to make this space more modern and cozy.

Barbecue area with counter and exposed brick.

Image 50: However, you can also take advantage of a small area of ​​the balcony to build your barbecue and invest in the decoration of the rest of the space, transforming it into a special place for your family and for your visitors.

Balcony with pool.

Image 51: Bamboo roofing added a special touch to this open area.

Gourmet balcony with sofas.

Image 52: In this space, the rustic wooden table combines with the clean and modern look of the environment.

Balcony with wooden table and kitchen.

Image 53: But you can also invest in this round table and wood flooring.

Gourmet space with a wooden table.

Image 54: You can also create your barbecue in an area decorated with hanging trees and plant pots, which will make the look more rustic.

Simple space with brick wall and garden.

Image 55: In addition, you can even invest in colored coating to make your barbecue area personalized.

Gourmet balcony with blue cladding.

Image 56: The owners took advantage of this modern aedicule to create a simple barbecue area.

Aedicule with burnt cement lining.

Image 57: The gray finish in contrast to the climbing plant draws attention in this area.

Gourmet space decorated with plant.

Image 58: However, you can also bet on modern furniture and chairs.

Gourmet space with wooden table and modern chairs.

Image 59: The colors used in the decoration make all the difference to make a simple space more personalized.

Simple tiled barbecue area.

Image 60: Another example of how wood highlights and values ​​this space.

Gourmet space with wood flooring.

Image 61: However, if you have space, it’s worth investing in colorful furniture and wood decor.

Gourmet space with checkered paneling & colorful chairs.

Image 62: This small barbecue area was decorated with a wooden deck, brick cladding, pendant lamps and even a pergola, showing that it is possible to make this space full of style and personality.

Simple gourmet space with a wooden deck.

Image 63: However, you can also invest in an elegant aedicule especially to gather family and friends.

Gray Shed with Garden.

Image 64: And if you want to make the look more elegant, it’s worth investing in an elegant coating, such as granite.

Gourmet space with porcelain-lined island.

Image 65: This simple example stands out for the rustic space in which it was built.

Small barbecue area with rustic wooden table.

Image 66: You can also create a beautiful decoration and use a polycarbonate coating.

Gourmet space with pool and pool oven.

Image 67: But you can also opt for a modern look using exposed brick cladding and iron stone.

Gourmet space with colorful chairs and stone cladding.

Image 68: In addition to the glass barbecue, this space was also decorated with a glass cover, making the decor more contemporary.

Gourmet space with glass cover.

Image 69: The wooden decoration and the layout of the plants leaves this area with an oriental style decoration.

Gourmet space with wooden floors and roofing.

Image 70: And you can even invest in the granite countertop to receive your friends.

Aedicule with island and glass bench.

Image 71: The combination of the brick structure and the bamboo roof make this space look rustic and welcoming.

Rustic gourmet space with exposed brick.

Image 72: In addition, you can bet on adding colorful elements to create a more relaxed decor.

Small barbecue area with yellow cellar.

Image 73: But you can also invest in the classic brick barbecue area.

External space with exposed brick.

Image 74: This example is perfect for those who like to mix the rustic and the modern.

Modern barbecue area with wooden bench.

Image 75: This example can serve as an inspiration for those who want to transform their balcony.

Small gourmet space with a simple countertop and a round table.

Image 76: However, you can also invest in decorating with neutral tones and elegant elements.

Barbecue area with granite counter.

Image 77: This area was also decorated with the polycarbonate coating.

Aedicule covered with polycarbonate.

Image 78: The burnt cement coating adds a special touch to your decor.

Barbecue area with burnt cement liner.

Image 79: And you can still invest in a wall covered with São Tomé stones and hanging plants.

Barbecue area with stone são tomé.

Image 80: You can still use the space to display family photos.

Small barbecue area decorated with frames.

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