Bagua Feng Shui: How and Where to Apply to Attract Positive Change

The Baguá Feng Shui is a tool to energetically map the spaces of the house and identify the areas of the environment that correspond to all areas of the life of those who reside in it.

Did you know that it can be used for mapping the areas of the floor plan of the house, commerce, company and also specific environments such as bedroom, kitchen , office, work table and even bags and wallets?

Before explaining how to apply this technique, it is important to contextualize what Feng Shui is. An ancient oriental philosophy that became popular in the West to balance the energy of the home and attract prosperity, success, health and harmony.

To find out which part of the house is related to each area of ​​your life, start by applying Bagua Feng Shui on the floor plan of the house. Identify which rooms should be worked so that the positive energies are stimulated and the negative ones neutralized.

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Understand a little more about Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of harmonizing home environments through balancing the energies of Yin Yang nature. This philosophy aims to promote quality of life and positive changes in the lives of people who interact in these environments.

According to Chinese theory, the elements of nature that symbolize the interaction of the energies of the universe in the energy field are fire, water, earth, metal and wood.

Are you going to decorate your home or harmonize the environments with Feng Shui?

See how to do the analysis and mapping with Baguá to identify which areas of your home are being influenced by positive and negative energies and how it is possible to harmonize these spaces.

black feng shui stone in the sand

What is Baguá Feng Shui?

The Chinese term when translated: ‘be’ means eight and ‘guar’ sides. Baguá means eight trigrams or eight mutations represented in an eight-sided diagram. But what are the trigrams?

Trigrams are drawings that represent the elements and combinations of Yin Yang energies that symbolize each area of ​​your life.

In Bagua Feng Shui, as you can see in the image below, the broken lines represent Yin and the solid lines represent Yang. The union of these combinations is also a symbol of protection to neutralize disharmonious energies in the environments.

baguá representing the trigrams

Origin of Feng Shui Baguá

Among the various existing legends about the revelation of the Baguá, the most popular occurred 3,000 years ago. Chinese Emperor Fu His visualized eight trigrams on the shell of a turtle as he strolled along the banks of the Yellow River.

According to the emperor, the knowledge that explains all things was contained in this image that was revealed to human beings.

In addition to Feng Shui, other areas of traditional Chinese culture were structured around Baguá. In the Taoist doctrine the Baguá is used as an amulet.

In Tai Chi, the figure of the eight trigrams represents this Chinese martial art that is based on the observation of nature, animals and the interaction between the most different natural elements.

feng shui bagua in red color

Types of Baguá

Each trigram is made up of three lines, and as we mentioned earlier, these lines represent the Yin Yang energies.

The characteristic of each type of this Feng Shui tool is represented by the arrangement of the trigrams. In Baguá Cue Posterior, the vibrational flow is from the inside to the outside. While in Baguá Cue Primordial the movement is reversed, from the outside to the inside.

The types of Baguá take on different meanings and applications, from now on understand more about the two most important ones.

two types of trigrams

Primordial Sky Baguá

Have you ever seen a Feng Shui Baguá on the entrance door positioned outside at the top of the portal? This type is indicated for this region acting as a protective amulet.

Here the arrangement of the trigrams is related to the phenomena of nature and represents the universal cosmic order.

This position of the trigrams causes the flow of Chi (positive) energy to be radiated into the environment, reflecting in a beneficial way in the lives of all residents.

Usually this type of begun for the entrance door is produced with an octagonal mirror to reflect sunlight into the environment, which symbolically protects, neutralizes and eliminates negative energies.

These characteristics and zymology that make up the design of Baguá Cue Primordial make it a specific tool for the external area of ​​the place where it will be applied.

feng shui bagua primordial sky

Baguá Later Heaven

On the other hand, the trigrams of the Posterior Heaven Baguá represent the materialization of the universe and its constant change. Here the laws that govern nature are connected with humanity.

In this Bagua the Yin Yang lines form the trigrams in opposite order that represent the energies of the phenomena of nature and the connection with terrestrial life.

This Baguá is used in Feng Shui consultancies to map environments and harmonize spaces. It is this type that we are presenting in this article. Understand more!

feng shui bagua back heaven

Nine Feng Shui areas mapped by Baguá

As we have already mentioned, the Baguá has eight sides and the center together represents nine houses associated with all aspects of your life.

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The elements of nature, plants, ambient colors, shapes, stones and crystals symbolize and promote the quality of Chi energy reflecting positively on all aspects of life.

From now on, discover the nine areas mapped by Baguá. Are they:

elements of the feng shui bagua areas

Health and Vitality

This area of ​​the Baguá symbolizes physical health, vitality and endurance. Located in the center at the center, it connects and balances with every other area of ​​your life.

  • Element : Earth
  • Colors: Shades of yellow and earth
  • Position in Baguá : Center
  • Shapes: Rectangular and Square
  • Crystal: yellow jasper

Health and vitality represented with sea and sunset

Work and business

Baguá Feng Shui at work is associated with success, professional development and career. It relates to the outside world and balances everything that involves your work or business.

If you are looking to balance relationships with co-workers, career advancement, recognition and success in business and career, this area of ​​Feng Shui symbolizes your professional life journey.

  • Element: Water
  • Colors: shades of black and dark blue
  • Position in Baguá: Center forward
  • Shapes: Irregular
  • crystal: onyx

work and business represented by the golden color

Spirituality and Self-knowledge

Associated with the areas of Self-knowledge and Wisdom, the Spirituality house is related to self-development, knowledge and evolution of your spiritual and cognitive life.

Personal development inspires and opens paths to other areas of life. It helps in decision making, information flow and adapting to change in an intelligent and wise way.

  • Element: Earth
  • Colors: Shades of blue
  • Position in Baguá: Left front
  • Shapes: Square
  • Crystal: blue quartz

Buddha and lotus flower symbolizing spirituality

Family and Harmony in the Home

This area in Bagua Feng Shui represents conflict resolution and promoting harmony in family relationships.

In the professional environment, he relates clients, suppliers and employees as a big family in the business area.

  • Element: Wood
  • Colors: Shades of green
  • Position in Baguá: Center left
  • Shapes: Cylindrical
  • Crystal: green quartz

stone pyramid balance and harmony of the feng shui bagua

Prosperity and Abundance

Also known as the home of Wealth, Money and Abundance, the Feng Shui Prosperity area is associated with financial abundance and business success.

  • Element: Wood
  • Colors: purple and gold
  • Position in Baguá: Bottom left
  • Shapes: wavy in motion
  • Crystal: Amethyst

coins symbolize prosperity

Creativity and Children

Also associated with the well-being, health and progress of children, the area of ​​creativity involves the capacity for creative and artistic development.

In business, it is related to the success and well-being of employees towards the company. It involves objectives, goals and vision of the future both in the short and long term.

  • Element: Metal
  • Colors: White, Gray and light tones
  • Position in Baguá: Center right
  • Shapes: Round or Oval
  • Crystal: Transparent and/or colorless

yin yang represents creativity and children

Friends and Travel

This house is related to Friends and also to people who help you in life in some way. Associated with travel, for those who like to travel, this area of ​​Feng Shui is ideal to bring security and attract more travel possibilities.

Here, it is possible to promote, in addition to the network of relationships between friends and colleagues, the relationship between employees, customers, suppliers and all business partners.

  • Element: Metal
  • Colors: Gray
  • Position in Baguá: Right front
  • Shapes: Round or Oval
  • Crystal: Hematite

friends and travel area with image of suitcases and global map

Relationships and Love

This area associates your relationship with each other. Also known as the house of Marriage and Love.

In Feng Shui when balanced, this area promotes harmony between couples and the possibility of new relationships for those who are looking for a new love.

  • Element: Earth
  • Colors: Pink
  • Position in Baguá: Upper right
  • Shapes: Square
  • Crystal : Rose Quartz or Amethyst

suspended hearts represent love

Success and Personal Reputation

Success and Personal Reputation are also associated with Recognition in terms of how your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers see you.

Having a good reputation in life influences positively in other areas such as work, friendships and relationships. In business, Success is related to your public relations, position and market recognition.

  • Element: Fire
  • Colors: Red
  • Position in Baguá: Center back
  • Shapes: Triangular
  • Crystal: Pyrite

bells symbolizing success and recognition

Application of Feng Shui Baguá in the home

According to what has already been said, you can apply Baguá Feng Shui on the floor plan of the property, land, company or in specific environments such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, work table, car, purses and wallets.

The Feng Shui technique goes much further than changing the furniture in the place or the colors of the walls in the rooms. Of course, these actions are part of the set of techniques to balance energy between all areas.

But first it is necessary to map all the environments in which you want to apply this ancient Chinese technique. The first step is to place the Baguá on the floor plan of the house. Don’t have a blueprint for your house?

It’s simple! Make a square or rectangular design and distribute each room and area within this design, as shown in the image below.

  • The design can be square or rectangular and divided into nine equal areas;
  • The Baguá will be applied wherever there are delimited and closed spaces;
  • Consider the center of the plant the area of ​​Health;
  • The wall where the main entrance is located is the reference to specify the nine areas of the Baguá;
  • At the entrance door, the side of the trigram placed should represent the Friends, Career or Spirituality area. This will depend on which way the door is positioned.

Baguá areas on the floor plan of the house

Balance enhanced by Baguá

According to Baguá Cue Posterior, the mapping of the area should be studied to potentialize and promote Chi energy in all spaces.

Importantly, this type of begun is not suitable for use as a decoration object inside the house. As you can see, there is a specific technique to apply Baguá at the entrance door. Enjoy and insert Feng Shui into your home’s outdoor decor

You can study more about Baguá applications or seek advice from a Feng Shui professional to raise energy in all areas of your home and life.

stone pyramid balance and harmony of the feng shui bagua

Baguá can be applied in any space that can be delimited. Here we saw how it can be applied to your house plan, but you can also map your bedroom, living room, kitchen, office and even the bathroom.

The Feng Shui in the bedroom has a large energy potential and promotes good insights that balance and interact with all other areas of your life.

So, now that you understand a little more about Baguá Feng Shui, start by correctly mapping the environments of the house from the area you want to encourage in order to have a full and prosperous life.


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