11 digital marketing books to learn about online business

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The growing use of the Internet has increased the number of digital businesses. That’s why we’ve selected 11 digital marketing books for you to learn about online business and stay on top of key market trends. Check out!

1. The 8 Strategies for Being Remarkable

The e-book “The 8 Strategies to Be Remarkable”, by Bruno Ávila, explains how digital marketing is essential for any company. If you want to understand what digital marketing is and some aspects of how it works, this book is a good option. You will learn to sell, without having to make large investments, and you will develop a selling point. All this through eight strategies that show you what to do to become a notable professional in the digital space. That way, you’ll know how to differentiate your company from the rest of the competition.

2. This is marketing

Another e-book on digital marketing is “This is Marketing: to be seen you have to learn to see”, written by Seth Godin. The main thesis developed here is that advertising should be used to solve other people’s problems. This being a fully applicable strategy to digital marketing. With the book, it is possible to understand how to engage your target audience and make them publicize your business and your solutions in an organic way.

3. The Social Media Revolution

From the author André Telles, “The Social Media Revolution” is a digital marketing book focused on strategies for social networks, a fundamental part for the growth of digital businesses. Interesting examples of people who were able to efficiently use these tools to their advantage are cited, such as Barack Obama, former US president, who used social media in his political campaign and was successful.

4. Marketing 3.0

The book “Marketing 3.0: The Forces Defining the New Human-Centered Marketing” is all about what digital marketing is. And no one better than Philip Kotler to write on the subject, the author is nicknamed the “pope” of modern marketing. The work talks about how, currently, it is the internet that sets the rules within the universe of entrepreneurship.

5. The Digital Marketing Bible

Cláudio Torres is another Brazilian name with property on the subject mentioned in this list. That’s because he has a master’s degree in systems from USP and a post-graduate degree in marketing, in Sweden, as well as being a digital marketing columnist for large sites such as masters and Cidade do Marketing. The book “The Digital Marketing Bible” contains his greatest teachings on the subject, such as tools, media, strategies and digital actions. This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn what digital marketing is and what it’s based on.

Several Digital Marketing Books Tell How to Succeed in Online Business | Photo: freepik.com

Several Digital Marketing Books Tell How to Succeed in Online Business

6. Content Rules

Content is essential for digital marketing, and that’s what Ann Handley shows in her work. The author portrays how creating different content, for example, blogs, podcasts, videos, e-books and webinars boost your online business. Handley also analyzes the content made by large companies that dominate this practice, such as Coca-Cola and Netflix.

7. Meatball Sundae

If the title alone was not enough to make you curious about the work, then its content will surely capture your interest. This is another Seth Godin book. “Sundae de Almôndegas” discusses how the same digital marketing strategy does not work for every type of company. Furthermore, it shows that when a business cannot make money on the internet it is necessary to reinvent it.

8. Go Deep: The Social Media Guru

The book “Go Deep: The Social Media Guru Teach You How to Make Money”, by Gary Vaynerchuk, focuses on digital marketing in digital businesses. The author discusses how to turn your passions and personal tastes into online businesses that have a good financial return. This is possible only using resources available on the internet, such as the numerous digital marketing tools.

9. No hyperbole: the new online business rules

The book “No Hyperbole: The New Rules of Online Business” by Sean Kaye could not be missing from our list. Over time, the rules on the internet evolve and, consequently, so do digital businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the new trends and changes that appear in the market. The author offers the reader a practical guide on how to advance digital marketing strategies using a comprehensive and expert view.

10. The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Amazon story

One of the biggest online businesses ever created is Amazon, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, has its story narrated by author Brad Stone in the book “A Loja de Tudo: Jeff Bezos and the history of Amazon”. This biography is especially interesting for those who want to develop digital businesses from digital marketing strategies. The book goes from Bezos’ childhood to Amazon’s success.

11. The Long Tail

The book “The Long Tail: from the mass market to the niche market”, by Chris Anderson, is one of the main ones on digital marketing. The author teaches you how you can specialize in selling specific products in online businesses. Based on research and trends, the book’s idea is to generate good results from its acquired and developed market differentials.

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