Baby Shower Decor: 90+ Photos, Inspirations and Decorating Tips

Making baby shower decorations is a very special moment and awaits for moms-to-be. Because it is a stage of pregnancy that brings a mix of sensations and feelings.

From the moment the mother finds out about the pregnancy, a phase of connection between her and her child begins. So, from that point on, with each passing week these bonds increase.

After all, there are 9 months of waiting and during this period details are made that unite this link, such as the preparation of the trousseau, the bedroom, in addition to the baby shower decoration.

This phase makes parents, especially first-timers, very anxious. Thus, going through a baby items store is a real temptation for them, who are left with the desire to take everything they see in front of them.

So, with a huge list of important products to purchase, the baby shower turns out to be an excellent option to help parents in this unique and special moment.

Image 01: Bet on simple decorations and with less intense colors.

Baby shower decoration for boy

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Baby Shower Decoration

The baby shower decoration is nothing more than a party focused on helping the parents to compose the future baby’s trousseau. Besides, you’ll still be surrounded by family and friends.

Thus, in this celebration, a reception is prepared for the people invited and they take gifts for the little one who is on the way.

Image 02: Bet on the cupcake towers to decorate the table.

cupcake tower

In addition, this event is very popular here in Brazil and in other countries such as the United States, it is usually held in the 7th month of pregnancy, when the mother already has a more prominent belly.

There is also the baby shower version, which is the diaper shower, in this event the guests present a diaper pack for the future baby, as this is the most used item in the trousseau.

Image 03: Make a decorated corner for the gifts.

gifts for babies

See the steps

Even with a lot of details to be organized, the first and main step is to choose the date to have the party, it is recommended that it be scheduled between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy, as it is close to the baby’s birth and there is still no risk of it arriving early.

This period of pregnancy is ideal, as the pregnant woman usually does not suffer much from nausea and swelling and thus, she will be able to enjoy the festivity better.

For decoration, the sky is the limit and to start, you must first think about how the invitation will be.

Image 04: Bet on the use of rose arrangements to decorate the table.

Rustic baby shower decor

Invitations can be personalized with traditional phrases such as: “come and celebrate with us”, or something more creative: “The stork is arriving”, “I’m arriving and I want to party already”, among other phrases.

Thus, in relation to the decoration of the environment, this event is usually very similar to a children’s party, with cute details and lots of candy.

So, the first step is to choose a theme for this tea, think about the details, the colors, everything must be within the theme, including the invitations.

Some examples that are usually successful are: bear, farm, picnic, stork, among others.

Image 05: Outdoor decoration is also a delight.

outdoor decoration

Panel, cake and ideas for throwing a cost-effective baby shower decorating party

The panel will be behind the table and should be very well thought out and elaborated, as it will be one of the most important points for the decoration of the baby shower. Since that’s where everyone gathers to take pictures.

So, some easy and practical ideas for the panel are: clouds, bubbles, drops and animals, whatever you choose will look beautiful.

Like the panel, the cake is one of the centers of attention and it is a fundamental piece to bring more beauty to the party, it can be decorated or it can be a symbolic cake, just to register the moment.

Image 06: So how about betting on pastel colors to decorate your table?

Baby shower decoration for summer

Delights are everywhere on the table, specializing in sweets and snacks, such as: decorated cupcakes, pastries, pies, brigadiers and kisses, drinks, bet on juices, soda and teas.

At the table, the sweets themselves can be used as decorations for the table, betting on tins colored with the color of the party is a guarantee of success and customizing the sweets according to the theme, will bring a unique identity.

So, for those who need to save, parents can get their hands dirty and take care of the entire organization, it is important to always do a good research on the topic and search the internet for items that will be part of the decoration.

Image 07: Themes according to dates can be very fun ideas.

June Party Baby Shower Decoration

Save on baby shower decor

A good and very economical tip is to use items you already have at home such as baby clothes and stuffed animals.

After that, it’s important to organize and plan everything in advance, to avoid costs beyond what was planned.

Image 08: Leave a symmetrical decoration.

decoration for boy

The treats can be very simple, such as: homemade cake, pastries, sausage rolls, mini sandwiches, brigadiers and kisses. In addition, these items are usually very affordable, in addition to being delicious and everyone likes.

Thus, an economic party does not mean that the party will not be good, what will make it unforgettable is the will and creativity to make it unique and unforgettable for everyone who participates.

Image 09: Rent a table and do the decoration yourself

using balloons

Baby shower times

Brunch (near lunchtime 11 am)

Brunch, which can also be called breakfast, has more enhanced options. But still with items that are served for breakfast, such as: coffee, milk, omelet, breads, cakes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, jams, cookies, crepes, among others.

Image 10: Make delicious snacks and decorate with flowers.

snacks for events

Afternoon tea (16 to 17 hours)

It is the most chosen time to hold the baby shower and should have varied and light snacks, such as: fruit juice, tea, soda, water, mini pizzas, cupcakes, cheese breads, canapés, mini sandwiches, coxinhas, pastries, brigadiers , chocolates, among others.

Party favors are part of the tradition and serve as a form of thanks for the attendance of guests at the event, it need not be essential. But it is a very symbolic item and will make each person take a piece of the party home.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or different, the important thing is that it is a memory that absorbs all the essence of that moment.

This beautiful memory can be a little smell of the environment, mini succulents, some candy, baby bottles, washcloths, fridge magnets or photos, which can be personalized or not.

Image 11: Make decorated cups and post thank you messages.

baby shower decoration

A good bet to use as a souvenir is to deliver cupcakes to guests, placed in beautiful decorated boxes.

Finally, the baby shower games cannot be forgotten, there are games that are usually very traditional, bringing fun and dynamism to the party.

A nice tip is to ask some guests to send photos of when they were children and the future parents should try to find out who it is, if they make a mistake they should pay a gift.

Image 12: So how about using the season to decorate?

Baby shower decoration with station

They may or may not be part of the baby shower. But as it’s a time to share and celebrate something so important, it’s really cool to share it with dear and special people.

Another very traditional game is gift guessing. Where the mother will need to settle which gifts were received and if she makes a mistake, like every game she will have to pay for the gift.

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Image 13: Make beautiful cupcake trays.

cupcake tray

Baby Shower Decor: Photos to Inspire

Image 14: Gingerbread is also an option to decorate the table.

gingerbread tray

Image 15: Custom cakes are the most used.

diaper cake

Image 16: Is it hot? How about betting on a very refreshing decor, then?

baby shower decoration

Image 17: Use stuffed animals to decorate.

Animal Baby Shower Decoration

Image 18: For those baby showers that can also be a revelation tea, see this option.

Delicate baby shower decoration

Image 19: Check out this simple invitation idea.

simple baby shower invitation idea

Image 20: See more of this beautiful idea.

baby shower invitation

Image 21: Make diaper-shaped invitations.

personalized baby shower invitation

Image 22: Bet on creative invitations.

baby shower invitation

Image 23: So look at this beautiful idea.

personalized baby shower invitation

Image 24: Even simple, you can still innovate.

diaper-shaped invitation

Image 25: Use craft techniques.

craft diapers as invitations

Simple and practical baby shower decor

Image 26: Use teddy bears and baby items to decorate.

baby shower decoration

Image 27: Bet on a combination of blue and yellow. So see the result.

Blue and yellow baby shower decor

Image 28: Impress guests with unforgettable memories.

Baby shower decoration with unforgettable memory

Picture 29: Bet on flowers combined with rustic decor.

baby shower decoration

Image 30: Use potted plants to decorate even more.

Baby shower decoration with plaques

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Image 31: Look at this simple decoration with marshmallow lollipops.

Simple Baby Shower Decoration

Image 32: Use a specific corner to be able to place the souvenirs and gifts to be received.

Baby shower decoration with gift corner

Image 33: The beautiful tower cakes can also be made with diapers.

Baby shower decoration with diaper cake.

Image 34: Use plaques to decorate.

Baby shower decoration with phrase plates

Image 35: Bet on small cachepots to be able to sustain your personalized sweets.

cupcakes for baby shower decoration

Image 36: Rustic decor is a charm, so check out this idea!

Baby shower decoration with balloons

Image 37: Don’t be afraid to bet on big custom balloons.

Baby shower decoration with custom balloons

Image 38: You can also use beautiful amigurumis to decorate or give away.

Baby shower decoration with amigurumis

Image 39: But what about using decorations with few colors for a more serious composition? So see the result.

souvenirs for guests

Image 40: The beautiful sweets with candies are a charm.

Decoration for indoors and outdoors

Image 41: Detail brings beauty.

cupcakes to decorate

Image 42: Bet on simple sweets.

personalized sweets

Image 43: A beautiful idea for those who will have a pair of twins.

ideas for twins

Image 44: Then also bet on custom cookies.

personalized cookies

Image 45: Use real cakes even for decoration.

cake for boy

Image 46: Make small packages of souvenir sweets.

simple memories

Image 47: Teddy bears and personalized letters as party favors.

baby's initial as keepsake

Image 48: With the pandemic, you can make personalized alcohol gel themed packaging. So see more of this idea.

alcohol gel as a souvenir

Image 49: If you can invest a little more, bet on a hygiene kit.

hygiene kit as a souvenir

Image 50: But custom pencils are also good ideas.

souvenir pencil

Image 51: Bet on small personalized soaps.

soap as a souvenir

Image 52: Another example of spray and alcohol in a creamy gel to give as souvenirs.

alcohol gel as souvenirs

Image 53: Key rings also have their space.

keychains as souvenirs

Image 54: Use phrases to decorate.

use tickets

Image 55: Another beautiful idea with amigurumis.

amigurumi to decorate

Decoration for a girl’s baby shower

Image 56: Keep the table well organized.

simple panel and decorated table

Image 57: In addition, you can also invest in beautiful panels.

balloon panels

Image 58: The bladders are part of the composition.

custom balloons

Image 59: Even at the tables to welcome guests.

integrated balloons

Image 60: Use stuffed animals to make the decoration feminine.

use decorative bears

Image 61: Think of decorations that are practical for the guests.

be practical when decorating

Image 62: Keep the table well organized.

keep everything organized

Image 63: Leave the candy bowls on the table.

bet on candy pots

Image 64: Use clothes and accessories in decoration.

make decorative clothesline

Image 65: Make a harmonious decoration.

girl baby shower

Image 66: Leave sentences on the panel.

girl's shower decorations

Image 67: Another beautiful example with clothes.

use juices and flavored water

Image 68: Place the moments of pregnancy.

do the decoration yourself

Image 69: Bet on light shades.

party decoration

Image 70: What do you think of these cupcakes?

cupcakes for party

Decoration for a boy’s baby shower

Image 71: So how about using decorations with famous hues for boys?

blue decoration

Image 72: But be aware that small details in blue also make a difference. In this way, bet without fear on mixing colors.

simple decoration for boy

Image 73: Have a specific corner to decorate with the party favors.

chocolate lollipops

Image 74: Make trees with marshmallows.

candy on the table

Image 75: Use chocolate love apples to write the baby’s name.

decoration bears

Image 76:  Inside the house you can also create very expressive decorations. So look at this example.

simple decoration for boy

Image 77: Smash the exterior decoration too.

outdoor decoration

Image 78: For those who do not wish to use food, the cake can also be creatively assembled with diapers.

green and brown decoration

Image 79: Simple cakes combined with candy towers are a delight.

blue and yellow decoration

Image 80: Bet also on custom balloons.

superimposed balloons

Image 81: But what do you think of this cake decorated with teddy bears?

decorative fake cake

Image 82: Even the most simplistic decorations look quite charming.

use seasons to decorate

Image 83: Make diaper cakes.

diaper cake

Image 84:  Use wooden pallet panels and then arrive at this result.

blue and white decoration

Image 85:  The decoration with sweets is a charm.

cupcakes to decorate

Image 86: But how about using a more cheerful and colorful decoration?

decorate with balloons

Image 87: Bet on tall cakes and make beautiful decorations on the table panels, always in a harmonious way.

use diapers to decorate

Image 88: Shades of green look amazing with the use of wood.

teddy bears make everything fluffy

Image 89: Even for boys, bet on decoration with flowers to give life to the place.

use flower arrangements

Image 90: Finally, make beautiful asymmetrical arcs with balloons in close-up hues.

blue baby shower decoration

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