Advantages and Disadvantages of Word Press Member Area

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The Word Press member’s area is an affordable way to get affiliates to engage with your content. However, creating this restricted area in the blogging system has its pros and cons.

Any digital entrepreneur can create a Word Press account, but if you intend to charge for access to your content there, what guarantee do you give your leads regarding data confidentiality, for example?

This option for associates is more interesting for anyone who sells a course online. Which is easier to do than you might think. Just add the option to create a user account on your Word Press page.

However, this is just the beginning of the journey of selling content there. In addition to the payment concern, how do you intend to release the materials? Will there be subscription levels?

That’s why there are several plugins for the Word Press member’s area. These elements are like apps that can enhance and revolutionize your page. The TED Talks website, for example, is Word Press. Just like Shopify’s. The platform’s customization power is incredible, but that’s why so much responsibility is demanded.

How to Rate a Word Press Membership Area

Before learning how to qualify a member area, it’s important to know what to expect from it, that is, what it normally does and what it doesn’t. This is useful even to make the assessment as fair as possible. So, as a general rule, all Word Press member area plugins should offer at least the following options:

User account and material release levels

Roughly speaking, there will be paid and free accounts, right? However, if you want to give the best experience to your customer, it is recommended that there be more options beyond these two levels. A strategy often applied in forums, for example, packages (diamond, gold, silver, etc.). Each of them offers a certain amount of content and access to specific tools in the member’s area.

Available integrations

Email marketing tools like Mail Chimp and payment services like PayPal are the most important integrations in a member’s area plugin. Note that each of the payment service brands offers different rules for applying discount coupons, pay attention to this also when evaluating the plugin.

Data import or export options

Finally, it is essential to check how the import and export system for your content works. If you change your mind after choosing a plugin and want to move your entire online course to another, the only way to do this is by exporting and importing data. For this, you must have this feature activated, otherwise, you will lose all your material.

Other attributes accessible by plugins are: logins linked to social networks, course building tools, templates or themes for designing your member site, API access for developers, buttons to restrict content anywhere on your site, and more.

Word Press Members Area: Advantages and Disadvantages


Offer freedom in handling the plugin

If you chose plugin A instead of plugin B, because it is cheaper, for example, you can fill some of your pending needs by editing the code. It is a relatively common practice in WooCommerce, in which the member’s area is the registration itself for the purchase of products. Member Press is another safe option for this.

List of interested people

Even if you don’t charge for access to your material, the Word Press member’s area does collect the names and email addresses of people interested in your content. This is already an interesting return because a list of leads can help you with the sale of any digital product.

Also remember that every member area should provide metrics for tracking results, such as number of members per month or per year, lead-to-member conversion rate, and more.

Creating a community

If people pay for access, logically they tend not to waste it. Your website will have great chances of being frequented by customers regularly and turning into a well-established passive income. In this way, your page can become an online community full of content — both your authorship and the users and interaction between them.

Negative points

Do not solve all problems

Plugins have a number of distinct features, so how to bring them all together? Each user has their own needs and finding a Word Press member area that can meet them all is a challenge. Therefore, installing plugins may not be the best way for those looking for practicality.

Encouragement to use many plugins

Because one plugin solves an X need and another solves a Y to-do, people tend to purchase several of them to create a complete members area — rather than hiring a developer who can customize the main plugin. In the end, they almost always conflict with each other.

Extra attention for hosting

What about the security of sensitive data such as customers’ credit cards? Your member’s area may be the best in Word Press, but if your hosting is bad, there will be a vulnerability. Data leakage of this kind is extremely harmful to businesses so don’t neglect the quality of your website’s hosting.

Having a Word Press member area can be both good and economical, as it can also be quite a problem with selling digital products. Study each of the functionality of the plugin and try to ensure that they are stable and in order.


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